Windows and how to find the IP address on the Mac

Windows and how to find the IP address on the Mac


How To Find IP Address?

To differentiate it from the rest of the other computer in the world of computers connected to the public network with at least one IP address. It will give you many advantages if you know your IP address. A key advantage if you own a website, you will be able to find out the number of hits was deducted films that come from your IP. This way you can know real unique ideas for your specific websites. Finding a computer IP address is one of the easiest process.

This post will help you to find the IP address for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Learn How To Find IP Address In Windows 7 and 8, XP, Vista
Hit the Start menu
Hit on the run. In the Run dialog box type CMD or caps or lowercase letter.
Here you will find which is known as a DOS prompt or command prompt
This command prompt, type “ipconfig in the making”. Press Enter

This screen with some information about your computer’s IP you will get back. Now type

IPCONFIG /ALL instead of IPCONFIG as above.

Make ipconfig will not give you the WAN side IP address. It will give you just the local IP address. The / ALL Among the many additional details will give you the IP address by. This step you can either set up the router using a network or otherwise will be very useful. That all / This is assigned by your ISP that you will get WAN side IP address.

Finding your IP on Mac

This is applicable for both OS X 10.5 / 10.6
1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple
2. The Open System Preferences dialog box, click on the link. Now select another network.
3. Now select the preferred window of the network, and the network port on the network. It could be at the airport, or if the modem. Under the “status:” Here you can find in your IP address (If you are connecting with the public Internet).
OS X 10.3 / 10.4
1. Choose Apple menu Apple hit àSelect Location
2. You need to choose priorities selected network now.
3. Open the Network window, select the Network ( “Show You can see the” next). Now you can see the IP address of your Mac and the network.


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