Top 50 Women on the Internet – Pics and Bio

Top 50 Women on the Internet – Pics and Bio

If you look at the top 50 women on the Internet that are often surprisingly Pop star AVRIL Lavigne, Madonna and many. Rest powerful politicians.

Including eight on the music industry, as I already mentioned the top 10 most popular women. 2 just starting his career in the music industry who made you popular other industries.So. Who knows? Well, I’m not kidding. Just take a look at the Top 50 Women on the most Googled the Internet. As you guess, your favorite Miley Cyrus, Madonna and Lady Gaga did not fail to add Esta list.

Today’s music industry is easily accessed from Internet sources. This is the main reason behind the question of how much the women that have made the list of esta music industry. No matter who you are and what age group you fall in youth for older adults, especially women pop stars.Agree everyone their favorite songs and artists on the Internet for?

Are you curious about what you are looking over the beautiful women? It’s here. This beautiful these provocative photos, looking for the story of the life, background and lots. Also included in the music industry from all of the following categories Esta list of 50 women on the Internet.

•    Women who continue to appear in popular TV series through several generations
•    Political figures
•    Women who have devoted their life mission to pass some good messages all               around the world

The remarkable thing how it ended up in the one of the list should mention about “who are young, a few of the elderly and of course with the seniors. All I do the same list do not ask a question like that. it’s all because of the internet is another wide access? with different gadgets available in our hand, we can now browse through your favorite celebrity photos, personal life and only you want to know more about each of them.

If you ever wanted to show a woman as a role model for the younger generation, very powerful women out there. Teaching them properly. Regardless of what you are going to introduce it as a role model for her daughter or granddaughter who is very important to educate them on the full power of women worldwide.

Celebrities list are made only as himself. The only difference is that there is a secret among celebrities normal “they thought their dreams and pursuing them correctly”.

OK enough is enough and now. Internet start with our top 50 women on the list. Remember, this list is subject to change from one day to the hot news, on current trends, as well as the public interest and shows.

The list is in reverse chronological order. I’m sure it’ll be interesting for the overall list.

The list takes some women completely convinced that they can still grow a question why other women here? That list is based on the monthly Google search volume in the world. So we have no choice but to accept it.

Emerging Search : Emilia Clarke

The following “Daenerys Targaryen actress” sign has been growing most sought after actresses in the world as women Emilia Clarke. Emilia Clarke, although not new to acting,, HBO hit Game of Thrones, have risen to prominence. His mother is a business woman and the father is a sound engineer. The year 2009. He graduated from drama school in London has secured 15th position in the top 99 women askmen 2013.

No 50 : Eva Longoria


We Googled for the most beautiful Eva Longoria, who analyzed the proportion of men and women, 80% men and the rest women. These terms are mostly people who are Googling it comes to search women, much more interested in knowing the stuffs on her personal life. Right after he graduated, Eva Longoria entered a talent contest and the event, which brought the popularity ladder. Still Isabella after they play the role of one of the most popular series of “Y & R” in 1973, is known in the world.

Height = 5′ 2″
Industry = Film
Nationality : American
Results : 64,000,000
DOB : 15th March,1975

No 49 : Scarlett Johansson


Named Hunter Johansson was born in New York with twin brother. Scenes from the age of Scarlett Johansson began to show his passion for acting. She is a model, actress and singer.

Height : 5′ 3″
Industry : Flim
Nationality : American
Results : 28,900,000
DOB : 22nd November, 1984

No 48 : Carmen Electra


The most glamorous actress Carmen Electra real name is Tara Leigh Patrick. But he is most identified by his stage name Carmen Electra. Her singing, dancing and acting as a rounder figure to be found in our list of top 50 women on the Internet.

