Top 10 Shocking Predictions For 2016 That Came True

Top 10 Shocking Predictions For 2016 That Came True

Surely we like, we look back at the end of each year, double the forecast accuracy of the psychics to the test, and of course, 16th century philosopher Nostradamus’s predictions for the year. Once the predictions (or warning) the way we have been going to the end of 2015 * wow * was like off – but for the most part in 2016, hunches were eerily on point. 2016 was an awful year, and as it turns out we had a lot of signs.

Take, for example, elections. It was full of tension. So many twists, turns and a lot of controversy over the scandal that episode felt like there were. Donald Trump’s victory sent shockwaves across the country, but it is not surprising election victory a reality star for Nostradamus believers. . “His confusion courage” – yes those trump statement polite way through Quatrain 81 in Century III, a “brave bawler of Nostradamus”, which, thanks to the brave, brave “Select Army Governor” will be writing about.

It’s been a year full of crazy moments in pop culture and political problems, so let’s Nostradamus’s writings and in the more recent theories of physics predict that eerily 2016 look back.

1. Robots Are Taking Over

Dr. Carmen Harra, 2016, we stated that we would look at all the ways a technology, TVs, cars, phones and gadgets. The two competitors ride sharing, meat and Lyft testing and determined to employ self-driving cars over the next year. Our TV screens more streaming platform are becoming our phones with popping, and VR technology to rise slowly began to trickle into the mainstream – is now being hooked on a time saving and efficient robotic sidekicks . It is no surprise that after only one season after his Westworld has attracted a cult, is becoming more obsessed with our culture are more tech emphasis on a new level.

2. The Cubs’ Historic Win

This year, he looks like the 7 World Series games, beat Cleveland, 8-7 when the Cubs got the last laugh. After the win, Michael Lee Written by a screenshot of a high school yearbook quote surfaced back in 1993, and random prediction “Chicago Cubs [would be] the 2016 World Cup. The most heard it here first “went viral. Now in her 30s, Lee had a vivid dream about victory and it stuck with him throughout high school. Someone give this man season tickets.

3. Our Obsession With Live-streaming

Tech view Netflix Watch sink huge following, social platforms, small TV predicted that their very own version will include the streaming of rolling out. Joined Twitter, and completely dominated the election debate broadcast by Facebook in real time. Instagram users is the last to join, with a Snapchat-like function that allows you to show off 30-second moments.

4. No Divorce For Jay Z And Beyonce

Divorce rumors have been swirling since the defeat elevator between Beyonce Sister Solange, and Jay Z. We looked after their release from the album Lemonade Firey creep back Yonce. Claimed that the couple will divorce a flurry of headlines, but few of the controversial psychics. He strained married couple may be agreed to live together but to discuss a partition, and it agreed. I do not think they’re distributing any time soon – is expected to be released #Jayonce marine project before the end of the Yah 2017., dubbed the Beyhive, Beyonce’s fanbase. Perhaps the lemonade was really exposed to fluctuations in the high-profile wedding icon?

5. No Third Baby For Kimye

One of the most famous psychics claim referred husband Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, Kardashian would not be a baby number three couples were expected to be more extensive than his family. Have been rumors that the couple in the marriage crisis swirling, but it is false that sources; and say seers that due to busy scheduling solution because it does not include the West clan Kardashian that is one of the health problems. Kanye West exhaustion evident when one was hospitalized. There’s always next year.

6. Rihanna Becomes The Hottest Pop Star

Well, Rihanna is always known as the hottest pop star, but this year two fashion collections have cast the next big Hollywood blockbuster and dominated the charts. NYC MTA board Rihanna’s viral picture of real life, there is a new all-female pop star that people actually behind the scenes on the set of the eight film. That’s right, after releasing the highly acclaimed anti album Rihanna set to star in the third blockbuster. On the top, the year he dropped the first complete collection with Puma, months after its very own Fenty (releasing her last name) shoes. Pop culture was 100% accurate in predicting Star Power 2016 Rihanna looks like it reach new heights.

7. Justin Bieber’s Breakdown

Unfortunately, it was already known by some Justin Bieber 2015 disaster will take in the new year. Last year, many suggested that the public facing suspension from Bieber, and exhibit clear evidence for us – a few months back when he begged for silence is a real man screaming fans? Yeah, sounds about right. As shown refusal to meet multiple clips Bieber fans, greetings or presents from the fans, and just last month delete your Instagram and distance themselves from social media to call the devil. Let’s hope to have a better year for 2017 Biebs.

8. Lady Gaga Becomes ‘Joanne’

Pop culture analysts and psychics last year that 2016 would be the year we finally see was predicted between Lady Gaga in its original form. He slowly peel back the layers and see it as a real person, not a character. During its peak, we saw Popstar hide behind the meat dresses, big hats and wigs – very few of us have really shown the full version. We caught a glimpse of her collaboration with Tony Bennet, but by far the rawest version of Gaga came with the release of the yuan. Pop hits were lower and more about the club about his personal experience as a celebrity, problems and her aunt, Joanne death.

9. Prince Harry’s Relationship With Meghan Markle

Not only will settle down in a famous psychic medium Thomas John predict that Harry finally 2016 did, they also end up with a “totally new woman,” he would very vanilla shock to the royal family it will be seen. It nailed. Actress / model Meghan Markle his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy blonde total opposite. In an unprecedented move, issued an official statement by the royal press and social media trolls warned Kensington Palace to back off from his girlfriend, and then “racial undertones” and display “smear campaigns “condemnation of Markle. And the relationship is warm, this month Markle was seen sporting a necklace with his initials.

10. Apple Pay

In just two years, technology has managed to change the way we shop with the rise of electronic payment through Venmo, Square and PayPal apps like Apple. We chips saw the new form of payment, and credit card roll out over the last few years, but especially this year, Apple Pay Game crushed and the 35 management of the retailers percent the sides reached new heights – that’s more than 4 million sites. Sounds like Back to the Future forecast was nailed that scene one day be used to pay for cabs and restaurants in handheld devices and finger recognition.

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