Top 10 safest cities of India 2017 (crime rate)

Top 10 safest cities of India 2017 (crime rate)

India is a nation with a great deal of differences and measure their own coffee. Well known for its way of life people and events. In any case, today, we read daily cases of rape, murder, terror attacks or is about to. It makes us uncertain about where we live.

By urban-centric focus areas of the record, the top 10 list of safest cities in India in terms of crime rates down.

1. Surat

Surat has been positioned by urban crime and security division, which is deplorable top. As well as personal satisfaction and the nature of the framework, holds the position of principal chapter. Surat is Gujarat arranged on the south and is popular on the planet as the world capital of jewelery. is greater.

Some are able to live in different cities, the best in the above India. Top violence in India dowry, domestic violence, rape, drug distribution and the lump violations in India against women, understanding women in a city, if it display properly, rates of violence less.2. Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the largest metropolitan urban communities in India and is the nation’s second largest city vote. Ahmedabad is mainly due to the increase of textile mills, and is also known as the Manchester of India. Veggie lovers this is an incredible place for foodies. Alternatively, when the crimes with urban communities, theft and attacks are not very common.

3. Chennai

Chennai, South India Social capital is the best city to live in the same competition considered by the Institute. It is the second largest city to send out and BPO business administration. Chennai’s economy is the result of vehicles, PC, producing equipment, innovation and social insurance.

4. Mumbai

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay once, the most crowded and GDP (gross domestic product can be demonstrated by) which is India’s richest city. Are pulled towards Mumbai from another part of the special demands of living of immigrants, non-judgmental and businesses that have put people welcome from the purchase of a property, however, deal fairly naive town openings. Despite the massive open doors and low crime rate all the way across the country in various areas.

5. Pune

With an average crime rate, Maharashtra automobiles social capital, government research institutions as well as private, is known for education, training, administration and collection. City pull students and experts from India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and Africa. India Pune city is also known as the Motor City. Why work here behind the hole to encourage students from each edge of a great deal of students and professionals.

6. Kolkata

The Indian metropolitan cities, Kolkata is the third most populated city in India. Rich with the culture of the city of West Bengal’s wealth and is an exceptionally pleasant city to live. The city is faced with yet more difficult and at the same time the population is safe from the evil. People are considered to be neglected, women are protected in the light of the fact that a lot of action and are defined.

7. Bangalore

Despite the fact that before the year is extended but prices still low from urban communities in the north. It is the favorite property in India, because the Metropolitan won the hearts of millions of national and global level, and location. ISRO, Infosys and Wipro remains dependably city with highlights.

8. Hyderabad

This is the eighth best city as far as security and violence rates. As popular landmarks, for example, include four towers of grandeur. The city is perfect. Hyderabad state offices were set up, IT is an IT SEZ Special Economic Zone. Fire places in the world to do their job in the city and also produced a vast number of Indian organizations. It is therefore a perfect place for this part of Bangalore. Hyderabad is known as one of India’s pharmaceutical development both in the capital account, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the 1990s.

9. Jaipur

Jaipur, the largest city in Rajasthan, India initially arranged city. This is the second case, the pink city pink is a shade of buildings in the old part of the city. Jaipur inspiring posts, due to heavy forts and havelis of proximity is best known for extravagant engineering.

10. Delhi

Delhi holds tenth place disadvantaged people as being capital is not safe as it should be. It is very crowded and will probably be huge, violations of the public. Political battles and fights highlight the main difference between a capital and others. Political uproars, against a wide range, killing the terrorist attacks, robberies are problems. The city is recruiting a court which is somewhat less safe for women in a number of cases of a similar attack. But above all, is the heart of the city.

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