Up to 10 types of nose piercings for an incredible view

Up to 10 types of nose piercings for an incredible view

The nose looks modern piercings, but has been around for almost 4,000 years of custom. Here is where the nose cover, is the hole in the bridge of nose, or nose to create an opening for placement of a needle jewelry. This process is performed for purposes of representation or beauty. It started in the Middle East, moved to India in the 1500s and finally reached Western civilization from the 20th century. It is very interesting to know that there are several types of nose piercings today. I will list the top 10, let me give you an interesting introduction for you.

An Interesting History


According to Genesis, the book of Isaac, Abraham’s son, Isaac, a golden ring to be-bride. Years later, the nose rings were used as collateral for a dowry and divorce. Nose piercing Aztecs, Incas and, Mayans, the Native Americans, was popular in Indian and Alaska Native tribes. According to Ayurveda, the left nostril piercing that help relieve pain associated with menstruation and childbirth.

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In the west nose piercing first appeared among the hippies traveling to India. In the 1970s, the punk movement adopted the idea as a sign of rebellion against conservative values. However, these days it socially acceptable. You will see having their nose pierced. It’s more of a style statement.

Those represented brainwave attention (located above the nose) believed that sixth sense for decorating nose is equally important. It is also believed that the nose connects with a person, romantic sexual and emotional feelings.

In Hinduism, there are no strict restrictions on the wearing of a nose stud. Therefore, both married and unmarried women may wear a nose stud. The region is different from each other. The bride wears a nose stud on the day of her wedding.

10 Types Of Nose Piercings


Consider getting your nose pierced? Well, think again. Although it looks cool, it has more pros than cons. However, if you believe you are ten types of nose piercings to consider here:

1. Nasallang piercing

It is a triangular nose piercing, a piercing all three points on the nose at the same time. It performed as a single piercing performance by all three at the same time with a single injection. nasallang is usually less than the standard nose piercing. Most piercers do not recommend this method because it’s hard.

The move should have a small amount of healing that may occur during which causes the row not to separate piercings. In addition, it takes a little more time to heal this type of nose piercing. It must be worn with a direct industrial style iron. This development is still the possibility that you have not heard about this hole.

2. Bridge piercing

It is usually referred to as Erl. The area between the eyes and the nose is pierced with an iron. This painful. The nose is a hole with a horizontal iron that is placed across the bridge. Bridge piercings, especially the younger generation, are very popular among men and women.

Proper aftercare is critical to bridge piercing. There, before or processes, no soap, makeup or hair products to make sure that as you face the immediate causes an infection. The healing time depends on the size of the stud to pierce your bridge may vary. It usually takes 8-12 weeks depending on the person can be different.

3. Double nostril piercing

Do you want something to stand out, to have a double nose piercing. Is inserted into the nose jewelry making is an art that includes two piercings. The side holes are used either as a side or as a side or. A nose piercing takes 2-3 months to fully heal.

4. Nostril piercing

The nose is one of the most common types of piercings. This is a practice in Indian and Nepali culture. These countries followed that women helps to ease the pain during menstruation and birth of a nostril piercing the left side of his nose, an Ayurvedic belief. Jewelry is placed right above the crease of our nostrils, the natural curve.

5. Septril piercing

It is a combination of gauge blinds and half a vertical tip. Piercing looks fine from a distance. How much time gauging the actual piercing procedure is a very comprehensive covering a confession. This is how sensitive it was pretty painful, especially when the septal cartilage to accommodate any size jewelry.

6. Septum piercing

It looks cool. Unique accessory adds elegant look. It is easily adaptable to a piercing that can be hidden from anyone that does not want to see it. The healing period lasts from six to eight weeks. Going for this type of nose piercing, make sure that person is trustworthy, please.

7. Vertical tip piercing

It is also known as Rhino piercing. Nose piercing tip goes along. This is a very effective and unique piercing and will definitely attract attention. It is more painful and through the nasal cartilage is difficult to do so.

