All the brothers of Night Watch

All the brothers of Night Watch

List Criteria: Warning: Spoilers from all seasons and books.

George RR Martin and the HBO show Game Night Watch Thrones.The snow and a group of men dedicated to the protection and safety of all brothers wallpaper from seven states of the song Night Watch series long night of fire . They just wear and tear, black, punished the holy things that can lead to death. They protect against attacks wildling White Walkers.

1 Jon Snow

Eddard Stark, Jon Snow (maybe bastard son). That appears in a song of Ice and Fire books and played by Kit Harington is said.

John was raised in the snow Stark children. He comes of age, he joins the Night Watch is on a mission to infiltrate the wildlings, it’s the wife Ygritte it keeps saying he knows nothing, the Olly put an arrow through its watches, for them is betrayed by his own brothers loses her virginity, dies, is resurrected by a Red Priestess Melisandre application Davos Seaworth ,, crack jokes out that Satan Tormund , and therefore his watch as technical, ended when he died the Night Watch. Now, he has many fronts, not least of which are less than their white W., is preparing to face a long night the hell with them.

Status: Alive/Dead/Alive Again – His watch has ended.

Why he took the black:  

 As Ned Robert leaves for King’s Landing to be hand, Catelyn has made it clear that they will not share with domestic idiot Ned. A fall / push and bran delicate health after an assassination attempt on his life, unable to contain his hatred for Catelyn know, more than a little on edge.

The way I understand it’s a way to spend one’s life in this Wall Benjen to talk because his uncle is the first Ranger. John opposed the alliance with the commander, wildlings, and then by Melisandre is stabbed by Brothers, which is raised from the dead becomes.

2 Night’s King (Books), Night King (Show)

Night king who went rogue a white woman married to Walker, was the commander of the 13th himself and his wife declared king and queen of the night watch. The Night Watch, controlled by magic. He and the Queen of the Night Nightfort decision was later abandoned and contains a mysterious magical door.

The Spring Breakers and Brandon King Beyond the Wall Joramun-night beat of the Night Watch and free.

King Night House are a member of a legendary leader who is rumored Stark. He said that the builder or Brandon Brandon bloody blade. It has not yet been revealed.

Status:Are thought to have died, the night reveals himself to John Snow Hardhome and demonstrates how they can replace dead wights. He is an army of Wight has amassed.

Why he took the black:

3 Brynden Rivers (Three-Eyed Raven)

Rivers, Aegon IV Targaryen was a right bastard, Blackfyre Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch after many years of fighting the insurgency.

Status:Deceased (Season 6) – killed by the night as they transfer this knowledge to the bran, the next three-eyed raven.

Why he took the black:
In the books, Rivers is accused of playing a part in Aenys Blackfyre’s beheading and chose the Wall instead of being held captive by King Aegon V indefinitely. Duncan the Tall escorted Brynden Rivers and several of the men from his fighting men called the Raven’s Teeth. He became the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch in 239 AC. He went ranging beyond the Wall and never returned.

That is, until we discover on the show that Rivers became the Three-Eyed Raven, known as the Bloodraven in the books. He was played by Struan Rodger in Season 4, and Max von Sydow in Season 6.

4 Jeor Mormont

Jeor Mormont, the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. He has said that the song of Ice and Fire book series was played by James Cosmo.

Jeor a strong and fearless leader. That choose the snow as his personal manager said. Keep Jeor Craster is killed by the mutineers of the Night Watch.

Status:Deceased (Season 3) – killed by Carl mutiny keep Craster ….

Why he took the black:
Bear Island House Mormont and Lord Ned Stark’s head and fought on the side of Robert Baratheon. War and the potentially fragile with his wife dead, his own son, service Jorah Mormont, slave trading by the infamous lost the title of the family name. Jeor sister, Maege, ruled instead. He Mormont gives Jon ancestral sword, Longclaw. He is currently uncle firecracker of Lyanna Mormont Mormont House again.

5 Maester Aemon

Maester Aemon the son of a member of the Night Watch Maekar Targaryen. He was played by Song of Ice and Fire book series appears in Peter van on Game of Thrones, is blind in real life.

Maester Aemon was the Night Watch. Most people are not aware that he is a Targaryen. He said he is excited to be ice because they are both Targs ,. He said that Sam is excited to join a maester and incoming White Walker War.

