Top 12 Star Wars Gifts Your Nerd Will Love

Top 12 Star Wars Gifts Your Nerd Will Love

Star Wars gifts, by people who love the nerds and their buying power thanks to the acceptance of geeky pop culture phenomenon can be found on the Internet and in real life. If you need to get a stupid gift, floating around the Internet, including all the Star Wars Star Wars gifts myriad of unique gift ideas, cool Star Wars presents are listed right here on this list.

1  Death Star Ice Cubes

Price: $4

Well, they actually have more fields than Cuba, but either way, your drink will be a little bad. Dishwasher and freezer safe, and what better way to drink nerdify your game?

2  Light Saber Popsicles

Price: $39.53

If you fool a summer birthday, he or she will need Popsicle forms of lightsaber. Even light!

3  Lightsabers

Price: $10.95
You can not really go wrong with the classic Star Wars toy. Young and old love affair, Slash and clash with a huge range of lightsaber toys on the market. Although there is some force, double-bladed saber to saber classic Vader.

4  R2-D2 Measuring Cups

Price: $28.99
For Baker to love Star Wars, the measuring cup of the cooking and baking will take you to the next level. Everyone needs a little help in the kitchen, as well as R2 may join together!

5 Star Wars: the Complete Saga

Price: $87.44
It’s going to be a wild ride Strap yourself! relive the whole story, all six movies in stunning Blu-ray, back, back. If you are dealing with a true fan, you can get where George Lucas was not allowed to rewrite the memories of loved favorite film series a generation childhood in a world that unedited version let’s see.

6  Adidas Character Themed Kicks


Price: $60-$110
If Star Wars knows how to do one thing (it’s not prequels), it is merchandising. The force is awakened month, the Adidas Darth Vader and C-3PO to adorn your fantastically geeky shoes have also announced a whole line of shoes adapted classic logo prints characters cover.

7  Indoor Flying Radio Controlled Millennium Falcon

Price: $58.99
I dare you to find this Uncool!
Who has not thought of connecting their phone to it for the purpose of the Millennium Falcon flying around the room and / or an epic drone (Falcon).

8  R2-D2 USB 4-Port Hub

Everyone always needs more kicking USB ports (this is a fact). Why not extend their style, R2 manner.







R2-D2 USB Hub

Price: $71.30
9  Jedi Bathrobe

Price: $20.80 – $59.99
Your favorite nerd can dry yourself in style with a bathrobe. When you find the desire for them to wear on the outside from the store, or your parents’ house, Sophie, though you should not be surprised. You have been warned!

10  Star Wars Lego

Each child is loved Lego inside. While most of the Star Wars Lego set will satisfy fool for a few hours, away from that beastly Lego model of the Death Star will blow their receptors fun! If you do not like attention span for your favorite nerd, there are several other options to choose from Lego Star Wars themed.









LEGO Star Wars attack cruiser

Price: $499.49

Lego Star Wars Rankor Pit

Price: $99.95









LEGO Star Wars Millenium Falcon

Price: $6,932.12
11Star Wars themed T-Shirts

  Price: $17.99 – $69.99

You many nerds but also sell T-shirts and some may have felt that you have that makes them better (Popcorn) love any more Star Wars nerd worth their salt tees. The classic graphics sarcastic words, for every idiot there on your shopping list there is a Star Wars TV.

12 Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

Price: $12.49
Now you Luke Skywalker, Star Wars Jabba turned to the master of trivia with the illustrated guide, and Star Wars galaxy could be all of your favorite characters!

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