Up to 20 unique 16th birthday gift ideas to surprise any young

Up to 20 unique 16th birthday gift ideas to surprise any young

Turning 16 is quite interesting, and it’s one of those precious moments should save everyone. You have heard “how much he enjoyed his sweet 16th birthday.” When a boy or girl enters age of 16th, they will have carefree attitude. The special features of this era.

If you know someone who is soon going to celebrate their 16th anniversary, it is time to look out for unique 16th birthday gift.

You have a list of the best 20 gifts to choose from here, to give you some idea. If his / her interest in a selective and personal style.

Best 16th Birthday Gift Ideas

Clone / Mini-Me Gifts

3D human cloning right now is growing as a hot trend worldwide. Not only celebrities but each of us can make a custom to make a clone of your ceramic dolls. As your teen is turning 16 this year, met him / her in a “mini” clone a smile on his face he will see the export side. You can clone small (less than 12 inches and 18 inches) in size order. As the clone is made entirely by hand every little detail, ready to get your order will take a whole month. But this time it’s totally worth the wait. The birthday gift of all, this is our favorite.

Car Accessories

When the child turns 16, he can not wait to just play a role as a driver. If you afford to get a new car for your daughter or son, it will be a big surprise, and he will never forget it for the rest of their lives. Giving an expensive electronic gifts will feel like a responsible adult.

16th person who is going to a friend’s birthday or niece, then you can consider giving them “not very fast or New Driver Kit drive key chains”.

Personalized Photo Frames or Canvas

16th birthday once. When you are at the heart of our little celebrity for the gift of personalized gifts like a picture frame or canvas, this birthday memory life. You can do this with a picture frame design that surrounded his / her birthday picture by loving hearts or any subject you want. You can add a charming title and his / her anniversary date is optional.

You can consider it a personalized gift canvas. Believe me, the pictures turn more beautiful when it is painted on canvas. You can hang it up or keep it on a wall mount or as a desktop device.

Personalized Sweet 16 canvas or photo frame is going to celebrate a 16th birthday celebration as she makes, and will treasure it more than the big day life.

Many online sites offer a variety of personalized gifts. You can choose the design of your choice and style preferences.


If you want a gift filled with lots of fun, exciting, fun and a big smile, Aqua Zorbing is one that should not be missed. As it sounds, it really is a whole new game. Unlike standard zorbing games, players will not be strapped to the ball. Once the ball starts to roll over, you will be blotted out as if you’re in a washing machine water. Two persons are allowed to participate in the game. You know his cheeks hurt when he / she can laugh in this adventure gift card for the young to love fun. Not only will your teen, but you can not wait to play once!.

14k Gold Sweet 16 Pendant’s

This elegant accessory is the perfect gift you can give to your daughter or granddaughter. The diamonds used in jewelry. The dispute process with independent and “Kimberly Code of Conduct”. Gifts expensive it will create a beautiful memory of her sweet 16th birthday without a doubt.

If you can not afford to buy a diamond pendant, you can buy a gold pendant. It still makes a great gift.

Nissan Skyline and Camaro Driving Thrill

Exciting, Fast and Furious is a very special gift double supercar driving experience, the junior driver is being charged again. Not just a supercar, but driving two incredible spectacular cars on a race track ( “Nissan Skyline and Camaro SS”) 3 miles from Warm Your Teen’s circle for each of at least one year Hot will be discussed. No previous experience required. On arrival, a well-trained young ARDS qualified instructor who will provide him / her shall be guided in all the rides. So you can be part of a fun ride allowed passenger ride.

This remarkable gift card is undeniably one of the best 16th Birthday Gift Ideas for all petrol heads.

Magic Mug

It is the custom that a fake newspaper or a mouse pad or a mobile deal with their image, that everyone loves her. Your teen is definitely not an exception. Surprise your teenager from a magic photo mug. At room temperature, the mug appears like a plain black cup. You will be the (put something hot tea or coffee or energy drinks), his / her image began to appear like magic. When the temperature is low, a color will then end, and it will return to its normal color.

SWEET SIXTEEN Magazine Cover (framed)

You can get this fake magazine covers many online websites at an affordable price. All sites have an option to keep your child as a cover star. You can fill in your own language titles. She has a full control to customize magazine cover with your creativity. If you only know that you can design a magazine cover with your information about the teen star, it will feel like their world government.

Sweet 16 Sparkle Autograph Purse

Are going to attend your little star’s birthday party signatures from friends and guests. You can change it in an autograph wallet. Some sites offer the gift with a foot in height with pen. His / her peculiar item on his birthday gift is going to add memory to the unforgettable mesmerizing in every passing year.

