Top 50 Things To Do In Chicago

Top 50 Things To Do In Chicago

Including sports, gardens, museums, and more of the very best things to do in Chicago. Chicago offers something for everyone. If you’re looking for things to do this weekend in Chicago, I challenge you to choose from millions of choices a bit. In this article, I keep the one you listed above and 50 really cool things more fun for your family. The famous tourist destination that offers everything you could use this post as leader.

50 Top Things To Do In Chicago

1. Art Institute Of Chicago

If you’re looking for free things to do in Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago is a place you can consider. They allow visitors free of cost every Thursday evening (from 5pm to 8pm). Eva Hesse magnificent Beaux Arts building all day, something to enjoy, including David Hockney, Ellsworth Kelly and works by Eva Hesse. The Thorne Miniature Rooms to host exhibition of interior design and furniture in the 17th and 20th centuries, the United States and Europe. Museum lectures, including serious films and special offers.

2. Archicenter

Archicenter is an important place to look for those who are interested in learning more about Chicago architecture. No entrance fee is about 7days a week. Entry opens to the public from 9 am to 5 pm rotating exhibits allow you to discover the latest innovative design and architecture in the city model. “You’ve known permanent display here” Archicenter.

3. Architecture River Cruise

CAF (Chicago Architecture Foundation) Architecture River Cruise and visit the building has created art # 1 in Chicago. This tour enables you to see buildings of the popular city to discover the history of the Chicago skyline and a sail 60 minutes.

4. Alder Planetarium


At the end of this week visiting the Alder Planetarium in a list of the best things to do in Chicago. The host galaxy wallpaper, which allows you to get the whole view of the planetarium visitors along the Milky Way. Alder Planetarium place where we have the strength to look at the heavens. It offers immerse the show with full-size theaters such as Grainger Sky Theater, Definiti theater and Samuel C. Johnson family 3 Star Theater.

5. Buckingham Fountain

Located in the heart of Chicago’s historic Grant Park. Buckingham Fountain is one of the largest springs in the world. Spring Lake is designed to represent Michigan. Totally, more than 1500000 water fountain includes gallon and 200 jets. It is best when the 10 o’clock this fountain spouting jets to enjoy music and light display attracts.

6. Barnes And Nobles

Barnes and Nobles perfect place to enjoy with family. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday every week there is a free story hour for children. In some special event days, you may have the opportunity to catch children’s story characters.

7. Brunk Children’s Museum Of Immigration

If you want to make your kids to know about the stories of refugees, the immigration Brunk Children’s Museum is the perfect place for you. Exhibitions are placed in the Swedish American Museum. Both museums do not charge an admission fee 2nd Tuesday of every month.

8. Center For Intuitive And Outside Art

To offer you the place that a lot of things if you want to enjoy the arts and self-taught visionary artist works Cost You Free “intuitive and Center for the Arts”. Museum holds rich spiritual drawings of rural African American, isolated, mentally ill or compulsive insight.

9. Chicago Cultural Center

Every year, you literacy, visual and program of events at the Chicago Cultural Center to enjoy the performing arts. If you’re looking for cool things to do in Chicago? Chicago Cultural Center and various literacy programs integrated with the musicians who performed at Chicago’s Myra Hess Concert Series, including something to offer.

10. Chicago Children’s Museum

Chicago Children’s Museum, sited family fun Navy Pier offers 3 floors of luxury. Waterways exhibit teaches about your boat navigation. Similarly Inventing Lab has much to learn from the exhibit. Museum For children under 15 years old free entrance Monday of every month on the 1st. They also offer free admission for families on 5 PM every Thursday until 8 pm.

11. Chicago Greeter Program

If you want to learn many things about the ins and outs of the city of Chicago, the Chicago Greeter program of free walking tour is the best deal profession. This deal offers 2 to 4 hour walking tour and the tour can be customized based on tourist attractions.

12. Chicago Public Library

Chicago Public Library, visitors can enjoy the events and exhibitions, with no admission fee. Years, “Money Smart Week” – gives you a chance to learn how to deal with finance officials.

13. Chicago History Museum

Chicago History Museum is presenting an attractive model & fortune trove of documents about Chicago’s past. Here visitors can get around 22 million sets. This museum houses a collection of 18th-century customs.

14. Chicago Botanic Garden

If you want to have a break from urban life of the city? The rate then plan your weekend trip to Chicago Botanic Garden. The garden serves as a home to collect the various types of plant, 200 bird species and sculpture. During the summer and spring, you can enjoy a set from 8 am to sunset for free.

15. City Gallery

The old water tower is now used as a venue for local photographers to showcase their work. “No ketchup, photos Chicago hot dog stands” and “connecting Chicago Fashion Photography” two famous past exhibitions. It is noteworthy that among all the things to do in Chicago.

