Comedian Australia

Comedian Australia

Bios and photos, even the comedians who immigrated to Australia born in Australia and Australia, including some notable popular comedians or famous comedians, List. If you’re trying to find out the names of the famous Australian comedians, then this is the perfect tool for you. These comedians are prominent in their field, and only when it includes information about every known comedian from Australia.

1 Adam Hills

Age: 45
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Profession: Comedian, Television producer

Credits: Fifteen to One, A Night at the Festival Club, Spicks and Specks, Adam Hills Tonight, Stand Up to Cancer UK

2 Adam Spencer

Barrington Adam Spencer personality of an Australian radio presenter, comedian, and media. When he found his comedic talents in the mid-1990s to win rounds crude humor, he came to the reputation said. Soon after, she began running three shifts and J hosting car before dawn to work in the middle, Triple J … more

Age: 46
Birthplace: Gladesville, Australia
Profession: Television Show Host, Mathematician, Comedian, Radio personality, Disc jockey
Credits: Joker Poker, Sleek Geeks

3 Ajay Rochester

Ajay Rochester is an Australian actress and author. The host of the Australian version of the television series The Weight Loss Biggest Loser for, which hosted a total of four series between 2006 and 2009. more

Age: 46
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Profession: Comedian, Author, Actor, Motivational speaker, Presenter
Credits: The Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser (AU) – Season 1

4 Akmal Saleh

Akmal Saleh, an Egyptian, Australian comedian and actor. He was 11. Born in Egypt and early 1990s and after their live show has visited the comedy festival in Australia and internationally, he has been performing comedy in 1975 at the age of I arrived in Sydney with his family. He made it … more

Age: 51
Birthplace: Egypt
Profession: Comedian, Actor
Credits: You Can’t Stop the Murders

5 Andrew Denton

Christopher Andrew Denton was an Australian TV producer, comedian, television presenter Gold Logie nominee and former radio host, and ABC’s weekly television interview program Enough Rope host and ABC game show Randling. He is known for his humor and interviews technique.more

Age: 55
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Profession: Comedian, Television producer, Screenwriter, Radio personality, Presenter
Credits: God on My Side, The Gruen Transfer, Can of Worms, Enough Rope With Andrew Denton, David Tench Tonight, + more

6 Andrew Hansen

Andrew Hansen is a famous British comedian and musician, a member of the satirical team The Chaser. As a member of the chaser, including co-writing Hansen television and ABC television shows starring CNNNN, the chaser, chaser news alerts, Chaser’s War … More

Age: 41
Profession: Comedian, Musician, Screenwriter, Composer
Credits: Sanctum, The Chaser’s War on Everything, CNNNN, The Hamster Wheel, Strictly Speaking, + more

7 Andy Lee

Andrew Thomas Lee is an Australian comedian and musician. As they usually comedy duo Hamish & Andy section works with Hamish Blake. More

Age: 34
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Profession: Comedian
Credits: Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year, Rove, Real Stories, Caravan of Courage

8 Anh Do

Anh is a Vietnamese-born Australian writer, actor and comedian. He said many Australian TV appeared on TV shows such as Thank God you’re here and good week, and technology, joint operation in 2007. It received a law degree at the University of Sydney study stars with dance was runner-up. He … more

Age: 38
Birthplace: Vietnam
Profession: Comedian, Screenwriter, Author, Actor
Credits: Little Fish, Footy Legends, Kick, The Squiz, Don’t Blame Me, + more

9 Anthony Ackroyd

Anthony Ackroyd is an Australian comedian, speaker and author. The ABC radio comedy show cast member “Thank God its Friday!” He said. He is the Creator and “Comedy United Nations” to bring together the best of comedy from the director, which aims to build bridges between cultures … more

Age: 57
Birthplace: Australia
Profession: Comedian, Writer
Credits: Reckless Kelly

10 Barry Humphries

Barry Humphries Best Light Entertainment Performance for the British Academy Television Awards 1981 candidates. More

Age: 81
Birthplace: Kew Vic, Australia
Profession: Comedian, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Satirist, Author, + more
Credits: Finding Nemo, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Mary and Max, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Immortal Beloved, + more

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