Top 10 Torrent Sites in India 2016

Top 10 Torrent Sites in India 2016

You have to download torrents?

Like it or not, it’s legal or otherwise, exercises are an integral part of any Internet user. The fact is that water is available, it is (legal) not to mention that it saves a huge amount of user to purchase, convenient and easily accessible.

Yeah sure. Rains are useful for everyone. And yes, the rains are here to stay.

Do consumers really one of the wildest torrent of Indian consumers, especially those with which clicks – this list will give you the 10 best and most popular torrent sites for this year.


How many of these torrent sites do you actually use?

1. Kickass Torrents was launched in 2008 and features that are easy to use interface to navigate. For customers it is easy to use a torrent tracker I love it and most organized. This is a winning simplicity and easy access to all the other torrent sites in existence.

2. Torrentz

Features a meta search engine that is able to scan 30 million active torrents of July in 2003, various functional domains of this website. Due to the one of the most comprehensive, users visit the site to get what they want – and more often than not do not leave the site empty.

3. ThePirateBay is one of the few in the developed world’s most prominent torrent tracker directory in 2003 in Sweden. The site of more than 6 million visitors in the world of cinema, TV series, and even entire albums and use the site for the CD to download. This site continues to be better, bigger, and increased its customers over the years.

4. Extratorrent

Movies, TV, and features a comprehnsive Directory Games, APS eBooks, anime, pictures, smart phone applications, tablets, and much more – possible load. This is an outstanding template and an advanced search bar. Popular in the United States, the site has also been praised for its download speed and easy navigation devices.

5. different file sizes and was developed in 2011. 720 films this site, that this can be played in 1080p, high-definition content that is well loved by customers for property , and the 3D quality. YTS page has gathered all the amazing features and floods, really bookmark pages for download, after consumers. The website also features a chat box area, RSS feeds, and Facebook-like options.

6. used a very popular and well flood the site. It is home to various torrent files and peer links to facilitate the sharing and downloading flood times. Site games, including eBooks, music, software, movies and torrent files. It is completely free and reliable, it is also very safe and secure. Asian and European customers, especially from flooding torrent site.

7. EZTV was developed in 2005 and around hads eversince. Fresh from their favorite TV programs, mainly catering, television to consumers on the hunt for the latest episodes who simply can not do without its website. A comprehensive and up-to-date with search engines, the users can save time and second latest TV offerings, within the head of the latest tvshows list on the homepage so. It’s just amazing useful!

8. Torrentdownloads

A flood of sites bearing those features, a comprehensive plan that site’s files. This music, movies, games, e-books, or keep applications. Users love the site for years and continued reliability of the complete dependability.


This finding lasting flooding is one of the websites. 2003 by Gary Fung, the most advanced water and looking to share around the time the engine is one of the times. Basically all that rain this site for those looking to upload users and different entertainment fare online. Absolutely free of annoying ads, also the Virtual Private Network (PVN) services. This film is a very popular site for various TV programs.

10. Torrentfunk

So its easy navigation and many so well loved by consumers Torrentfunk list for the general dependability, open. It said user wants to download a comprehensive search bar to type any kind of flooding. Website movies, TV series, games, software, music, animation, eBooks, and even adult content. It also features an upload form to upload torrent files.

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