16. CityPass

If you want one of the best in the cool things to do in Chicago CityPass, visit the major attractions in town at half the price. Restaurant, bar, including the selection of neighborhoods for shopping and traveling.

17. DePaul University Art Museum

It holds a diversified vision of the museum’s permanent collection of several special exhibitions. Remember that all free of cost. The Eugene Atget and Berenice Abbott exhibition of works by the famous photographic exhibitions at the museum.

18.Dusable Museum Of African American History

This, this weekend DuSable Museum of African American history one of the best free thing to do in Chicago (from noon to 5 pm) offers free entry to the public every Sunday. Theatrical productions, talks have 450 seats in the museum, and much to offer for everyone including lectures. It also hosts exhibits on the civil rights movement.

19.The Field Museum

Field Museum offers all the space T.Rex fossil world. Ancient Americas exhibition, the field is no other place than a museum. Since it is no admission for selected series throughout the year, who are looking for free things to do in Chicago is one of the best places for them. The case is remarkable things to see in the museum field. The highest in the world, as well as the best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex’s largest with.

20. Free Street Theater

Free Street Theater was founded in 1969 and is one of the 1st art organization committed to the Chicago arts community. Theater began connecting the arts to motivate social change in the community.

21. Garfield Park Conservatory


Garfield Park Conservatory of beekeeping demonstrations, including children’s garden and wonderful animal sculptures. This expanded every year with thousands of plants Garfield Park. Conservatory is often referred to as “landscape art under glass.” Story reading and a lot of free family fun events including hunting scavenger.

22. Hard Rock Cafe

Dinner, Rock Ambassador Hard Rock Cafe is one of the cool things to do in Chicago. Here you can taste the dishes including the famous barbeque chicken, ribs, and steaks, salads, desserts, sandwiches and burgers. The restaurant’s walls are decorated with Elvis, Kiss, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and more than excellent compilation of rock memorabilia together with minor artifacts.

23. Historic Hyde Park & Kenwood Mansion Tour

Historic Hyde Park & Kenwood Mansion Tour in 4 hours, covers a distance of 24 miles and is a perfect trip for riders. Hide Park hosted Jackson Park, Science and Industry, Japanese Gardens and Museum. Visit the University of Chicago campus, nuclear sculpture and will ride through the Robie House. Ride Mohammad Ali, including some famous residents, including Louis Farrakhan in Chicago and President Barack Obama.

24. Jane Addams Hull House

1st settlement in US homes, Jane Addams founded Hull House in 1889 by Jane Addams. Museum of furniture, paintings house serves as a compilation of pottery. You do not have to pay a dime for any program.

25. John Hancock Observatory

John Hancock Observatory is located in the center of the city’s tourist district. John Hancock Observatory on the wall reflects the history of the 80-foot Chicago. Until it closes at 11 is one of the best things ever to do open-air skywalk Chicago. Multimedia tour attract more visitors to the sky. John Hancock Observatory is the 3rd tallest building of the city and it offers attractive panoramic views of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan.

26. Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park is Chicago’s most beloved treasure with dozens of zoo species. Here the visitor can enjoy a furry friend to the zoo in their natural environment. The zoo is open from 10 am to noon and after 5 time can change the course of the winter season and national holidays.

27. The Magnificent Mile

Magnificent Mile shopping area is stunning, luxury hotels and many act as the host for top-notch eateries. This allows the wine shop with Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, like giant Marks and brand name stores.

28. Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

This theatrical sword fighting, eating family style and that of the Middle Ages. What about parents who work off Dinner and Tournament Medieval and Chicago to go to school is one of the things. Orchestra programs, some of the nursery children and music events highlight lesions group lessons.

29. Museum Of Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art Museum is the place that exhibits many popular works. Alexander Calder’s work is in the permanent collection. There is no admission fee for tourists visiting the museum on Tuesday.

30. Museum Of Contemporary Photography

To set up to inspect the energetic emerging artists as well as works from the Museum of Contemporary Photography is the place you should visit. It’s free for tourists. “Democracy evidence” by Paul Shambroom and “space transportation,” Booker & more by Andrea Robbins and attractions of the exhibition.

31. Millennium Park

Millennium Park, architecture, music, art and design integrated into the landscape. This 9.9 hectare sanctuary is located in downtown Chicago. The jazz and music programs without borders takes place throughout the year, no admission fee.

32. Museum Of Science And Industry

Is one of the largest science centers, science and industry museum in the Western Hemisphere at the end of the week can not be missed when talking about the cool things to do in Chicago. It offers visitors to touch and interact with the 1st exhibition of the Museum of North America. It also includes a free admission days. Museum admission fee depends on exhibition and visitor’s age.