Height : 5′ 3″
Industry : Film
Nationality: American
Results : 13,500,000
DOB : 20th April, 1972

No 47 : Tina Fey


Además de actuar, escribir, junto con Tina Fey y demostrado su excelencia en la comedia. Es conocido por sus comedias en películas como Noche de la fecha y Megamind. Hasta Tina Fey sobre algunas cosas notables, creó la popular serie de televisión 30 Rock. Se está actuando y escribiendo, recibió numerosos premios juego de la pantalla.

Height : 5′ 5”
Industry : Film, Television Producer, Writer
Nationality : American
Results : 23,800,000
DOB : 18th May, 1970

No 46 : Adriana Lima

Unlike other models, the popular Brazilian model Lima never thought to go to her friend along until the modeling industry to take part in a modeling competition at her school. In his career started accidentally. On the 15th age, they signed Brazil until now win his fame shine super model year 1996. Not less than “the supermodel has been as” now you can see it as a person in the leading American cosmetic brands.

Height : 5′ 10”
Industry : Modeling, Film
Nationality : Native American married to a Brazilian player
Results : 37,200,000
DOB : 12th June, 1981

No 45: Lily Allen

15 year old closed his school and began to focus on improving its recording skills. MySpace went public in some of the recordings, it was an opportunity for an AirPlay on the BBC. Alan’s 2nd studio album was a hit and won first place in the UK Albums Chart. The album is taken up for some good height “It’s not,” you do it.

She was born to a welsh father(actor) and English mother(film producer).

Height : 5′ 2”
Industry : Music
Nationality : England
Results : 23,200,000
DOB : 2nd May, 1985

No 44 : Sarah Jessica Parker

You may remember Sara as played Carrie Bradshaw, the popular series “Sex and the City”. This role has received 4 Golden Globe awards alone. Apart from movies and series, he is well known for the popular fashion brands.

Height : 5′ 3”
Industry : Films, Television Series
Nationality : American
Results : 92,500,000
DOB : 25th  March, 1965

No 43 : Kelly Clarkson

Kelly 1st season after winning the attention of millions of Americans than the American Idol singing. Kelly’s first single called “A moment” magazine on board was hit Hot 100. She is a songwriter, singer and occasional actress.

Height : 5′ 3”
Industry : Music
Nationality : American
Results : 66,500,000
DOB : 24thApril, 1982

No 42 : Carrie Underwood

I got in after winning American Idol Kelly Clarkson Carrie Underwood 4th title in the same season. She is an actress, songwriter and as a singer. He has won many prestigious awards, including a Grammy and Billboard Music awards, etc.

Height : 5′ 3”
Industry : Music
Nationality : American
Results : 91,000,000
DOB : 10thApril, 1983

No 41 : Amy Winehouse

She is the first British singer who has won 5 Grammy Awards for her album Back to Black. Because the year 2011. Winehouse has been found dead on the 26th place in the top 100 women have music List of alcohol poisoning and he got 41th place in the list of top 50 women on the Internet.

Height : 5′ 3”
Industry : Music
Nationality : British
Results : 52,500,000
DOB : 4th September, 1983
Died : 23rd July, 2011

No 40 : Vanessa Hudgens

You can see him starring in Disney movies and television series. Vanessa began his career at age 8 as a singer. She began her acting career at the age of 15.

Height : 5′ 1”
Industry : Music, Film
Nationality : American
Results : 74,500,000
DOB : 14th December, 1988

 No 39 : Katie Price

Although he excelled in swimming and sports in education was not so good that your child’s age. Soon she began her life as a glamorous model for British newspapers and magazines. He was one of the most successful business women.

Height : 5′ 1”
Industry : Modeling, occasional singer
Nationality : American
Results : 54,900,000
DOB : 22nd May, 1978

 No 38: Ashley Tisdale

List of the top 50 women in the Internet has found Ashley and 38th place. Here are described. Read on. This led to the signing of an agreement with the High School Musical Ashley earned by Warner Bros Records of Fame. They named Phineas and Ferb as Candace Flynn has had a voice role in the Disney Channel cartoon show. Besides acting and singing, she is running a production company with production blondie girl. The music albums are the strongest, and many criminals are happily.

