Top Ten Bicycle Brands

Top Ten Bicycle Brands

Bicycles, easiest and cheapest way to travel. Everyone loves a bicycle. This is a great way to exercise. Bicycles are amazing. They make time run on fat and your footer. It is also the most used car in the world. Sydney Amsterdam People just love to ride his bicycle. Some go to work and just be healthy ride. From young children to older generation, everyone does love a bicycle.

But buying a Bicycle is not that easy.Zillions bicycles There are many brands in the floating market variations. But what are the best bicycle Brands? Bicycles come in many varieties from a small bicycle for a toddler to a hardcore mountain biking. And it is difficult to judge bicycle brand when it comes to purchasing. Best There are many brands of bicycles but not the best. Some brands have established themselves as the leader in all-round category and some brands have shown a special version of his masterpiece. The following post will tell you about the ten best bicycle brands.

Merdia Bikes

Merida Industry Co., Ltd. is a bicycle design and manufacturing company. Merida is a Taiwan-based bicycle company. Since 1972, the year they are up year by bicycle and have great sales. IKE Tsenge company started, he died in the global bicycle brand by January 2012. 2.2 million bicycles per year. They are available in 77 countries.

Kona Bicycles

The Kona Bicycle business is one of the major players. The Pacific Northwest-based company with the world, Washington, Vancouver and Geneva offices located around the president. Kona Bicycle tube design was the first brand to create a full range of mountain bikes. The brand began in 1988 and since then has become the brand in North America. These bikes are known for handling extreme downhill terrain.

Yeti Cycles

Yeti Cycles is one of the world’s best motorcycle brand. They are located in Golden, Colorado. Since 1985 they are high quality manufacturing and design cycles. It was founded by John Parker was a welder, he used to build the movie sets in Hollywood. Technology is amazing these ZeroLoss surprise for suspension and it will give you great experience and easy to wheel alignment when riding on the mountain.

Specialized Bicycles

“It is known as the special” special bicycle components or cycling in the major US brands. Mike Sinyard it was founded in 1974 by itself was a big bicycle enthusiast. That just shows their name and expertise with bicycle parts. Using their bicycles more Olympics than any other brand in a five Olympians, were there. It is a pleasure to maintain and easy to ride.

Trek Cycles

Track cycling in the market since 1976. They are known for its durability and they are reaching great heights every year. Track bikes gives you imagination, you can easily ride his cycle lasting from a guy with more weight 300LBS. Track bikes have 1,700 dealers across North America and distributed in 90 countries worldwide. He also Electra Bicycle Company, to sell their products in many different names like Diamant cycles, Gary Fisher, etc.

Marin Cycles

A MARIN Marin County, California-based bicycle company and since 1986 they are manufactured and sold bicycles. The California and later became popular all over the United States and is considered as the best cars in USA. They specialize in the manufacture of mountain bikes but also many other types. He is one of the most expensive cars in the world. MARIN COUNTY some of the variables are named after different places.

Cannondale Bicycles

Cannondale bicycles are a Canadian based bicycle manufacturing brand and is Canada’s most famous and successful bicycle brands. The company was founded in 1971 but began manufacturing bicycles in1983. Brought a new era in the aluminum frame bicycle industry. And new brands which are in carbon fiber, Cannondale is a super-efficient cycle types. Cannondale is effortless gear shifting in the mountains gives you a comfortable ride. He has also started manufacturing in Taiwan for the Asian market.

Santa Cruz Bikes

This Santa Cruz brand when it comes to high-class bikes. The manufacturer of high-end mountain bikes. Companies of Santa Cruz, California-based bicycle company. Santa Cruz Bicycles was founded in 1993 by Rob Roskopp and Rich Novak. In 1994 he began his first full suspension bike designed with a single axis and 3-inch travel. They are good with making cars affordable for people and also efficiency. The geometry of the bike that provides an easy pedaling system which is less tiring in the mountains.

GT Bikes

GT Bicycles was founded in 1972 in Santa Ana, California by Richard Turner and Gart. They are one of the most famous bicycle brands in the world. The road, mountain and BMX bikes ready. GT the “triple triangle” designs are known for which the brand to another level. GT cars are very attractive and great in their eyes. While riding it for you because it super easy suspensions in the front and back feel like flying. GT GT also has a global brand teams and many generations and sponsors.

Giant Bicycles

The most common demand in the world’s bicycles and motorcycles in the world giant. Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Taiwan bicycle industry bases. He also developed in China and the Netherlands. Best business are really big, they have over 12,000 stores in more than 50 countries. Hit a billion dollars in revenue each year 2012. It is considered as the best and top rated Bicycle brand. The bicycles in all children from the mountain range. The great feature of dual suspension and great design.

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