Top 5 Popular Heartthrobs Who Came Out As Gay

Top 5 Popular Heartthrobs Who Came Out As Gay

The private lives of the stars do their best not to hide but to somehow or other it backfires. With cameras tracking his every move, it’s hard to keep their “intimate” details of the promotion. The film industry is a relationship, break, and things seem very simple, but a star, but homosexuals becomes a place that shocks most people. After months or years of hiding, Celebrities realized right in exposing their sexual preferences. So, if you’re ready to see the five popular gay heartthrobs? Have a look.

1. Colton Haynes

Colton is that they are exposed and openly admits he is feeling better after a lesbian is claimed. Out magazine, “Arrow” and “during an interview with Teen Wolf” beautiful 27-year-old star reveals that he is facing a lot of emotional challenges with their sexuality in recent years.

He says, “I had to lie for so long I feel bad. But I was going to be successful only was told was the same way.” “The young in the industry, they benefit from lift, and they really know that you’re going to tell your dreams come true. if you believe, you will do anything. ”

Andale statement from Colton, Kansas (a place in his hometown) “You can not have gay sex.” As soon as they open about their sexuality to family and friends, her parents were devastated. He ran away from home for 3 weeks. When he came to know that his father had committed suicide was living with one of my friends.

2. John Travolta

Travolta has not fully admitted that suggest that she do something or lesbian, but evidence strongly. I personally always wanted to pilot a book, writing that highlight their intimate, long relationship, but I stopped him. However, recently, a judge revealed the story can not stop it, if it is true. Therefore, we can expect more details soon. Also known as “former” pilot, there were some other serious charges. A former employee of the Royal Caribbean in 2009. John came to him during a trip to the police aggressively, there were many recorded cases of death in men in the gym.

3. Jim Parsons

The “Big Bang Theory” this time were shocked to learn that Jim had for many years, was a great fan gay. In 2012 he openly came out for the New York Times announced that she was in a relationship for ten years with Todd Spiewak. The people at the gym is not much talk about it, it still seems to surprise people when they hear about it.

4. Neil Patrick Harris

This time when she faced Neil Patrick rampant gossip about his sexuality when I was introduced to the popular Playboy Met Your Mother character Barney Stinson. However, Harris came out in the end open and said, “The public eye has always been kind to me, and recently I have been able to live a pretty normal life. Now it’s speculation and I privacy seems to have no interest in life and relationships. “Although he had millions and millions of women around the world for its collapse, he was happy as a gay. After ten years of dating, married David Burtka (actor) Nail 2014.

5. Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan was standing behind the women. He was gay in real life when it was revealed that, however, it was very disappointing. The bad news was that it was leaked by accident. This popular TV show Julianne Hough (Dancer) unintentionally Jonathan was gay when opened “during an episode of Dancing” with the Stars, was not announced yet, like his sex to the public, Although.

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