Top 10 Smartwatches that you can show alert

Top 10 Smartwatches that you can show alert

We continue to watch to wear that just shows the time and nothing above, technologies are better in the world, so to find some really good smart watches for you time. A new era of smart watches. You may notice some scientists were geeks and wear the old calculator watches from the late 90’s. But now a lot of smart watches. It did not get off with just a calculator. She was smart. It has been rumored that Apple is going to launch iWatch in the near future in the past years. As like all other Apple products, we can certainly expect something unexpected from the iwtatch. This may be the beginning or never get started. Smart watches are worth noting, however, already started in market.You can find them easily in the shelf at the store to shop.

These smart watches that we can not control the helicopter like the one seen in James Bond movies, though, all these smart watches email alerts, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, voice calling, music playback and functionality like too much can. Smart watch your calorie level you can spend time daily horoscope, heart rate and time. When it comes to the cost, you need to spend far more than the average spent on your watch. But it’s worth the money. OK Let’s take a tour of the top 10 list of smart watches. I’m sure at the end of reading this article, you will be prompted for at least a master table.

No 1: I’m watch

I watch much like the iPhone in the smart watch market. It’s an Italian, because we do not need to do more analysis on the eyes. Without a doubt, I have stylish design trend to watch a show. This, email, stock, appointments, weather warnings, you can play your favorite music activities, social networking site, to view the received messages, phone calls, your with your mobile phone SmartWatch is required to wire. I watch is very expensive and will be high until the material of choice based on price $ 21,000. What if you ever want to receive a phone call via your smart watch like James Bond can see and the one you should buy right now. Compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7 devices running the Android.

No 2 : Leikr

The former is a Denmark-based GPS sports watch designed by Nokia engineers. The ultimate goal behind this smart watch, it is the best training device in a way that can inspire any player. It’s smart enough to tell you about your heart rate, time, calorie consumption and went out tasks such as can deliver a smart watch. The GPS, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. Wireless synchronization immediately Endomondo can be done using your Leikr clock and Leikr websites (This is an online sports community based on the tracking system GPS). It can, offer social alert, SMS, voice call, or stock reports and alerts such characteristics. Leikr since the stage of prototyping, we have to wait for some time to make our own.


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No 3 : Si14 WearIT Sports Watch

It’s a smart watch yet by developers and I watch. All your desired fitness conscious people. With timer and GPS connectivity, you can keep track of your running sessions. The e-mail provides a host of friendly features like the lifestyle, Twitter, Facebook, video and music playback with wireless Internet connectivity, which supports ANT connectivity. So you can pair it with a heart monitor, blood glucose meter and all other precision electronic equipment. Si14 deservone WearIT best gadgets as gifts you can give your better half or boyfriend. But then you have to wait until autumn to spring.

No 4 : CST 01

CST team has developed 01, has grown up with the release of flexible, thin and light weight of the smart watch. It is designed to be diluted with 12G of 0.8mm thickness and weight. If you wear a watch so you do not actually feel. It comes with an unusual pink display on the back, it is packed with stainless steel. Using the base station you can charge and set the time. For slimming, it is made with a key. Battery life is around 15 years and it is chargeable only 10 minutes of time.

I am waiting early to grab a piece of this ultra modern slim techie, including with the rest of the world. But it is for sure, when it hits the market, it will be the $ 200,000 cost of the most expensive watch ever world.

 No 5: Pebble Watch

When it comes to functionality Pebble smart watch can have regular social sites, e-mails and SMS alerts. One thing that is different from the rest “This is amazing battery life”. With an e-paper screen, it provides an excellent ability to read under any sunlight. After a waterproof smart watch you can wear both sunny and rainy day without worrying about the weather condition.


Pebble smartwatches Cherry Red, Jet Black, Arctic comes in a range of 5 colors including white, gray and orange

No 6 : Sony Smartwatch

The camera is the Sony laptop bag. So it is no wonder for how leap into the smartwatch market.Unlike all others in this location, choose the Sony SmartWatch allows you to strap a few funky colors. It also female friendly design. Although designed to be compatible with the Sony Sony Xperia master piece you can use with all non-Sony handsets running Android. A second aspect, to enjoy the Smart Watch feature, you should have an active phone connection. If not, you watch with your email and social networking alerts can not be updated. But even this is a better option for affordable price. This Sony product, it’s not needed if you can get the support of the smart watch ‘s talking about the wonderful music gaming experience, you download can install any game available in the Android Market and to start to play with it.

No 7 : WIMM One

It stands out from the rest of the smart watch unique. How? Instant alerts and to enjoy the outside world communication, you do not need to wire the smart watch with your mobile now. It is also compatible with devices running the Android operating system. It supports Wi-Fi. The environment and applicable under all circumstances.

No 8: Martian Watch

This design can give the feeling of the old analog watch. But truly it can offer you a sense of the strap when science FI hero. The smart watch LED display gives you, allowing you to receive calls directly SMS and also provides instant social updates. IPhone’s “Siri” and for those who like to deal with digital tools like Google Voice, Martin watch will seem as the next entertainment gadgets. This watch is available in the price range: $ 249 – $ 299. Martin watch is a perfect smart watches for men and women.


No 9 : Motorola MotoACTV

It had literally changed the face of sports watches when it was launched in the market. It offers more than just a smart watch. By using this watch you can record your day to day activities. Although it is specially designed to keep track of sporting achievements, it is also GPS, data sensors, blue tooth connectivity and many non-fitness-related functionality. Although you can not wear it while you swim, you can wear it under a light rain.

No 10 : Cookoo

With its vibrant colors reminds us of the swatch. As with the others, but all emails and social alerts flip side is capable of providing digital display does not support it. Instead, it is built with lighting set. So even when you receive alerts, as well as the lights of the oil and gas industry, in the light of your car will keep you alert. Just a normal battery can run this smart watch for 9 to 10 months.


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