When the Chinese New Year 2016

When the Chinese New Year 2016

When the Chinese New Year 2016, if you are thinking, you are in the right place. This post will provide you with the Chinese New Year Chinese dates and how to prepare and enjoy their most important festival in a year.


Traditionally, Chinese New Year was the most important festival for more than one quarter of the world population in a year. Between the mid-12th months of the term occurred around the middle of the 1st lunar month based on the number of months.


China’s Lunar New Year or Spring Festival is the ancient Chinese calendar, which is added at least, as first published in the 20th century on the ground as early as the 14th century BC It depends on the calendar structure power and sugar and to vary by region Emperor of overseas Chinese communities. Therefore, different days in different countries can not be regarded as the Gregorian calendar. Nevertheless, people in these areas were familiar with this calendar, marriage, moving, using the time to select the lucky funerals or start a business. In addition, lunisolar calendar was also a repeated circle, represented by the Chinese zodiac animal with each year for 12 years. The 12-year rodent animals, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig, was organized before the final.

There were two rules to calculate the modern Chinese calendar:

Rule 1: Calculations following the meridian 120* East.

In 1929 China’s first 120 * 116 * 25 East of the decision to use a standard time zone.

Rule 2: The first day of the month is the day the New Moon appears

According to the Gregorian calendar, except for February, the same number of days in different years all months. On the contrary, the lunar calendar every year the number of days for the unit. For example, people understand the relationship 29.5 days a month. For a month, 30 days began in 13H on a new month of May 1st and 1H May 31st and the opposite is finished 1H lasted from May 1st to 30th May, 13H, it will have 29 days Means.


For years 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 and 2004 near a monkey year, which, like China, Color 8th, 2016 and January 27th of Frebruary of the animals, from 2017. the start of the metal, water, wood, fire and earth elements including five recuring every 60 years, Red Fire Monkey year 2016.

Chinese New Year 2016 on Monday 8th February. It 7 days for the Chinese New Year is always to be constantly closed. Offically Only the first 3 days, but it is always important to add enough vacation days a week. In addition, this year 2 days off is because it is Saturday February 14th and Sunday February 6th.

Lunar New Year is an opportunity that can be considered the most important holiday for the people, and returned home with his family. The spirit spreads a great day comes before the month before.


There are not many things to prepare. Those new clothes, home decorative items or foods, such as go to the supermarket or market to buy that are specific for the festival: meat (usually pork and chicken, …), jam and of course can be recalled to be laying off two big watermelon.

Homes are spruced, washed dirty things, old things are replaced by new ones. Use of new things and support needs to wear a symbol of the new year. People red parallel sentences, red flower pattern paper, and lively hope to decorate their homes with flowers symbolizes a peaceful and luckiness (plum blossom with joy, kumquat and symbol nrkss properity for example, sunflower to have a good year, meaning …) will come a year.


“Nian You Fan” New Year’s Eve (not a good meal reunion dinner was held last night) last year. This time, though, to gather with their families wherever they will be returned to the people. A New Year’s Eve night, is very large and impressive as including pork, duck or chicken and dessert dishes after dinner. In general, also found many components of a hot pot hot pot in which the food is a great value that marks the reunion of family members together.

At the very last moment before the New Year, in the old days, people will take the voice of evil spirits that the firecracker together and bursting with color is a colorful year fortunate and lucky mascot. However, firecracker, the restrictions on government power led to many injuries because of the laws ultimately fully private crackers mainly because of safety issues. Of course, it can not be ruled out traditional activities, so that the government does not consider himself as the person disclosing Fireworks can ensure their safety. With more and more advanced technology, nowadays, fully meet people’s expectations fireworks.


The first day of the new year is clearly the most exciting and joyful day. Traditionally, young people, children, elderly health, joy, and peace prosperousness. In return, they will receive red packets with money inside as a good luck greeting and honorability reflection. On this day the clothes are worn red. Chinese New Year is so red that can scare away evil spirits and bad luck. Wearing Moreover, they usually hope for new clothes from head to toe, they will have a fresh start in the new year. Red is the color of good fortune.

In every home, visiting guests and for the service to come to the reception, is a tray of food with special meaning with eight or six dishes. Candy is a sweet symbol of the beginning of the new year, red melon seeds, joy and good, dry litchi symbol means close-knit family, …

Dragon and lion dance is compulsory in Chinese New Year. I believe that together with the angry face of drums and cymbals and beating loud the aggressive dragon or lion dances can fire bad things and evil spirits. Lion dance common belief to open the Hong Kong, Macao, enterprises in many countries such as Vietnam, with that will bring luckiness … used.

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