Height: 5′ 3”
Industry: Films, Music
Nationality: American
Results: 75,500,000
DOB: 2nd July, 1985

 No 37: Hilary Duff

Ready to tell much about Hillary. Before the popularity of the Disney Channel, she had appeared in TV commercials and projects by local theaters. The story of Cinderella, which made some films are the perfect people to speak up about his presence. He is a songwriter, author, singer, actress and entrepreneur.

Height: 5′ 2”
Industry: Television, Film, Music
Nationality: American
Results: 83,900,000
DOB: 28th September, 1987

 No 36: Marilyn Monroe

She is a glamorous model popular in the 1950s. At the beginning, he played only a minor role. But the role he played in “movies and asphalt jungle of” Eve’s attention. But her life was recorded by her last illness. Even in some states was announced as a suicide, though, has died of over dose, death. Although years have been implemented and today they continue to this position in the 50 most popular women on the web.

Height: 5′
Industry: Film, Modeling
Nationality: American
Results: 44,400,000
DOB: 1st June, 1926
Died: 5th August 1962

No 35: Heidi Montag

Do not miss to add Heidi Montag top the list of 50 beautiful women on the Internet. Although he pursued a career as a singer and television personality, the name “Hills” popular reality came to prominence after taking part in one of the series. Besides singing and starring in the TV show, she is pursuing her career as a fashion designer. Here are the albums of rare and superficial.

Height: 5’11’’
Industry: Music, Television Personality, Fashion designer
Nationality: American
Results: 5,490,000
DOB: 15th September, 1926

No 34: Demi Moore

Demi Moore is the original name of Demi Guynes Kutcher. You figure that he is the most popular film director, actress, a model and songwriter. She described to focus on her entertainment career after leaving high school at 16 years of age.

Height: 5’5’’
Industry: Film Actress, director and producer.
Nationality: American
Results: 53,300,000
DOB: 11th November, 1962

No 33: Jennifer Aniston

The television series in 1990. He began his career by starring in the big screen in the 1993 film Leprechaun year later. She is an actress, director got world wide recognition by receiving numerous awards as the producer.

Height: 5’5’’
Industry: Film Actress, director and producer.
Nationality: American
Results: 86,100,000
DOB: 11th February, 1969

No 32: Hillary Clinton

No need to explain why people are looking to Clinton in the top 50 women on the Internet. Before it served as a senator in 2013. – Yes, he has done a great politician, 2009. The term of the 67th state of the United States served as Secretary.

Height: 5’7’’
Industry: Politician
Nationality: American
Results: 351,000,000kgj
DOB: 26th October, 1947

 No 31 : Ciara

Ciara’s father served in the US Army, he had the opportunity to travel all over the world. Middle teen has signed a contract for publishing the song in Ciara. Song titled “I had to wait”, which he wrote for the commercial success of the R & B. After school graduation, her first album was released “items” and so far, he was released about 4 successful albums. Although he received 4 nominations at the 48th Grammy Awards, he has lost the control over the nomination for the album.

Height: 5’10’’
Industry: Song writer, Singer, Film Actress  and fashion model
Nationality: American
Results: 58,300,000
DOB: 25th October, 1985

No 30 : Kristen Stewart

I never wanted to be the center of attention even though both parents work behind the camera. Talk about, but her career has-8 accidentally.Now began at the age you can not ignore the role of Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga.

Height: 5’5’’
Industry: Film Actress
Nationality: American
Results: 133,000,000
DOB: 9th  April, 1990

No 29. Betty White

She won a Grammy Award for her acting performances of six Emmy Awards and is. The remarkable thing about this award is an honor to receive an Emmy Award the only female comedian comedian type. He regularly appeared in the game and the match is. Comics, as a TV personality to book a place in the 50 most popular women on the web list, singing and writing skills as a writer.

