Top 10 Selling Magazines In India 2017

Top 10 Selling Magazines In India 2017

Magazines play an important role in the media field. Magazine paper form one of the best sources of entertainment. They politics, cinema, health tips and provide each and every detail about events in various other information. He has already become part of the life of the Indian people. In most states, Magazines enormous fan base. Even though the technology is getting better and never ending craze magazine paper online. About most other things in the magazine business and are providing valuable information.

1. Vanitha

Vanitha’s best-selling magazine in India with over 23 million readers. It’s fortnightly magazine in Malayalam language. Malayala Manorama and owned and published the year 1975. It was published in containing health tips, beauty tips, entertainment, various contents such as politics and entertainment. This magazine is a separate page for even cooking recipes.

The best-selling magazine in India. The magazines, which in most Malayalam and Hindi magazines like most of the people reading it is clear that the Hindi and Malayalam.

2. Pratiyogita Darpan

This magazine is one which is particularly focused on general knowledge and current affairs section. It is in this category and these are the chief of the magazine is preparing for civil service exams for various events update. In the form of a month containing all events, sports, economics, science, technology and other important updates about current affairs in India. This magazine is about 1.68 million readers.

3. India Today (English)

India was established as his daughter Madhu Tehran as the first editor and publisher, along with his son Aroonpurie Vidya Vilas in the year 1975 by Purie. This is leading India based English magazine over 1.63 million readers which one. Now, India Today Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and expands its scope in 4 languages. This is a best-selling multi-language magazine in India. The magazine’s headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

4. India Today (Hindi)

India is one of the leading monthly magazine in the country. India comes in this edition of the Hindi language and politics, cinema, sports, health tips almost every content in Hindi language. Hindi is the second best-selling magazine in India. This magazine has 1.36 million readers in India.

5. Saras Salil

SarasSalil multi-language monthly magazine with a readership of over 1.35 million readers across the country. As a Hindi magazine in Hindi and 5 circle to publish in different languages expands it was first published in 1993. It is comprised of the contents, including all kinds of IRS 2012. Per politics, sex, fiction and entertainment, the best-selling Hindi magazine. It is a magazine that contains all the content in a magazine.

6. Samanya Gyan Darpan

Samanya with more than 13 million viewers Gyandarpan is one of the best-selling magazine in Hindi India. This magazine is mostly used by the state and those who are competing at the highest competitive examination and other examinations of the central government. This magazine covers a wide range of current issues in the world and also provide good general knowledge content for its readers.

7. Grih Sobha

Sobha Grih is basically one of the leading magazine for female readers. It was released by Delhi Press Group, which was established in 1979 years as a monthly magazine. Now it comes to readers in a weekly magazine. It was one of the best-selling women’s magazine in India. This magazine in society about women’s issues and short stories, advice columns separate page, which was written by most experts in the relevant field. It has more than 10 million readers and is headquartered in Delhi. It was published in 8 Indian languages, including Hindi.

8. Mathrubhumi Arogyamasika

Another leading newspaper Mathrubhumi Malayalam company. This magazine is all about health mathrubhumi. This is one of the best-selling fitness magazine in India. Which is a monthly cover all important health tips for a magazine people. It started in the year 1997 and related suggestions about the magazine was provided by one of the best articles to readers. Readers of this magazine is read by over 10 million people across the country only Malayali.

9. Manorama Thozhilveedhi

Manorama is basically one of the leading Malayalam language newspaper group in India. Manorama This magazine provides information about what people are looking for jobs, the job vacancy details in a weekly magazine. It provides details of the job vacancy in both the private and public sectors. It also contains a variety of contents of more general knowledge for job seekers. It’s more than 9 million readers of the magazine.

10. Jagran Josh

Jagran Josh is a weekly magazine published by Jagran Prakashan Limited. It is a well-known mass media newspapers, magazines, and the online magazine releases. Jagran Josh, which was released in Hindi language is one of the best-selling magazine in India. All these events and also contains some general knowledge-based examination of the contents of students Commission and other state and is the most useful for studying for competitive exams like the main examinations. It has more than 8 million readers nationwide.

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