Top 10 Toughest Languages to Learn in the World

Top 10 Toughest Languages to Learn in the World

It is very difficult to learn a language, especially language of other countries. Different languages are spoken in the world, and are very hard to learn all these languages. But the benefits of knowing languages other than their mother tongue. One such language is English is widely spoken and it is also easy to learn. Chinese is the language spoken in the world and it is hard to learn. There are a number of Chinese-speaking people. Some are very difficult to learn languages.

Here is a list of Ten Toughest Languages to Learn

1. Japanese

This is the hardest language to learn in the world. Language belongs to the family, just like the English and the written form of the language as well as Chinese characters have adopted a different syllaberies is very difficult. Even that is not known to any other language in their vocabulary. Therefore, Japanese is the hardest language to learn in this world.

2. Mandarin or Chinese

It is the largest spoken language and it is the second most difficult language to learn. Language written form of the language is difficult to talk as well as very difficult. Like the Vietnamese, there is no tension and that sound similar words with different meanings.

3. Arabic

Arabic is one of the speakers millions of people each person makes it difficult to speak in the language of this, the most difficult languages to learn in this world as their own different way a. Although he only describes the writing is very simple and voices to the root of the tongue as three consonants used.

4. Finnish

Art is spoken in Thailand and is one of the most difficult languages in the world. Words have a lot of credit and Finnish speakers are functionally different ways of speaking the language, a lot of nouns, adverbs and grammar usage.

5. Korean

It is spoken by around 80 million people around and it is widely spoken in South and North Korea. It is written in Hangul and is not registered in any of the Korean language and isolated. When they write the words they have symptoms. Imprisonment in Korea are very different formations. This is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world.

6. Polish

It is spoken by about 40 million people worldwide and is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Even a simple hello in the language is very hard and is difficult to speak of the language as they are around 17 variations. Language words hissy sound and Polish speakers are famous for this.

7. Georgian

Not a lot of English speakers prefer to learn the language, but it is very interesting to learn the language. It is written in a very different way words look beautiful. A special word is that when you learn a language is to learn the formation and start the fun.

8. German

It is largely spoken language, it is spoken in Germany. Imagine how hard it is to think that it will be to learn. Both spoken and written German language has many dialects. It’s also a lot of words derived from the same root. Therefore, the most difficult to learn the German language.

9. Mongolian

This is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. Mongolian is spoken by about 6 million people. It is spoken in Mongolia and parts of China and it is very difficult to learn the language, and there are not a lot of people prefer to learn this language. The way it is written is interesting, but when it comes to learning, it will certainly take your time and effort.

10. Danish

It’s nearly 6 million people in northern Germany and it is a language. The language is very different sound and makes it very difficult to learn, it is completely different.

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