Top 10 WWE Women Hired For Their Looks (And 8 For Their Talent)

Top 10 WWE Women Hired For Their Looks (And 8 For Their Talent)

To negate the impression that in spite of a revolution Trying desperately to believe in the business for decades boat on women exist primarily to serve as eye candy is made subject fans. The hard work and dedication of a select few superstars wrong Vanguard is well to the right, unfortunately, seem to believe that the old way of some high-level wrestling fans still only one way. The chief WWE CEO Vince McMahon, the day of first impressions at least the services of half of ways to win, he has impressed See how your potential employees in particular or I do not think it is.

McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment within the ranks there, however, does not mean a talented female wrestlers. In fact, nowadays, a woman who was virtually the only kind of approach would consider the services of the most talented female wrestlers on the WWE roster than untrained models, are available. Especially thanks to NXT, WWE Universe will continue to expand rapidly in the expected number of talented women wrestlers in the future, but beautiful women with long ounce, no wrestling skills as possibilities that will hold anything as is in charge of a handful of all, as well.

In an ideal world, WWE Performance Center will reach a point where they can at least a bona fide WWE superstar talented young diva slope. Not quite there yet, though, we have a 50/50 chance of a woman in WWE so for now you’re stuck with a fantastic wrestler or there will be a complete dud. Keep the spectrum of vision by the fall in female company today, and read to discover who are hired for their WWE Superstars 8 of 8 women can actually boat.


Idolizing a young Eddie Guerrero before he was, he would not be satisfied if Sasha banks has become one of the best female wrestlers in a WWE. From the beginning, the goal, is a situation where the boss slowly distinction may soon deserve the most successful by enhancing the importance of women’s wrestling in the WWE to the point. One of the best wrestlers in the world was to be a man or woman does not even need to be pointed out. Banks signing with WWE spent training for several years and in 2012, which point they slowly but surely NXT for the Bombastic and exciting first Chaotic Wrestling and New England champion to become one of the actors Championship Wrestling by. They were growing and mastering boat art when he was called up to the main roster of WWE, the ever women’s match in the main event in the continuing revolution in the boat’s promises Display per WWE pay Hell in a cell 2016. Though banks lost that match, then an error Charlotte, the WWE Women’s Championship at the highest possible high exposure in women’s wrestling match. These similarities are any indication, Sasha, Charlotte, and has anybody else gets to compete against the most likely to look come a long way game released showing the rest of the women in wrestling are singing.

2. HIRED FOR (T)HE(I)R LOOKS: The Bella Twins

Doublemint etched ,, as the top ad execs public awareness Double the Pleasure Double the fun. They see star in a reality show, Brie and Nikki Bella who just want to be known and appreciated this textbook will do anything to get people to the football. After trying for years to become actresses and / or models took part in Medicine 2006 WWE, Pro Wrestling News of the twins in the womb. Although he did not win, the glass techniques like few minor smoke and Twin Magic fact that he signed learn to cover’ve never been particularly good in the ring, Florida Championship Wrestling developmental deal. John Cena and the two sisters for high-profile relationships WWE Divas Champion as the first with Daniel Bryan, very recently in the days to come until popular than significantly more matches than women’s wrestling who made his case tomorrow Bella.

, lunch was ready to compete for a variety of European sales, usually named Rebecca Knox. In less then a year, not even in the 20, threatening to hurt that lunch is taken off the boat for the better part of five years, received a career. He returned to managing in 2011, and finally felt ready to return to the ring in late 2013 after signing a developmental contract with WWE to compete in NXT. Despite several years away from the ring, ring rust Lynch was no sign that anything on his return, immediately Bayley, Sasha banks, and ingratiating himself revolution in women’s wrestling match against Charlotte. Lunch in the summer of 2015 he was called up to the main roster with banks and Charlotte, and has become a key figure in the figure increasing women’s division of Smackdown.


That does not mean that the total number of days to appear on the series that a woman had been hired for her looks, but Eva in my case, it’s a pretty damning fact. The issue at hand hired by Eva WWE is one of the basis of its merits as the women almost exclusively as a model, was announced as a cast member on the day that he never match wrestling fights ago. It would acknowledge that Eva is not to say that about my reputation, after a period of NXT as he is trying to improve as a bad wrestler, possible. Unfortunately, he is not, at least not yet, WWE, although apparently still learning about it. Eva Marie’s role in this case, the company was the fact that they use a bad wrestler to win booed, the audience is mainly for the troll. This tactic has been tried before, and although it works in the short term, the final result Eva is always a better wrestler than any of the women on an improbably second half even if , is to be impressed with the negative list.


