Top 16 Most Expensive Cell Phones For Rich And Lavish Tycoons

Top 16 Most Expensive Cell Phones For Rich And Lavish Tycoons

Specific times and normal places where we have to prove we are better than the royalty we wish everyone in the room so you can create an image. Up until now, was set up with a symbol that by luxury Italian sports cars, luxurious house, watches, expensive laptops and the owner of the cover of a shiny set of Bejeweled tooth. Today, you can prove it with a 7 digits most expensive cell phones that come with a hefty price tag.

We are more than the world as they are associated with anything from your cell phone turned into an indispensable in our modern life. If the full requirements of the notice to fill basic communication, I do everything they can to our computer. No wonder, this is how cell phones that have turned into icons. Although you can get some money for themselves, there is a long list plated with gold and other precious jewels most expensive cell phones. Here is a list of 17 luxury cell phones to show your loyalty.

No 16 :Ulysse Nardin Chairman 2

Designed by Swiss watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin, smartphone made its chairman sapphire crystal which comes with a 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen. His back is designed with a special mechanical clock. Technically, this kinetic rotor system (the most expensive part) is such a watch as an alternative power source. This system is directly inherited from the wrist watches.

2 Report of the Chairman sheet ginger beard and Android OS, 8 MP camera and 32 GB of internal storage. It features the most advanced connectivity options.

Price : $49,500

 No 15 : Vertu Signature Diamond

Designed by Vertu (the luxury brand Nokia), it has to be covered completely with the Vertu Signature Diamond 7.2 / cell on average 923 hours of expensive stone. Although it is expensive fashion cell phone feature set is not so impressive, you want to highlight their unique style to the world that is perfect for both men and women. Vertu mainly takes the opposite approach makes all the other handset. Instead, they choose to make it affordable to create always expensive pieces. Vertu handsets also lie in the price range of $ 5,100 to $ 350,000.

You think you are buying a new James Bond-like technology with it? One does not. Recently, Vertu has incorporated the most basic Bluetooth connectivity for cell phones. Makes Vertu Signature Diamond is also a position on the list of most expensive cell phones that things will not be the “precious metals and fine jewels”.

After buying the pricy cell phone you are subscribing to the most elite & elusive communities of the world. Is not that cool?

Price : $88,300

No 14 : Nokia 8800 Arte With Pink Diamonds

Is a famous Austrian jeweler is made of white gold with design, more expensive cell phone quality 18K 680 white and pink diamonds by Peter Aloisson.

This report 2-inch scratch-proof display, 3.15 MP camera, 3G connectivity, T9 predictive text input, 240 X 320 pixels, 16 million colors with 1 GB, expandable memory, Bluetooth 2.0 of the specification, Flash USB and 3G Connectivity includes

Price : $134,000

No 13 : Blackberry Porsche Design

Designed by Porsche, this Blackberry phone is made of stainless steel bottom of the ordinary plastic. Designed with the battery cover wraps the leather, QWERTY keyboard metal, only to catch the eye of one of them on the screen is placed under the most expensive cell phone behind the navigation buttons.

The report in the sheet BlackBerry 7.0 operating system, 768 MB RAM, internal memory of 8 GB is expandable to include up to 32 GB microSD to, 5MP camera image stabilization, geo-tagging, face detection and a range of features a. BlackBerry Porsche “is powered by Snapdragon MSM8655 processor” Qualcomm’s on at 1.2GHz. You are more similar to the messenger will receive a premium pin Specs other BB phones except here.

Price : $139,000

No 12 : iPhone Princess Plus

Australian Peter Goldsmith that you Luxed, insatiable taste the iPhone Princess Plus as overflow from Aloisson which was released exclusively for the most expensive cell phone. Gold also comes with the exclusive iPhone Brilliant cut diamonds and 180 normal Where the name came from additional 138 princess-cut diamonds. 17.75 – it weighs anywhere between 16.50. IPhone Princess Plus feature set is hardly any difference from all other phones.

Price : $176,400

No 11 : BlackDiamond VIPN Smartphone

One of the 13th hits the expensive mobile phone list, BlackDiamond VIPN smartphone. Designed by Goh of Jaren, mirror Sony Ericson Black Diamond polycarbonate, organic LED technology features and mirror details. After the Sony, it goes without saying that no one can beat the results screen. This 2 diamond expensive cell phone is designed with the same navigation buttons on the back of the phone is embedded in the other.