8. High nostril piercing

This requires the nose bridge of the small jewelry through one nostril at a high point. This high nostril piercing jewelry is hard to change yourself. Ask your piercer trusted to help you.

9. Austin bar nose piercing

The nose tip is a horizontal hole. The veil is not passed in the nasal cavities. It is one of the rare types of piercings.

10. Triple nostril piercing

This is to ensure that the neural structures required precautions in creating patterns with three jewelry not affected. Is a stud in the most convenient. The most commonly seen on the crease of the nostril with a triangular pattern.

Tools Used For Nose Piercing

  • Titanium: It is a very popular metal used in jewellery making.
  • Surgical steel: It is the most recommended metal to use in piercing. It is hypoallergenic and causes no skin irritation.
  • Gold: It is the next best choice to surgical steel as long as you are using a quality 14-18K gold piece.
  • Sterling silver: It is a good choice because the body fluids quickly cause the metal to oxidize, turning it black.

For the first three months after your piercing, you need to pay attention to it to ensure proper healing. Most piercers will give instructions to advise you properly care or cleaning products for the piercing. Do research for a quality piercer. Do not look for a bargain. Word of mouth is the best way to find a trustworthy piercer. Well you go to the store and get to know your piercer before you decide.

Your piercing will likely be done with a sterilized needle with jewelry attached to its end. Make sure that they are registered with a certificate posted on the wall says. Make sure the shop, that is clean and sanitary. Twice a day you should wash your piercing. See to it that you wash your hands with antibacterial soap before touching your nose pierced. Throughout the day, you resist the opportunity to play the pierced nose.

Each of the nose piercing is a risk of complications:

  1. Allergic reactions – piercing jewellery such as pieces made of nickel can cause allergic reactions
  2. Skin infections – might cause redness, swelling, pain, or a pus of discharge, is possible after piercing
  3. Bloodborne diseases – if the equipment used in piercing is contaminated with infected blood, you can contract various diseases including hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, and tetanus.
  4. Tearing or trauma – jewellery can get torn out accidentally, requiring stitches or repair.

Clean your nose pierced twice a day. Leaving in the morning and once before bed time until he was completely healed. This will make cleaning it a little more cleaning can lead to irritation and delay the healing dirty and infected. Easy way to clean the piercing using a salt solution. Here before you touch your piercing, wash your hands with germicidal soap opponent.

Bacteria from your hands can cause infection. Take a cotton ball and dip it in salt solution. Gently press it against your nose pierced for about three to four minutes. Because it can get in the ring or stud Be careful when removing the cotton ball. Use a tissue when drying the area.

The same bacteria can cause difficulty to the port and stud or ring Avoid using a towel. You should also clean the underside of the hole to avoid irritation. Use clean cotton buds dipped in salt solution and rub gently on the back of the stud. Do not rub too much. After cleaning, apply a little lavender oil to the hole using a cotton bud.

Avoid it can be severely damaged as using antiseptic products and prolong the healing. Not allowed to make or that it can inhibit and to come into contact with any cosmetic product as piercing can lead to infection.

The inlay is removed, the nose will be closed within a few hours of piercings. Back to stud piercing pain, cause inflammation and infection. Avoid submerging your piercing in a pool, hot tub because the water can lead to infection. Another possible cause of dirty pillowcases bacteria. Finally, avoid touching or playing your nose pierced. After you wash your hands should be clean when you touch it.

Infections caused by bacteria and other pathogens nose diseases. During the piercing during the healing process is poor hygiene, poor aftercare, and may be a result of poor personal hygiene. This is probably because you touched it with their dirty hands. It is recommended that you wear quality jewelry made from genuine materials.

Swelling, excessive pain and redness, excessive heat and fluid production, there are signs of infection pierced nose. Constant itching and bad smell coming from the piercing site signs and symptoms of infection. Risks and hazards do not take good care of people go to the unprofessional and need piercers as piercers who will try to impress.

A hot compress after taking a course of a routine cleaning and anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics pierced nose could be a big help. Even if symptoms seem to go away in the medicine should get the attention of your doctor.

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