Do not look at these pictures if you’re afraid of heights!

Do not look at these pictures if you’re afraid of heights!

The mere mention of the word “high” completely sent a chill down your spine? You can not even type that with the development? It is a modest step ladder terrorist attack in your soul? The great news is, you do not have a crazy Acrophobia and intense fear of heights! Anyway, you’re here, now turn back because we were all together to a slideshow gallery craziest “fear of heights” images of time and want to run screaming into the night.

Worst. Trust Workshop. Ever.

Substituting for a Sail. Not Recommended Unless You Are Another Sail.

World’s Worst Rest Stop

Camp Ground, Hold the Ground

World’s Worst Office Potluck

Tightrope Kitteh Hears You Say “Don’t Make Me Come Out There.” Tightrope Kitteh Does Not Appear Fazed.

Skip the Rope, They Said. It’s Just Extra Weight, They Said.

This Valentine’s Day, Give Her the Gift of Terror as You Run Screaming Side by Side From an Ill-Timed Train…

F—in’ Mapquest!

Gargoyle Stand-In: Worst. Temp Job. Ever.

Support Beam Stand-In: Second. Worst. Temp Job. Ever.

OMG Why?

So Many Levels of Why?

Dude. Buy a Desk.

Worst. Field Trip. Ever.

Hey Anybody Seen Bob Lately?

Bunny Hill My Ass!

World’s Worst Jobs: Weight Limit Test Team

OMG We’ll Buy You So Many Shirts if You’ll Just Come Down Already

Under-Concern: Nailing It

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