Top 10 World’s Richest Actor

Top 10 World’s Richest Actor

The actors are great, they make no secret the way they earn Zillions of dollars. Performers with increases in viewership are getting heavy play. With each new film, which is Blockbuster, actors are getting richer. That we laugh and sometimes cry, make us feel special, hard work. We always get into a debate, we hollywood Bollywood style, but we get the perfect answer to the many actors from the United Kingdom have all the time “, which is the richest actor in the world”.

But then you have a perfect answer, a mix of actors in the world’s richest actor. Some of them are well known, but some are not. While some of these comedians showcase some romance on the big screen. Some movies are movies and some sounds. Normally only one thing that he is making a hell of a lot of money.


Top 10 Richest Actors In The World

  1. Adam Sandler

Net Worth – $340 Million


Adam Sandler movies is one of the most famous comedians in Hollywood. He worked in many Hollywood movies said. His movies combined grossed more than $ 2 billion at the box office. She films “Billy Madison, Big Daddy, funny and appreciated in many comedy flicks as”. Adam just an extraordinary actor but also a producer and director. In 2007 he developed the sitcom television series “rules of engagement”. He founded his production house which produced several films in Hollywood. And in the list of the richest actors with high and highest grossing film production house.

  1. Clint Eastwood

Net Worth – $370 Million


Clint Eastwood is one of the most famous actors on the world stage. After 50 years in Hollywood loves it from older generations to younger ones, he said. The “Man With No Name” became famous for N Sergio Leone spaghetti western trilogy role. During 70 was due to the potency of the T icon and she also became a cultural symbol. Next day he used to pay for acing a lot more movies. In later years he began working behind the camera and “Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River and made American Sniper” such great films. Million Dollar Baby Best Director and was a super hit at the box office gave him the Oscar for his latest American Sniper. With his films and he is keeping the full picture of your pocket.

  1. Bill Cosby

Net Worth – $380 Millions


He may have been going through 80 days of conflict, but in his show “The Bill Cosby Show” a super hit. He was the greatest comedian of that era. The show aired from 1984-1992, which shows African-American family life. Later, there was a spin-off, which was produced by Cosby. Bill Cosby Show has been designated as a “successful American show ever”. He also won 7 Grammy Awards. Comedian Bill Cosby’s stand. After his hit show, they make millions of dollars and many brands still verify with keeping it in the list of the richest actors in the world.

  1. Tom Hanks

Net Worth – $390 Million


Tom Hanks is an American actor and filmmaker. He is considered as one of the most accomplished performers of all time. Saving Private Ryan, films like Forrest Gump, The Green Mile and Captain Phillips that he does perfectionist. He has won two Oscars for his performances in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. As per 2014, has received $ 8 billion in stock over his films throughout the world. He said that one of the highest grossing actor in movie history. All these many super hit films and TV productions with the list still make big money.

  1. Tom Cruise

Net Worth – $400 Million


Tom Cruise is a household name in the United States. He is one of the world’s most famous actor and a filmmaker, nominated for multiple awards. At the height of his career he was the highest paid actor in the world. His films like Top Gun and Rain Man, which made billions of dollars in keeping them up action thriller “Mission Impossible series” Tom gave him success and fame still rich. The earnings of $ 100 million domestically sixteen films. Earned more than $ 200 million worldwide in twenty-two. He has been nominated for three Academy Awards and won three Golden Globes.

  1. Tyler Perry

Net Worth – $450 Million


Tyler Perry is an American actor, production, director, screenwriter, author and songwriter. In 2011, Forbes him the highest paid men in entertainment. He said that between May 2010 and earned $ US 130 million in 2011. Perry film “Madea” was not only critically acclaimed “Madea” the role which did a great job at the box office. Ever since then he has brought great fame and money for Perry. But plays the main source of money for the Tyler Perry brought $ 75 million, his play was based on the film. The TBS “House of Payne 100 episode deals with” more than $ 200 million for the show. Despite doing OK on the big screen is a list of the richest actors.

  1. Johnny Depp

Net Worth- $450 Million


Johnny Depp is an actor, producer and musician. He is recognized as one of the most talented actors in the industry. In 1980 he suddenly rose to win for his role in 21 Jump Street. Jhonny Deep Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory knao to know to take extraordinary character, Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirates of the Caribbean has made more than $ 3 billion at the box office flims. Wonderland has received $ 50 million for the role of Alice in deep. Depp biggest star in the world over as one. He is the highest paid actor in Hollywood. Even that “Rango” for the role of his voice, Depp reportedly charged $ 7.5 million. Johnny Depp has been nominated three times for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

  1. Jack Nicholson

Net Worth – $480 Million


Jack Nicholson is considered as the greatest actor in the film industry. Is performed in films for almost 60 years, he said. The psychological romantic roles he has played the role justice to every character, a versatile actor. Jack Nicholson, has been nominated 12 times for an Oscar nominated male actor in the history of the Academy. He won as a two lead actors as three Oscars, support. Their salaries were larger by every film of his career, in 1989 the famous Batman film “Joker” character had to pay $ 96 million. Nicholson is a great actor and he also was a way. His great style and dialogue delivery is going to make them millions of dollars.

  1. Shahrukh Khan

Net Worth – $600 Million


For many of you, Shah Rukh Khan is not a familiar name, along with Shahrukh Khan, Bollywood’s most famous and highest paid actor in India. He is also a producer. His company developed a “red pepper entertainment” films in India. He is Baadshah “of Bollywood, is known as the” King of Bollywood “or” King Khan “. In terms of audience and revenue, it is one of the most successful stars in the world. A time t up on his way to the TV was launched as an actor, but slowly. afraid they have, Baazigar to give Swadesh and Chuck Indian films the critics and Chennai Express, Happy new year and Dilwale there’s the huge amount of money, which were praised by his films. his film DDLJ was in theater for more than a decade. confirm with a great number of films, SRK successful actor one of the business men.

  1. Jerry Seinfeld

Net Worth – $820 Million


Jerome Allen aka Jerry Seinfeld is an American actor, comedian, writer and producer. During 1989-1998, he played a semi-fictional character in the hit sitcom Seinfeld of Super TV series. After two seasons of success, Jerry began to create the series. Seinfeld syndication has earned over $ 100 million from the deal and stand-up appearance. In 2008 he was featured in a Microsoft Windows CE, and receive the $ 10 million for it. Despite not acting for the past few years, he is still on top of the world’s richest actor.

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