Use Google Docs using Track iPhone and iPad availability at your local Apple outlets

Use Google Docs using Track iPhone and iPad availability at your local Apple outlets

Whatever it on Apple’s Web site or you will not be notified by Apple that is not available at your local Apple Store when it is in stock, can be an iPhone 5S or iPad Air or an upcoming iPad Mini Retina Is. The product is available to learn, whether you have a manual check on the online Apple store several times a day. As it seems, this is really frustrating. a site in the past has made this job easier by offering a quick check on the availability of Apple products in their local stores. However, the site is now online. This is done by taking your desired Apple products as your zip code and inputs. Once this site to find an extension inputs are given and the results will tell you whether you have available to it the desired products to take any of your nearest Apple stores that come with it will.

Although this service is not available, its developers upload the source code on Github. If you are interested, you can make a local copy of the Apple tracker private. However, as this app is based Node.JS, implementation will need some kind of deep knowledge.

So Is There Any Simple Way To Track iPhone Availability?

Google News is a simple script-based tracking tool, that works in the same manner as the Apple tracker. You can run this script privately on your local Google Drive. Once you mark your Watch List features Apple product, the script will be shipped after the return of any stock at your nearest Apple outlets text or email alert products. Now, using this script your iPhone 5S and iPhone with Retina display availability availability, iPad Air and iPad can track air.

The following is how a simple “know how” that allows you to automatically know how to use your nearest Apple product availability the Google Script (Apple tracker utility stores).

Click here to make a copy of your local Google Drive and Apple’s eye tracker script

Once spread sheet products, click on the link “iPhone 5S, iPad Air and even incoming member will be opened with the” Mini “Yes, make a copy”. Mark the entry you want to track “Y”.

The goggle drive menu, you can see the menu item “Apple Tracker”.

Click on the Start menu and select Add.
Click in the box next to Allow dialog.

Apple Tracker -> Start tracking. Now enter your email ID to get your zip code and alerts.

This Apple Tracker script will work only inside US.

If you want, you can disable tracking marking “N” registered by the iPhone’s availability before you marked as “Y”. Alternatively, you can choose to install the Apple tracker in the menu.

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