Height: 5’5’’
Industry: Film Actress, Comedian
Nationality: American
Results: 90,100,000
DOB: 17th  January, 1922

No 28 : Pamela Anderson

The most popular Canadian actress, activist, fashion model, producer and a former show girl. In 1990, Playboy was chosen as a Playmate of the Month magazine. Pamela is both American and Canadian citizenship.

Height: 5’7’’
Industry: Film
Nationality: Canadian
Results: 107,000,000
DOB: 1st July, 1967

No 27 : Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys, whose first album titled “A modest songs” the best year of sales in 2001. The new R & B artist award, he also played the number of guest roles in TV series the receiver is an American singer and songwriter. The remarkable thing about the keys “He has won numerous awards throughout his career numbers.

Height: 5’9’’
Industry: Music, Film
Nationality: American
Results: 83,900,000
DOB: 25th January,1981

No 26 : Jessica Alba

Jessica began his career at age 13. Television and film industry has gained popularity through her performance in the television series “Dark Angel”. The popular anime films, including Fantastic Four, honey and Good Luck Chuck. A number of industry on the Hot 100 of a sex symbol and Maxim magazine. This is one of the main factors brought into the top 50 women in the list on the Internet.

Height: 5’7’’
Industry: Film and Television actress
Nationality: American
Results: 201,000
DOB: 28th April, 1981

No 25 : Christina Aguilera

Before he made a deal with RCA, he has appeared in many television shows as a child artist. Christina first 3 studio albums and has achieved international success with songs have been hot, some US Billboard Top of the songs. This familiarity will be made to list the 50 most popular women on the web.

Height: 5’2’’
Industry: Music – singer , song writer
Nationality: Ecuadorian
Results: 81,800,000
DOB: 18th December, 1980

No 24 : Sandra Bullock

Network, time to kill, some of the speed movies of Sandra Rose, whom it. His father worked as a voice coach and mother was an opera singer. Sandra 2012 edition of the Guinness record for most has been listed as an actress. Mainly “increased for the blind slides and proposed commercial success and fame to the 50 most popular women on the web.

Height: 5’7’’
Industry: Film – Actress & Film producer
Nationality: American
Results: 35,300,000
DOB: 26th July, 1964

No 23 : kim kardashian

He earned one of the highest paid reality show star. It is estimated that this alone shows income as $ 6 million / year. She is a fashion designer, television personality, actress and socialite. After receiving 72 days followed by her first marriage to divorce, he is now involved in a relationship KAYNE West. Her reality show that rose to prominence is “keeping up with the Kardashians”.

Height: 5’3’’
Industry: Film – Actress
Nationality: American
Results: 315,000,000
DOB: 21st October, 1980

No 22 : Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s real name Katheryn Elizabeth. You might have known his name as a popular singer and actress. But you know what? He is also one of the most successful entrepreneurs. Kate Perry is the first studio album by the increasing popularity of “one of the boys”. Her 2nd studio album “Teenage Dream” Hot in many countries, has topped the album charts hot. He has received numerous valuable awards and nominations to the sudden Billboard hits. Now it has sold more albums worldwide than11million This is why we are talking about the 50 most popular women on the web.

Height: 5’8’’
Industry: Music – Song writer & Singer
Nationality: American
Results: 343,000,000
DOB: 25th October, 1984

No 21 : Michelle Obama

It has been included in the list of top 50 women can be thought of yourself as to why the Internet in the name of Michelle Obama. If you think our president as Barack Obama is not the only reason for his fame. He is also a successful lawyer and journalist.

Height: 5’11’’
Industry: Lawyer
Nationality: American
Results: 507,000,000
DOB: 17th January, 1964

No 20 : Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay began his career at his young age. How did you first know that you may wonder. They “parent trap” and Freaky Friday (Disney remake) 3. The age of motion pictures began her modeling career was a box office hit.

