6 Gay YouTube your favorite pair broke down in 2016

6 Gay YouTube your favorite pair broke down in 2016

We have said it was not a good year for’ll say it again – 2016 YouTube couples. In May alone, the two decide what your favorite part of the LGBTQ community to call three YouTube couple, leave it. It was clearly in the water.
But while in the fifth month of the year YT gay community was awful, there were no brakes only. In fact, your favorite odd couples divided into the following four weeks, 2016 S * prove that it was indeed a storm. Although there are no more romance adorbs swagger, will always remain in our hearts the beautiful relationship (and millions on the Internet to see if he’s lucky).

Hannah Hart & Ingrid Nilsen

Although we know about the distribution of Hangrid at the end of March 2016, the couple decided to call in the next three months in advance. “In January, Ingrid and I have decided to end their romantic relationship,” Hannah wrote on Twitter. “Then we wanted to implement these things, and now that we have put a solid friendship in place to take some time for sharing. Need I tell you. Ingrid an incredible woman. multiple ways is my personal hero. “Ingrid and said,” Oh, Hannah and I know that we are not in a romantic relationship now. the last two months we process took a seek friendship has worked on construction posted its message on social media that we value very much, I love the Hannah words. he is proud to know me beautiful is a bad man. “photo: SnapchatStevie Boebi & Ally Hills

Steve and coalition broke shortly after the 23-year-old told her Twitter followers that he was “possible to die of a broken heart.” Ah – so sad.Steve, on the other hand, chose to handle breaking slightly more positive and wrote, “just what ends it was not the most amazing thing in your life does not mean, but love you no need. ”

Davey Wavey & Jake Arman

“Dating and after two years of a development challenge, my boyfriend and I have something different, we decided to change our relationship, which is a nice way of saying that it is broke,” YouTube Post explained in a video in September. The pair was in an open relationship, distribution was still painful for both parties, but they were “Sometimes I look back on it all.”





Shannon Beveridge & Cammie Scott

Shannon and Cammie was no reason for the dramatic breakup. “Love is real love is great. Do not stop believing,” was written shortly after the split on Twitter Shannon. Girls are no longer romantically involved, they still remain close friends. 





Lucy Sutcliffe & Kaelyn Petras

The love story of Lucy and Kaelyn is very unique. Tumblr girls called back to June 2006, and began a long-distance relationship despite living in the United Kingdom and the United States respectively, fast enough. After living apart for four years, was established in 2014. Aug 23, 28, where he decided to move to Arizona, but went through a ton in their relationship, they can not make it called, we explained the decision to break up, “Kaelyn somberly in a video posted in September. 



Austin Wallis & Nicolay Sysyn

Before he recently decided to split it with another couple for two and a half years. “It’s true. We’re breaking us down and it is most likely a way to hate each other … we just decided to do the best for both of us were able to speak, when it was better to get out, “Austin said.

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