When a father is one of the Big Time Rush guys know you’re getting old.

When a father is one of the Big Time Rush guys know you’re getting old.

He is here! He is here! He is here at last! You know, “Better late than never?” Well, that is very fitting because originally expected after Carlos PenaVega Alexa PenaVega and wife are officially parents, two weeks.
We know that if you’re thinking “old, must be freed me, is a father of the Big Time Rush guys.” And we’re right there with ya. WHA- … like? Anyway, here’s hair before the child is a member, and we could not be happier.
The first child for both of them, despite his previous marriage – – 27-year-old singer and 28-year-Spy Kids film, according to his son during the 2 weeks after the due date of November 28 was born on December 7, . I wanted to be born) just to the right

The pair began dating in November 2012, in September 2013 engagement, walked down the aisle in 2014, starred in a movie together in 2015 (spare parts), announced her pregnancy in June 2016 and the now to a child, the 2017 and the rest of his life. There is slow for both of them!

Carlos PenaVega

They have their code Academy & spare parts co-star, Alexa before marriage
PenaVega, Carlos big time opponent Rush longtime girlfriend
Chelsea Ricketts appeared, and the parody of the drug, girlfriend
Samantha Droke (although right with hangover movies, I was in a scene with each other). 




James Maslow

James also dated three of his co-stars:
Miranda Cosgrove, whom he starred opposite of on iCarly, Gage Golightly, who appeared on Big Time Rush, and Peta Murgatroyd, who was his dance partner on Dancing with the Stars 






Kendall Schmidt

After Kendall started seeing Jo, played by Katelyn Tarver, on BTR, rumors were swirling that the two were seeing each other off screen as well. Neither of ’em copped to it, though, so we can only dream that the pair brought the OTP to life at some point. 






Logan Henderson

Logan was also linked to Katelyn IRL, as well as Erin Sanders, who played Camille on the series. Again, none of the reports were substantiated, but it’s worth noting. 







Katelyn Tarver

See: Kendall Schmidt & Logan Henderson. 








Ciara Bravo

Ciara’s only been publicly linked to one of her co-stars, and that’s her Jinxed counterpart, Jack Griffo. The two were supposedly together back in 2013, before he started hooking up with Ryan Newman.

Erin Sanders
Logan’s not the only one on Erin’s list. Throwing it back to her Zoey 101 days, she reportedly dated Matthew Underwood AND Jack Salvatore Jr.

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