Price : $300,000     

No 10 : Vertu Signature Cobra

Designed by the famous French jeweler, Boucheron, Vertu Signature Cobra 1 of Diamonds, 2 emerald eyes, 1 normal round is made with white diamonds and 439 rubies. The outrageous price tag, also called the Vertu Signature is issued under 20 units. This phone is made of 18 carat gold ceramic technology and high quality, durable 4-fold in comparison to other phones out there. Particular attention Snake design and diamond, which was laced with it.

Price : $310,000

No 9 : Tag Heuer Racer

Tag Heuer is widely known for its luxury brand watches also landed his foot prints in the mobile market. The Legends aeronautic grade titanium, which is made of precious materials including stainless steel and carbon fiber “Tag Heuer Racer” has come up with an expensive cell phone. Tag Heuer Racer has been designed with a shock-proof casing. But that is not the evidence of water. Where it gets really interesting, this luxurious phone is said to feature a 3D interface. Other specs include a 1 GHz processor, 5 MP camera and the latest Android software.

Price : $350,000

No 8 : Vertu Ferrari

Luxury phone maker has designed, expensive cell phone by Vertu sapphire crystal and titanium too. It is also designed with a clock driven by a tachometer. Ferrari engine coating and embossed leather trim also find the name Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari with the Ferrari logo.

Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari also has a mobile phone manufactured by the leading company that specializes in the design of Vertu phones with lace, unique elements. Call a sapphire crystal keypad, a titanium battery cover, and has inspired a tachometer clock. Cavallino Rampante trade mark is imprinted in stainless steel, titanium battery cover.

Running on Symbian operating system, Vertu can be extended to 32 GB through the report Ferrari sheet 5 MP camera, internal memory, microSD including the 8 GB.

Price : $ 374, 000

No 7 : Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

No hits on our list of most expensive cell phones 8 is a traditional luxury handset from Gresso. It weighs 180 grams which is around the luxury phone is made of solid gold and is beautifully decorated with Egyptian black diamonds. 200-year-old African used Backwoods back panel and keyboard is designed with sapphire crystal. Point to note here, are determined to be the most expensive woods in the African Backwoods. So far, only 3 prestigious pieces are sold. Literally, to own one of these, you have to win a jackpot in Las Vegas.

Price : $1 million

No 6 : Diamond Crypto Smart Phone

Famous Diamonds designed by Peter encruster Aloisson, Diamond is made of 50 precious diamonds hidden smartphone. 10 kinds of rare blue diamonds. Authorized by strong encryption technology offers a million dollar phone technical protection threats and kidnappings.

Price : $1.3 million

No 5 : GoldVish Le Million

The famous jewel designer designed by Emmanuel Gheit, click the luxury smartphone most expensive cell phones / mobile phones has the Guinness record. 20 carat VVS1 diamonds makes this beautiful pure white, with 1.3 million mobile pricey 18K gold.

Price : $1/3 million.

No 4 : iPhone 3G Kings Button

The world’s most famous designer Peter made designed by Aloisson, unfriendly budget iPhone 3G Kings Button 18K, yellow, white and rose gold. This phone is encrusted with 138 brilliant cut diamonds.

Price : $2.4 million

No 3 : iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstriker

No 3, in the list of most expensive cell phones for the rich, iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstriker. Designed by Stuart Hughes Goldstriker International, it was not to call ads. Instead, the 3GS Supreme sticker worth $ 3.2 million were made as a private order for an Australian businessman. If you want to, but you get them down so you can remember this expensive piece of gold and diamonds, there remains only the standard iPhone. No additional features.

Here is an expensive part. 53 diamonds and decorated with huge gold bricks, this luxury phone’s home button is replaced with a 7.1 carat diamond which is very rich in materials iPhone 3G Kings Button. Apple Logo Here is the Bejeweled with perfect cut.

Price : $3.2 million

No 2 : iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

Luxury Phone hits as 2nd place in our list, can you guess it? The $ 8,000,000. If you have not read it wrong. Have you read right. It’s only $ 8 million. This is the 2nd most expensive cell phone specially designed for wealthy tycoons. Like that makes this phone more beautiful stone rose gold, platinum and diamond luxury piece is made of precious metals. Credit goes to Stuart Hughes iPhone design.

Price : $8 million

No 1 : iPhone 5 Black Diamond

It is the world’s most expensive cell phone and people can only be reached by anyone’s, and’s or but’s not in his dictionary. If you want to put it, you have to break your wallet with $ 15.3 million dollars.

Designed by Stuart Hughes iPhone 5 are placed around the 600 perfect cut black diamond white design is decorated with diamonds, 32 600 diamonds out of solid gold Apple logo on the back logo. The screen is made of 24 carat gold and sapphire glass. Standard home button is replaced with white diamonds as in all other luxury iPhones

Price : $15.3 Million.

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