The brother David, Charlotte’s last name alone should have been a sign that he was determined to become a great wrestler. While his father’s career in the ring was slow, especially in Charlotte volleyball, was a standout high school sports star. He briefly signed to a WWE developmental contract in 2012 she worked as a personal trainer before the NXT debut next year. With only a few months in the boat industry under his belt, won an eight-woman tournament in May 2014 to become Charlotte’s second ever NXT Women’s Champion, the boat Women in more states as a defense finished title head for the next nine months. Bayley a fatal four-way match and Becky Lynch, a rival group includes, for example peak may be women’s wrestling: Charlotte finally lost the championship to Sasha banks TakeOver the NXT. The Charlotte, WrestleMania to be held by the belt three times so far recovered as WWE Women’s Championship at 32 she continued her friends was arguably the most successful of the four Horsewomen.


A bodybuilder Vince McMahon is or is not reasonable to assume that someone with a past as examples of this fact during the interview to work with, but it is almost certainly the body like earning a kernel Brook of despite the fact. Brooke blonde locks and his contemporaries has coasted relative physical strength, but they are involved in every match he drags down. Charlotte Flair, the association has been criticized for not adding much as they most have not been enough to hide the fact that hostility against proceedings duties, and Bayley-so-interesting almost any speed Bayley NXT was blown away by the pure power. In fairness to Brooke, it totally is not good, the color is not her fault that she only recently as most do not have the same level of experience as opponents.


NXT Territory to any other development, production of strokes and leave, but Bayley wrestlers there is a potential to make it big star when it comes right talent with the brand. When Bayley, NXT joined Hollywood, shine, shimmer and big time wrestling, wrestling championship was like a completely blank slate after a few years of experience in small companies. The bright-eyed and hopeful hugger Bayley mid NXT made its debut in 2013, and the most sure and confident this time has been improved drastically in one of the actors in the WWE today. Although Bayley has somewhat struggled after getting called up to the main WWE roster, historical moments in the women’s wrestling NXT, which many completely around her reign as NXT Women’s Champion were based was filled with. Bayley’s strengths as a WWE wrestler The Iron Lady in the lead for the first match, the first network special event WWE Women’s Title match. The opponent also plays a big role in this, and so we’ll cover contributes to Sasha Banks.


I was a cheerleader for the New England Patriots, it was not enough for her high profile and, he spent two years as an lA Laker girl. Carmella and Enzo’s Amore quickly and Colin Cassady, he became one of the most high-profile women in the NXT’s association with before was called to the main roster are successful. Carmella and their humor was a good addition to the team, they once again wrestle solo matches also proved unable to stand on her own feet. For any reason, WWE has completely opted to Enzo and the CASS Carmella and distribute its call for the main roster, and he was more or less able to recover. In a high-profile feud with Carmella and Nikki Bella will put him in front, but the list goes on, as we Niki issues as being one of the more vulnerable workers in the division.


Many of the women found by WWE Lita or Trish Stratus idolizing today, while Keiji Asuka interest in wrestling began as a fan of MUTOH, Tiger Mask, Akira Maeda, and Antonio Inoki. Wearing its influences on its sleeve, Asuka most unique and most hard hitting action from the set of a woman in a boat today, a lesson hard learned by challengers to the NXT Women’s Championship. Asuka AtoZ, honed her skills in her native Japan by boat, 2004-2011 for promotions like a zero, and broke. She almost immediately after WWE in late 2015. They show in the universe, shining his American debut as NXT for women athletes, above other women where they are ready to dominate for some time has proven itself as a class. Asuka ring skills such a high level that in wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer described it as “probably the WWE, the best worker, male or female.” While this is just the opinion of one person, even a WWE shared by many fans in the universe.


In a manner of speaking, it is not appropriate to add JoJo on this list because it is not on the boat in the first place. However, point to an especially that it is not a good ring announcer, either, and the opinion of many fans expressed that he was only hired for her good looks and because of that is the father. JoJo former MLB player Jose Offerman, who is the daughter of the Los Angeles Dodgers for five seasons in the early ’90s. JoJo is also a singer with tons of funk music performance Funkadactyls ,. The competent enough on vocals, Jojo and nature’s Wall for a ring announcer, and when used as a forum to cut this interview behind the poker face. He does not have to be a fair point, but not overexcited fan looks like a reporter, an interest. However, some feel JoJo wrestling tradition and colors of recent hires actors in this family are not quite up to snuff, they are cursed for WWE’s views on women than.

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