The Top 10 Richest Wrestlers wwwe 2014

Top 10 Richest Wrestlers of 2014

We say it is one of the best games for wresting it will not be wrong. I believe every one of you is a big fan of the game. What are excited just to watch every episode of the men and women show that it is a wonderful and interesting. Wrestling tournament broadcast channels, and only a very appreciated by the film’s love wrestlers like celebrities and fans. More wrestling tournament success, high wrestlers success graph. Is a wrestler who became a dominant figure and praise him. The focus of their success is crazy, and it helps to make a good amount of it. 2014 The following top 10 richest wrestlers not only famous but also multi-millionaire and success and appreciations are a lot of fun every day.

1. Vince McMahon: – net worth: 1.2 billion USD (2015)

Vince McMahon did not remember to show up in almost all WWE shows and it was a challenge to rivals. Its total assets worth US $ 1.2 billion (2015) and now they are striving for more and more to increase revenue.
Vince McMahon net worth of US $ 1.2 billion (2015).

2. The Rock – net worth: USD125 million

Rock is not only a famous wrestler but a popular and well-known Hollywood actors. In other words, he is a man of great talent. Every profession has had in life, he was very successful and it has made available a total net worth of USD125 million as a professional.
Rock net worth: USD125 million.

3. John Cena – net worth: USD35 million

John Cena is undoubtedly the heart of their fans. He is a multi-talented man, a successful wrestler and a prominent businessman. According to one estimate, the estimated total value of USD35 million. Even John Cena net worth is high but still lower than the Rock net USD35 million.

John Cena net worth: USD35 million.

4. Jeff Hardy: – net worth: USD29 million

Jeff Hardy has always been known for their awesome figure among female fans. He, no doubt, a brilliant and successful wrestler and a net worth estimated USD29 million.
Jeff Hardy net price: USD29 million.

5. Triple H: – net worth: USD25 million

Triple H, to a famous and popular WWE champion, known for their heroic acts and iconic figure. Whenever he appears on screen, viewers are occupied with the magic of their conversations and movements. Triple H is about USD25 million in net worth.
Triple H Net Price: USD25 million.

6. Kurt Angel: – net worth: USD20 million

Kurt Angel brave wrestlers in WWE who never hesitate to take risks in their games. He has won various tournaments and the owner has a total net worth of USD20 million.
Kurt Angel net price: USD20 million.

7. Big Show: – net worth: USD20 million

Big show, a big deal of the time, although he has not yet won a tournament, but the WWE is enough to impress fans of his body and personality. His total net worth is estimated at USD20 million.
Big Show net worth: USD20 million.

8. Chris Jericho: – net worth: USD18 million

Chris Jericho is not only a famous wrestler, but a man. He called his friend circles because of their friendly nature and love. Chris success graph us to rate it is certainly more than enough. His total net worth is approximately USD18 million.
Chris Jericho net price: USD18 million.

9. Shawn Michaels: – net worth: USD17 million

I do not need an introduction to Sean Michaels. It is not? Yes, he is one of the richest and most famous wrestlers in the course. His total net worth of over USD17 million.
Shawn Michaels net worth: USD17 million

10. Kane: – net worth: USD7 million

Just like the Big Show, Kane could not get so much success, but he has been a favorite course of many Americans. Unfortunately, Ken did not win many wresting tournament but still he kept on appearing and managed to keep the shoes. His total net worth is USD7 million.
Kane’s net worth: USD7 million.

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