Height: 5’5’’
Industry: Film, Modeling, Recording Artist
Nationality: American
Results: 168,000,000
DOB: 2nd July, 1986

No 19 : Jessica Simpson

Next in our list of the 50 most popular women on the web is Jessica Simpson. Jessica is a fashion designer, recording artist and television personality. I love you forever in your album rose to prominence through the 5th position on the Billboard Hot 100 peaking.

Height: 5’3’’
Industry: Music, Film- Actress
Nationality: American
Results: 112,000,000
DOB: 10th July, 1980

No 18 : Sarah Palin


Besides being a politician, being entitled Sarah has been raised to fame on the wicked. More than 2 million copies were sold worldwide. The TV show Sarah Palin’s Alaska, the focus of nearly 5 million viewers.

Height: 5’5’’
Industry: Politician, Author
Nationality: American
Results: 86,300,000
DOB: 11th February, 1964

No 17: Mariah Carey

In 1990, (Columbia Records) Tommy Mottola is Kerry’s support is first received her very first self-titled multi-platinum certifications in the United States. After getting married to Mottola, she consistently successful albums passions, the Christmas music box.

Height: 5’9’’
Industry: Music- singer & song Writer, Actress
Nationality: American
Results: 119,000,000
DOB: 27th March, 1970

No 16 : Jennifer Lopez

The world famous dancer Jannifer Lopez began her career after starring in a small role in the film “my little girl”. The albums J- Lo, including from the Como Ama Una Mujer, remix. Lopez has established its name in the music and film industries in the last 4 consecutive years of being one of the most important.

Height: 5’5’’
Industry: Dancer, Singer & Actress
Nationality: American
Results: 234,000,000
DOB: 24th July, 1969

No 15 : Megan Fox

Television and film career began in 2001 with a minor role in the industry. Transformers brought to the role. He is considered as one of the most modern sex symbols today.

Height: 5’4’’
Industry: Model & Actress
Nationality: American
Results: 169,000,000
DOB: 16th May, 1986

No 14 : Oprah Winfrey

They talk show “Oprah Winfrey Show” has received more than one award, which rose to fame through. He is the only African-American black billionaire. He was in school, he worked part-time as a radio jockey and TV show host. A producer, TV show host and on its reputation as the most popular actress in women over 50 is raised to the 14th place.

Height: 5’7’’
Industry: Talk show host
Nationality: American
Results: 59,300,000
DOB: 29th Jan, 1954

No 13 : Angelina Jolie

Year 3 as Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award to actress Angelina Jolie paid in 2011. Most of 2009 has received the Forbes declared. He is a film director, actor and screen writer.

Height: 5’7’’
Industry: Film
Nationality: American
Results: 752,000,000
DOB: 4th June, 1975

No 12 : Taylor swift

Sony’s publishing house, this is the youngest songwriter ever find services. Swift rise to fame through her singles “you belong with me love story”. Written by Swift songs are based on experiences of young adults and get the old. He has sold over 26 million albums worldwide.

Height: 5’10’’
Industry: Film
Nationality: Music – singer and song writer
Results: 465,000,000
DOB: 13th June, 1989

No 11.Shakira

In the women’s list of the top 50 on the Internet, Shakira takes 11th position with its irresistible dancing and singing skills. Although the initial 2 studio albums have reached the poor, “Laundry Service” was named album of the 3rd tremendously hit the US market. The song of Shakira World Cup 2010 FIFA World Cup in the history of the “Waka Waka” has been the best-selling World Cup song ever.

Height: 5’2’’
Industry: Music – singer, song writer and dancer
Nationality: Colombian
Results: 162,000,000
DOB: 2nd Feb, 1977

No 10 : Avril Lavigne


15 years old, beautiful AVRIL news appeared LED sign 2 records of $ 2 million on stage for the first time. However, her next album “Let Go” rose to prominence. Worldwide she has sold more than 30 million albums. The most AVRIL singles and albums on Billboard, US 100 peaked and it is made to be the best women’s list of the top 50 Internet.