Status:Deceased (Season 5) – they (the age of) dying, looking at the street and with Sam, maester call from his brother Aegon by his childhood nickname, Egg. He was older, he says, “Egg, I dreamed.”

Why he took the black:
The third son of Maeker I Targaryen and Dyanna Dayne, who was named after the famous Prince Aemon. His grandfather, King Daeron II, looked very young Aemon in line to the throne and sent to the citadel. He was a maester at 19 and was summoned to serve on the Iron Throne small council. He refused to sit Subscribers Grand Maeaster not supplant.

He said, Dragonstone perform the Targaryen family set maester served as the latter’s death from smallpox under Prince Daeron services.

Rule went to his younger brother, Aegon V. Aemon chose the wall for fear of being used in a rebellion against his brother. She released her to house prisoners with black. These, Brynden rivers, better known to readers Bloodraven and bookings to keep an eye on the series as three-eyed raven.

Maester during Robert’s Rebellion of the biggest challenges Aemon heard the word of the destruction of the House Targaryen. He tells John that he had heard of the murder and torture of children as an old man in the wall.

6 Samwell Tarly

Samwell is studying to become a maester of Tarly Night Watch. A close friend of John Snow said. He appears in the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, and John Bradley is paid by the West.

Craster girls, street, and during that trip back with a wall of the baby, kills a white Sam Walker in an act of bravery. Before John is killed and resurrected she leaves the wall.

Status:Alive. Oldtown fight a maester and the left to help the White Walkers.

Why he was forced to take the black:
In addition to perhaps take its place as a powerful Lord in seven states, is sent to Sam Wall. Sam athletic build, no, not a skilled fighter, and a bookish fellow. His father and commander Randyll Tarly can not stand the sight of it. He said that given the choice of Black or take Sam to meet with an accident on a hunting trip. Dear Old Dad probably his son a few people in seven states should ensure there is a white to kill Walker. She might need this information later.

7 Benjen Stark (Coldhands)

Benjen Stark and Eddard Stark, son of Rickard Stark’s younger brother. He appears in a song of Ice and Fire series and is played by Joseph Mawle.

Benjen a member of the Night Watch. Rangers lost that is sent out on a mission to find and never returned, he said.

Status:Come back to life and Coldhands.

Why he took the black:
Benjen went to the wall because it is not clear. She is my sister, and may consequently had something to do with the defense of their honor after the kidnapping of Rhaegar Targaryen. It probably did not count on Benjen knew Rhaegar and Lyanna were actually in love and wrath of battle and Robert. Probably Ned decided he was the best answer to a question than to black.

8 Mance Rayder

Mance Rayder was born of a wildling. He became an outstanding member of the Night Watch. He said he left his post and went back wildlings. Rayder King Beyond the Wall became known as wildlings, leader. He was played by Ciarán Hinds.

Status:Deceased (Season 5) – knee, bending mercy that they were burned alive, burned at the stake by the watch before.

Why he took the black:

He was taken by the Night Watch when she was a child. The wildling when a woman insults a blessing for the young commander Mance will leave his post later.

9 Eddison Tollett

Eddison’s brother Tollett Night Watch. That appears in Song of Ice and Fire book series and is played by Ben Crompton said.

Eddison capture or keep Craster joins Jon Snow on a mission to kill the mutineers. He became the unofficial leader after the death and resurrection of Melisandre knew.

Status: Alive 

Why he took the black:
GRRM Yoren told her that she was 15 when she added that when women can not resist a man in uniform. He did not take part in an EDD wife and celibacy. He came from a cadet branch of a modest house, they can be three squares and only joined to the roof over her head.

10 Qhorin Halfhand

Night Watch Halfhand most experienced and skilled, one of the Rangers. He was leading a search party to deploy Shadow Tower and Benjen Stark. She was played by Simon Armstrong. He said, middle, ring, and pinky fingers battling a wildling lost his right arm. He said he became an expert with a weapon with his left as it was with my right.

Status: Deceased (Season 2) – so that self-sacrifice can penetrate the wildings. He deliberately lost their lives in a sword fight, even though he is a master swordsman.

Why he took the black:
Unknown. He is suspected to have been highborn and skills with sword fighting and many of them believe that he was a knight or something like that. He also is familiar with magic. Some theories suggest Halfhand service was Arthur Dayne we see, though Ned and kill Dayne in Howland Reed Show.

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