Watch the Top 10 Best and Top Brands

Watch the Top 10 Best and Top Brands

Regardless of the many people around the world love to have their own watch their gender. Actually, that it can enhance the entire look of a person who watches after the surprise may be noble and beautiful accessories. Different watch brands are based in different locations. In this regard, here are the top 10 best watch brands in the world:

1. Rolex


Thus this magnificent watch brand that was founded back in the year 1905 in the UK, particularly in the City of London. Well-known Rolex founder Hans Alfred Davis was Wilsdorf. But later, the company decided to move to Geneva, Switzerland. Some of the best features of Rolex watches to waterproof capabilities, automatic date and dustproof.

In the top 10 best watch brands such as to ensure not only the best quality brands in a world of lovers in 2016. Watch this, but for their fashion design with choice.

2. Omega

Does the fact that it is the only one that is a Certified Marine watch only high quality brand watches it. The structure of modern design Omega watches have many hobbies. It is true that you may not know about it yet, just watch that reached the moon and outer space. Louis Brandt, founded in 1903.

3. Bulova

This watch brand is certainly one of the best brands to consider this year. This beautiful and elegant design loved by Americans than in some other parts of the world, and many people well. It was founded in 1875 by Joseph Bulova in New York City, USA. But in fact, the owner of the brand Citizen Watch Company.

4. Casio

A very popular watch brand is certainly undeniable. It is well respected and much choice, because of its excellent quality and innovative high-end design. One thing to know is that analog and digital technology was successfully blended to watch, and I imagine Casio.

5. Hublot

This is a luxury brand that is known for high quality and impeccable style of this wonderful design and watches. It was founded in 1976 by a wonderful man named Carlo Crocco. Said after signing an agreement with FIFA when it comes to watches brand has become an international sensation.

6. Breguet

Founded in 1775 Breguet established in 2016. It was none other than the brilliant founder Abraham Louis Breguet, one of the top quality and best brands of luxury watches in the world. The tourbillon is the use of technology in manufacturing a wide array of brand watches.

7. Patek Philippe

Watch lovers from a top notch consider it as a watch brand in the world. Through the Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe’s was founded way back in 1875. The truth is when it comes to men’s watches, Patek Philippe is the most expensive and luxurious brand.

8. IWC

The IWC international watch company was founded in 1868 by Florence wonderful man Ariosto Jones. This famous brand watches, such as perpetual calendar of high quality, moon phase display, minute repeater is expected to come up with amazing features.

9. Tag Heuer

In the year 1860, founded by Edward Heuer watch brand Tag Heuer. It saw a confirmation of the celebrities watch brand excellence, the number of wearing watches Tag Heuer. Appeal to the fashion and high-tech features are simply irresistible.

10. Oakley

Amazing details Oakley watches definitely a very enticing lovers watch in the world. This is not only a brand recognized around the world for its watch products, but also for backpacks, sunglasses, sports visors, and optical frames. It was founded in 1975 by James Jannard.

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