33. Navy Pier

These parks, restaurants, gardens, museums, stages, Chicago’s landmark shopping and engaging exercise. Among the attractions that charge admission fees, attractions do not offer free admission. It is a time that we talk about free things to do in Chicago, Navy Pier can not be missed. Many people like to walk around the pier cost nothing.

34. National Museum Of Mexican Art

Visit the museum at the end of this week is one of the best free things to do in Chicago, among others. Admission to the museum is always free. National Museum of Mexican Art is one of the largest organizations are dedicated to Latino arts. It is the existence of what the museum Ester Hernandez holds everything from folk art.

35. National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum

In the country and possibly, in the world, it’s hard to find the best museums like the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum. NVVAM museum is full of art that express the human experience captured. The museum’s main mission is to encourage collection and encourage visitors with a greater understanding of the effects of war through the exhibition of art made by veterans.

36. Oriental Institute Museum

If you visit the Oriental Institute Museum in Chicago about life in Western civilization free of cost, you can get a chance to learn. Galleries holding samples from Persian, Mesopotamian and Egyptian communities in the museum.

37. Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

Roof garden (about 1579 square meters of space) Peggy Notebaert Nature allow visitors to learn about energy-saving technologies in the museum. Here, in the greenhouse can walk among rare species of colorful butterflies. You can save money since there is no admission fee Thursday, Thursday visited the museum.

38. Potbelly Sandwich Shop

There is a fair price for Potbelly Sandwich Shop Sandwich Shop. Various cafe shop style menu includes sandwiches, thin size to large size. The sandwich menu, soup, milkshakes & smoothies and salads of features. Chips, contains the best offer for salads and cookies, large group customers (6 or more members) that “Box O ‘offer of a sandwich named”.

39. Ravinia Festival

Ravinia is known enjoyable recreation area in Chicago. This is the perfect place for those who like music. Here you can enjoy the music played by jazz, blues, rap or classical.

40. Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s

This is the best place for their children’s treatment without affecting your wallet. Here’s historic 1950 and holds a rock and roll exhibition and decoration period of 1960. You can have 2nd floor escalator. Spot food service 24/7.

41. Second City

The second city is a lively comedy club located in West Chicago History Museum. Now the city includes several training centers and a theater. Top jokesters John Candy in another city, Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Bill Murray and Stephen Colbert.

42. Shakespeare Project Of Chicago

If you are a passionate Shakespeare performance, you should visit Chicago Shakespeare project in the city. This place is a quality place for Shakespeare’s plays, the most famous performances of the Oscar Importance of Being Earnest by Macbeth Wild and 50 minutes.

43. Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium is the most popular cultural attraction, as well as the most visited in Chicago. Almost more than 2 million visitors each year visit the Shedd Aquarium. Here you can come across 1,500 species. Divers feed sharks, sea turtles and enjoy watching more than 32500 marine animals. This includes the Polar Play Zone has attracted many children. Discount days, it allows guests to enjoy free of charge.

44. Six Flag Great America

Chicago version of the amusement park Six Flags Great America. Shows features in the park, including rides, several attractions and entertainment. Food in the park and enjoy the ride is one of the cool things to do in Chicago. Candy Visitors can enjoy shopping for clothes and gifts.

45. Smart Museum

Smart Museum of ancient Chinese artifacts includes more than 10,000 objects from the permanent collection that ranges from the works of Henri Matisse and Francisco Goya. There is no entrance fee to the public.

46. Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park

Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park is one of the most important tourist attractions free to Chicago. Pink painted steel horse and bike Giant red ghosts are remarkable things in the park. Combines 2 miles of Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park & unique modern contemporary sculpture in Chicago routes.

47. Skydeck Chicago

Western Hemisphere that beckons’ tallest building offers stunning views of Chicago. Willis Tower Skydeck is located on top of Chicago and attracts more than 1.3 million visitors each year to the observation deck at the 103rd floor. It takes incredible 412.4 meters from street level.

48.Summer Dance Festival

The famous annual summer dance festival in Chicago during the 11 weeks per year. Dance classes include funk, jazz, ballroom and Latin. This festival offers one-hour dance lesson before the dance with live music.

49.Union Station

Union Station is a historic landmark of Chicago. During 1940, over 300 trains arrive and depart daily at Union Station. 100 thousand passengers passed with an average terminal stations for arrival and departure.

50. Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field in Chicago, the United States and serves as a baseball venue. Since 1016, Wrigley Field has served as the Chicago Cubs’ home ballpark. Mr. Cub famous phrase, commonly known as Wrigley Field on friendly terms.

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