Height: 5’1’’
Industry: Music – singer, song writer
Nationality: Canadian
Results: 114,000,000
DOB: 27th September, 1984

No 9 : Paris Hilton

If you have heard of the Hilton Hotel, may guess her personality as you do.

Yes, she is an heiress of Conrad Hilton, television personality, actress, model and entrepreneur. Forbes magazine listed as the 100th hottest women of all time.

Height: 5’8’’
Industry: Film, Entrepreneur
Nationality: American
Results: 140,000,000
DOB: 17th February, 1981

No 8 : Miley Cyrus

She is a singer, songwriter and actress. The “Hannah Montana The reputation by taking Miley Stewart’s character in the series,” he began his career in the first physician in the series. Later in 2006, he began to record download for the 1st season of the series “soundtrack”. Many of his singles topped the US Billboard Hot 200. Up to now, he has released 3 studio albums and expected to continue into next year.

Height: 5’5’’
Industry: Music, Film
Nationality: American
Results: 279,000,000
DOB: 23rd November, 1992

No 7: Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Ray’s real name, which is one of the most popular American songwriter and singer Elizabeth Woolridge topple. The first single name was a massive hit in YouTube with over 20 million video views across the world “.

Height: 5’7’’
Industry: Music
Nationality: American
Results: 101,000,000
DOB: 21st June, 1986

No 6:Britney Spears

Before signing with Jive Records, Britney Spears performed acting roles in stage productions and television shows performance. His albums “Oops! Once again & Baby” has been an international success. Her single “Scream and Shout” topped the charts in more than 24 countries.

Height: 5’4’’
Industry: Music, Recording artists
Nationality: American
Results: 163,000,000
DOB: 2 December, 1981

No 5 : Rihanna

Rihana is a recording artist, model and actress. He started his career at 16 years old, loves the sun and the music studio albums TI & girl like me with some other artists like Eminem on the Billboard Hot 100. It peaked Cooperation (the lie ) made it to reveal a massive hit list of 50 women worldwide and on the Internet

Height: 5’8’’
Industry: Music-Recording artists, Actress
Nationality: Bajan
Results 105,000,000
DOB: 20th Feb, 1988

No 4 : Beyonce

Beyonce, a singer, actress and song writer. Although he made to be a prominent figure to sign the agreement with several dance and take part in the singing, in the late 1990s R & B. B’day dangerous, and took her to his solo albums worldwide fame.

Height: 5’7’’
Industry: Music – Singer & Dancer
Nationality: American
Results: 286,000,000ime
DOB: 4th September, 1984

No 3 : Madonna

Madona is a songwriter, actress, dancer and entrepreneur. 4 minutes, hung up, frozen, some of his singles like a virgin Billboard Hot 100. She was the best female recording artists “of all Time” topped have been.

Height: 5’4’’
Industry: Music – Singer & Dancer, Entrepreneur.
Nationality: American
Results: 45,800,000
DOB: 16th August, 1958

No 2 : Kesha

Kesha Rose’s full name Kesha Sebert Persia. He is one of the most popular rapper and singer. He came in through the commercial breakthrough release of her first single “Right Round” Although I started my career at 18 years old. Her other successful albums include “TIK Tok”, “animal” , and the “we R V is R”.

Height: 5’4’’
Industry: Music – Singer & Dancer, Entrepreneur.
Nationality: American
Results: 9,170,000
DOB: 1st March, 1987

No 1: Lady Gaga

Top 50 most popular women on the web “is Joanne Angelina Germanotta” in Stefani. Do not confuse yourself. This is the real name of Lady Gaga. He is a songwriter, singer, dancer, recording artist and actress. He is known by its extraordinary and diverse contributions to improving the music industry.

Height: 5’2’’
Industry: Music – Singer & Dancer, Fashion designer, Entrepreneur.
Nationality: American
Results: 202,000,000
DOB: 28th March, 1986

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