Top10 Best Bottle Gourd Food Recipes

Top10 Best Bottle Gourd Food Recipes

If Locke is this form that is very unique vine-grown plant, taste, appearance, and even a kind of history. That it contains high amount of nutrients that are good for the body has been proven. Indian period, Locke called “Lauki’s”. In fact, Indians are transformed into delectable dishes. In this regard, here are the 10 best pumpkin food recipes you should know:

1. Bottle Gourd Dal Rice

This is a very simple recipe for delicious and nutritious. It will be perfect for those kids who are not particularly fond of vegetables Pumpkin eat out. The ingredients rice, pumpkin, butter, oil, mustard seed, tumeric powder and coloring are few.

The 10 best pumpkin food recipes that you should try to taste. If you are not fond of pumpkin, this vessel can definitely change your mind.

2. Bottle Gourd Juice

If you do not want to eat pumpkin, then why not drink it instead? Yes, Pumpkin can also be made as a refreshing drink. Just some sliced cucumbers, sliced pumpkin and add the cucumber and put in juicer together. This is not your usual drink sweet as fruit, but the high standard of health is good reason why you should try it.

3. Stuffed Bottle Gourd

Many people are not fond of eating pumpkin, but this particular dish will surely change them. What is needed here is what Locke Blanc. After that, you can then use it to marinate with lemon juice with plenty of cheese, and equipment. If this is done, the oven and bake it.

4. Bottle Gourd Mussallam

In this recipe, the shape of sliced pumpkin requires 5-10 minutes marinating. This dish will make it even tastier. Lemon juice, red chili powder, tumeric, ginger paste, garlic paste and are in need Pumpkin marinating.

5. Ghiya Chana Dal

Pumpkin This is a classic recipe that is very common in the northern part of India. Its name suggests, is cooked with pumpkin chana dal. This is a very healthy dish that you must try.

6. Sauteed Bottle Gourd with Curry Leaves

A perfect way to cook a pumpkin, which is a sautee pan. This preparation will give you an idea never difficult moments. As a matter of fact, it will only take a few of your precious time. Square sliced gourd, curry leaves, onions, green beans and other ingredients in the dish with the garlic.

7. Ghiya Malaiwala

Pumpkin cream delicious recipe is secret. Yes, you read that right. Cream that will make it a very unique dish. All you need to do is cook the sliced pumpkin. For garnishing, pepper and coriander leaves will be enough.

8. Bottle Gourd Kofta Gravy

Directed only meatballs soaked in gravy or sauce. To copy meatballs, must be grated pumpkin. After that, he put grated pumpkin in a pan and let it boil. Besan flour and boiled the fences will be in conjunction with Locke, and deep-fried then that should make some balls.

9. Quick Bottle Gourd Curry

It is very easy to prepare recipe for pumpkin food, not to mention that it just will take some of your valuable time. Of course, it is cooked like a regular curry recipe. The difference is the amount of spice as the only other major components used in the well.

10. Handvo

This vegetable cakes begins with the Gujarat region of India. This cake is a combination of many factors, but one of Pumpkin Man. Some of the other key components of pumpkin spices, herbs, butter, rice, and lentils.

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