Top 21 Types of Ear Piercings can not remember

Top 21 Types of Ear Piercings can not remember

Today, it is not difficult to see people walking around with many types of Ear Piercings around you. We are living in a desire to self-stand out from its position and remove. When there is not enough to satisfy her desires fully clothed, other trends are increasingly exposed to it. He started with shoes, bag, necklace or bracelet then spread to the luxury jewelry, and nowadays it is common Ear Piercings are most popular with body piercings.

From outside Celebrities get solid in a special award ceremonies, get to 2016, for example, Grammys, the Selena Gomez (dressed took home honors the best red carpet), Elegant Ariana Grande or whacky but a couple of lady Gaga to perfect their clothes earrings can not match.


Not only celebrities but also common, usually young people would like to Deutsche Piercings. Also used to make themselves more beautiful or cooler, for other reasons such as, there are also:

Trend and Style:Ear piercing is probably the most easy to keep up with trends and styles. No, I want myself to be out of fashion?

Self-expressionEar piercing because people like to express themselves after him. They will make these kinds of Ear Piercings, they want to show their sense of personal tastes, feelings or beliefs of others.

Culture:Some regions have a tradition in the ear piercing just because these countries. Families generally 0-3 years of age ear piercing for children ages because it is believed that the ear piercing a girl’s menstrual period hysteria and get rid of other illnesses or maintain in India, regularly maintained it helps keep the flow of electric current in the human body.

There are many types of ear piercing are people who want to get. Now read Lifestyle 9 List!

  1. Standard Lobe Piercing

This is the most original type of ear piercing. So you have moderated from the second part of the ear lobe when they suffer less pain or ear piercing. This is why, it is suitable for any type of pain and the fear some girls when they were a child that already had. It’s easy if you use silver, gold or diamond earrings make it glamorous but lack of beauty. However, by turning it into some kind of order or out-break of beautiful earrings, it is also suitable for naughty people.



  1. Double Piercing

This is just like its name. It is a standard practice in the same position and has the most piercing in the same ear lobe piercings that involve two specific. People adorn beautiful slips, rings or the same or different sizes with upper lobe piercing standard with some kind of Bali. It’s very popular, so it can double style because less or no pain.


  1. Helix Piercing

The 90s or early 2000s, known as helix piercing and metalhead rock star style, very popular. Helix piercing is usually done above the ear and out the part. The company piercing like and arranged in a symmetrical manner. Helix pain, depending on which is trying to put additional pressure on the cartilage pierced. And a small feeling upset when the jewelry is placed in the hole. It usually takes about 6-8 months, depending on each person’s body to heal.



  1. Forward Helix Piercing

This type, like Helix Piercing the upper ear, but it is also positioned in the inner part. Pain is also exerted additional pressure seems to depend cartilage pierced long time to heal. This is usually called “triple helix with the” sometimes accompanied by other three holes.

  1. Industrial Piercing

This type of two helix changes and has become very popular among young people due to their cool and stylish look. The upper part of the ear is carried out by punching two holes, both inside and out. The two holes are connected by a jewelry.


  1. Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing 2005. This kind of “Tragus” ear, the tragus of the ear is a small flap of cartilage which became popular in the search for greater lobe is after. It is very painful because this part is thick and fleshy. Tragus piercing is not normal, then it probably was not as easily infected and goes into the right idea. But look at the positive, you have to adorn with beautiful jewelry, it is absolutely stunning.

  1. Anti-tragus Piercing

This tragus is that there is some sort of performing the piercing Tragus neighbors. The tragus, anti-tragus is called the outer side of the ear that lies opposite. Piercing Tragus piercing is up less than the hit-and still needs a lot of care. This is a completely unique and attractive is a good idea for people who love body piercings.


  1. Rook Piercing

This type of piercing is TECHNIC and a very unique one that required great precision. The holes on the upper inner ear is by perforating the most painful and difficult kind. The entrance and exit holes in stretching are also some problems for the cartilage. Takes a lot of time to recover Rook piercing and care have to be an aid to the wear and jewelery. But those who have passion for ear piercing, is worth it.

  1. Daith Piercing

A ring in which it is (or curved barbells and ball closures) ear ‘is used by the internal cartilage fold, piercing means passing through the inner cartilage. However, as Daith piercing look and annoyably irritative which is not as painful as the problem is not because of the Tragus piercing is quite different from this, but this position. However, the thin-wired to do harm to other parts of the ear is a condition of jewelry that is needed.


  1. Conch Piercing

Ear cartilage piercing conch is the color perfectly, so sorry. Interior and exterior: there are two kinds of conch piercings. Inner conch piercing is more popular outside. Captive Bead Rings, as regards the choice of Circular Barbells, labret studs of Jewelry has a lot of it. This is your first jewelry as an important thing in the process of your healing should be carefully picked.

  1. Auricle Piercing

It is a hole in the middle of the outer rim of your ear. Because it is there, the nerves, where it becomes more painful than others. Anyway, I still like a lot of people when all this newfangled mixing and perfect aspect with an upper lobe.


  1. Graduate Lobe Piercing

This hole in the lower lobe and gradually style is a combination of at least three piercings to go up. It is best if you use the same design earrings, which fit together everywhere on the lobe. And then you will die among the crowd with a hoop Little beautiful piercings.


  1. Transverse Lobe Piercing

Tired of the same old piercings? You should try it once. With this, you are at an angle to horizontally penetrate and pass through Perforations both a piece of jewelry. Help balance you to be more eye-catching than the others, but unless you are generally at least twice a day using saline to clean your earlobe, it is affected.

An iron is generally transverse lobe piercing jewelry and of course it will become one of the best for you.

Moreover, there are lot of interesting combinations to choose.
  1. The Tragus and The Triple Lobe Piercing
Rook and Tragus Piercing
Tragus with Forward Helix Piercing
Industrial with Double Piercing
Daith and Helix Piercing
Tragus with Conch and Triple Helix Piercing
Rook and Helix connecting with Triple Lobe Piercing

Of course, the above types are different with those who have a lot of types of ear piercings. It all depends on your inspiration for your own types d and creativities. So, feel free to choose the appropriate one to change and do not expect you will shine bright with her.

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