Bose SIE2I Sport Earphones Price in India

Bose SIE2i Sport Earphones Price in India

Our Verdict

Bose SIE2I Cleary is meant for anyone who does not want to be torn away from his music, no matter if it is raining, or is sweating on the treadmill he / she in the gym. It has great sound obvious, but the bass is a little underwhelming punch. Varies for each of the comfort level, but it seems to be a little tougher than a more “walk the middle path” through the following


  • Very clear vocal reproduction
  • Good audio handling at high volumes
  • The ‘i’ versions get microphones for calling
  • In-line volume controls are helpful
  • Short cable setup for when using the armband
  • Well built
  • Surprisingly light in the ear


  • Too much ambient sound trickles in
  • Bass isn’t very powerful
  • Eartips are unforgiving, if not using correct size

Bose SIE2i Sport Earphones: Detailed Review

While kissing is made with all-were making some good earphones, it was not surprising that focuses on categories, especially now “game”.

It is doing with their immediate rivals, Sennheiser, has-been very consistent. However, SIE2 and SIE2I, with Cleary wide attention. 
Build & Design
 SIE2 design is an evolution of Cleary IE2, and an orange and green options increase. No part of flapping wire around the two earpieces of the wire, the very small designed for use with Armband. It is no esta while they’re using his or her fitness sessions that aim. Which is an extension cable to use any SIE2I to traditional.

In-line volume control that we wish to offer over earphones, clean anything. “I” series of earphones and headphones, it also has a microphone.

Some users may not like the way SIE2I sits in the ear. At no point you have to realize it’s completely safe, but in reality, it is very fit securely. The reason is simple – it does not seal off the ear canal snugly. Tightly fit the ear canal, it will be a very different experience to get used to it if you use.

I do not think will appeal to SIE2I, all with limited colors. Surprisingly, accepted the white and black options, and do not know how many people will Whos like orange or green. I personally love the orange, because it really stands out in any crowd. Once you select a color, you can be assured that the construction is very light earphones Pretty solid, yet. Once you have figured out the right silicon tip to the hearing, they will be very comfortable to wear for long periods. This allows for a bit of breathing completely along the ear canal is not blocked.
Features & Specifications
A Reebok branded one with Armband for increasing SIE2I. There is a surprising amount of things in ESTA to fit in a bit. An inside pocket for keys, and a lack of dedicated earphone cable. IPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 / 4S and iPod Touch perfectly. The display will be available through the transparent window, but the device is very well shielded from moisture.

Unlike most in-canal earphones, SIE2I directly with the project will not sound tract and ear slightly outward. The angled design also means that it sits in a unique fashion in the ear, but over a longer period, you will feel less stress in the ear canal with an earphone fits snugly.

Small, medium and large – SIE2I three sizes, comes with three silicone ear tips. Medium with small and large people as objects in a box, comes installed on the device.

Bose says, “hydrophobic to workout in and out of the house to allow moisture to pass through the headphones, but the sound of the speaker elements using acoustic fabric”. In-line volume control is also watertight control. Basically, you can guarantee the safety of your iPod or iPhone, these earphones have a sharp shower you will survive the trip block away.
Soon, kissing is clear that any demographic SIE2I is trying to keep neutral voice so as not to isolate that can be specified preferences.

In terms of clarity of vocals, crispness of SIE2I sound really good. I meet a lot of ambient noise, and the vocals of any muffling been devastating, because it is very important. Even the most perfect esta for mid-range plug and electronic forms, is handled very well.
SIE2I bass punch is definitely on the low side, and that’s a bit of a disappointment. With vocals and mid-defined highs, bass sound feels incomplete with less than expected. Especially when you can listen to trance or David Guetta’s single, it sounds a bit incomplete. Ear tips’ that you will use to make a huge impact on the sound quality, the right size for block out most ambient noise and bass reproduction experience, would fit better.

It is surprising, never sound SIE2I solid volume over 50% feel eleven, but thankfully just an illusion. At every step of the growing volume growth, you will notice that is about to be destroyed because of distorted audio, but never reached the unfortunate position of joy! Bose paralytically to upset only when there is nothing to worry about, whos, having some fun with us? In all, the sound is not the solidity, in fact, even when the volume slider up too much time unwavering.

All in all, addicted individuals will not like the sound of bass SIE2I, but will appeal to the mass market without any tilt does. The explanation is very impressive, and so is the sound of handling high volumes. The fact that it can withstand a lot of water has been showered on this that saw it ruined by a water earphones original value.
Bottom Line
  Bose “in” version with the Rs, a premium charge for headphones SIE2 series. 8,663 in India. However, you do get quite a lot for the money – well defined neutral and extensive tilt sound attractive, interesting colors, water resistant capabilities, Reebok branded Armband and the solid construction. But, if you prefer a solid and permanent bass noise cancellation, you do not like. Try them in the end to make a choice.

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