Financial Gifts

To get a credit card, your child may need to wait long, but you can access the bank account opened under his own name when he turns 18. You can open a prepaid card or a student card safe. Money management, as you have great time to learn to trust can gift for any teenager.

Sweet 16 Birthday Gift Basket

16th anniversary of the remarkable days certainly deserves a very special celebration. The most precious gifts to the occasion like a birthday baskets will create a lasting memory for any teenager. He / she will surely enjoy them roasted nuts, mini cookies, delicious chocolate, popcorn and snack mix.

Zodiac Necklace

Just as bracelets, has emerged as a new trend among teenagers wearing money necklace. Your gift of a necklace with his zodiac sign. It wears, which is believed to bring good fortune to teen. It will look very cool teen among others.


Member failing16th never met a birthday gift. No proof of my statement. In a survey 88% of young people say that electronic gift I especially love to become a member of gifts. This gift will be a better choice to get the phone conversation, games, surf and useful knowledge. In addition, there are plenty of iPad model with many attractive and useful features. Most teenagers prefer Apple devices.


Teens in this age bracket, love music more than anything in this world. If you ask them to list their top 10 cute things I believe music related gadget would be the rate that ranked among the top 10.

Just like the music, each is a love Apple, so Apple iPod as a gift, it will be truly valuable to your teen personality forever. Apple iPods are not cheap but worth the money. Are available in many different colors and storage options for iPods. He / she receives an iPod I love color. 8GB iPod nano stored in the 2k download them around the iPod is. So just imagine how happy to receive this precious gift from my youth.

However, if your budget is tight, consider gifts that iPod shuffle green, pink, orange, blue and gray are available in different colors. It can also be clipped on his / her clothing. Teen First you have an iPod, you can get iTunes gift card.

SingStand Home Karaoke System

SingStand home karaoke system is a wonderful gift for teens. Children like to interact with music. This gift is the MP3 device or the permission to sing along with the music that plays iPod. Keep in mind that you have to buy gifts for teenagers, a wide variety of systems. 16 years age group prefer Karaoke System with children usually resonate, sound quality and volume control.

Kindle Fire

Undoubtedly, the Kindle Fire is one of the incredible 16th birthday gift. More than 19 million magazines, books, movies, songs, and is integrated with the Kindle Fire tablet apps famous TV and Internet browsing. Your child will surely find something useful with your outstanding gift.

Personalized 16th Birthday Card

Sometimes you need to break your wallet to do something extraordinary. Personalized greeting cards are great examples. He is not new. But believe me, it’s sweet 16th birthday card with personalized, your recipient can really feel special. You will find a permanent place in his memories for the years to come custom message displayed on the card. This greeting card is perfect for the style-savvy children over 16 years.

Clothing Gift Card

There can not be that interested in upgrading his or her appearance with a modern and stylish clothes. True fashion lovers know the positive dressing. However, a selection to choose clothes for others, since it is different from the others, is creating a lot of confusion to be a difficult task. Fortunately, you can help your teen to choose a dress Gift Card offer up on their own choice. Clothing Gift Cards can be offered some discount will also save some money. You can use the frequent Gift Card. Therefore, a popular clothing store card with a gift card to top up the money and presented as a gift to your loved one.

Happiness Jar

What do you think about the happiness of your jar ever as a 16th birthday gift ideas? There is nothing special memories in the present. You will come across jar term happiness. Some people practice safe writing moments of joy and happiness jar. They read these moments when they feel depressed. So, you can consider it as one of your gifts to make them feel happy to remember the happiest moment of his best. Jar shopping a pleasure, you add on all the happy moments of a special and placed in jars. Sure it will entertain your loved one. In addition, you can also fill the jar with fruit salads, cookies, chocolate, special messages and more.

Happiness is being a DIY project idea. You can only create it in your home. All you need is “a pretty jar” and beautiful memories.

Teen Journal

Teenage life friends, fun, music, games, loaded with all kinds of fashion and entertainment. This is the age to enjoy all these things. But at the same time, the age they start to experience many changes in the physical and mental life. Get a teen magazine subscription for around a year. It is through this will help them to handle the changes are expected to do.


Teens love to wear all kinds of accessories. All Out, bracelets, always a very special place. This is why it is included in the list of 16th birthday gifts bracelet. You can find hundreds of bracelets in different colors and sizes. All online shopping portals are available for both boys and girls.

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