Top Best Tourist Attractions In Spain – Must See Top 10 Places

Top Best Tourist Attractions In Spain – Must See Top 10 Places

You’re looking at the best places in Spain, I think you must have heard about the beauty of Spain was at least a little. Here is the most important, to take you to some of the most beautiful I’m going to see the tourist attractions in Spain. World-famous beaches, diverse cultural history, exciting festivals and delicious dishes never fail all over the world many thousands of tourists each day of Spain in the draw. Right now, there is no waste of time. Most come to the top 10 tourist destinations in Spain straight away.

No 1 : Barcelona

Being one of the best places in Spain, the cultural city offers everything that they simply look for any tourist. Besides the historic architecture, the buzzing nightlife and vibrant culture are things which draws attention of tourists towards Spain.

Ciutat Vella is one of the major tourist attractions in Spain. In the old town, you can get an eye Gothic Quarter of old churches, outdoor cafes and attractive views of the iconic bridges.

As a center for transportation, offers a central gathering place for La Placa Catalunya. Once you reach this place, it’s like you can go anywhere.

You love shopping, then you should not miss out La Rambla, which is known for its recreational opportunities like the best cinemas and markets.

No 2 : Bilbao

This is the heart of the capital. Great architecture and drive economic force for the city’s infrastructure are the main factors being.

No 3 : Picos de Europa

“Europe’s top known as” the mountain ranges of Spain, more than 20 kilometers from the northern coast.

No 4 : The Cathedral

The churches in Spain has a great reputation for their stunning architecture, historical and religious values.

No 5 : Valencia

Strong holiday season in Valencia Spain is known for offering great atmosphere. If you are planning to enjoy the afternoon sun on the roof, if you go to “the city” is the destination.

No 6 : Salvador Dalí Theatre Museum

Salvador Dali’s last work worth watching.The collection in this museum is a great work of art Artist.

No 7 : Plaza de Espana – Seville

This decorative historical part you can tell lots of stories. It’s stuffed with beautiful buildings and gardens.

No 8 : Roman Reflection – Segovia

All across the country, especially in Segovia, you can see the presence of the Emperor. Yes, it does reflect the order of 700 years. It reserves a set of 2950 feet tall arches of the great city which was used to bring water to Segovia.

No 9 : Alhambra in Granada

Moro was over hundreds of years Granda government. Although the city is conquered by the Catholic, the city still remains our Moro environment. Peaceful gardens and palace of the Alhambra is decorated in an elegant style with Arabic inscriptions

No 10 : Spanish Costas

If it ever gets to spend your holiday in Spain, you should not miss the Spanish costs. Beach stretches over 5,000 miles Mecca where you can enjoy all of the bright sunny days a year. South West Starting from the east, north, tourist attractions in Spain is almost 12 Costas. Ultra white people who want to enjoy the sand, Balearic Islands serves as a perfect place with its beaches. You can reach the island in the Mediterranean just a couple of hours.

Honorable mention : Casa Batllo & Sagrada Familia

I can tell you about Spain’s Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Batllo & Sagrada Familia interesting structures will never be complete without a glimpse of. It is very unique to Barcelona. Even then rolled over several years, still the world famous architect Antoni design laws of the country as a big star in the show buildings by Gaudi.

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