2014 Top 10 Richest Hollywood actress

Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actresses of 2014

Hollywood actresses magic spreads throughout the world. You can never stop myself from loving these beautiful and talented beauty day. The day Hollywood actresses have long been considered to be perfect when used to perform well, but nowadays is calculated for all the success of their beauty, talent and behavior .

A film imaging without a heroine, is not looks like a joke? Yes, certainly, but despite an actress acts as the backbone of the film, he earns a lot from each project or film. Hollywood actresses are getting higher pay, but not all. May be only a few successful actresses of the credit for becoming rich. So we see the top 10 ranking and richest Hollywood actresses are dominated world of entertainment in 2014.

Penelope Cruz – one of richest Hollywood actresses

1. Julia Roberts: net worth USD170 million

Julia, Julia, as Hollywood is 31 years old woman, not as a drug-famous and beautiful Julia. Julia Roberts is like a shining star of the US to illuminate the world with their beauty and charm. I expect to get movies and successful projects do not need to be recruited to work on, it’s very nice lady owns approximately USD170 million and still earn a lot in a few more years.

2. Drew Barrymore: net worth USD126 million

It Drew Barrymore, is a super, cool, sexy and amazing actress name, then in the secret of his success is that he is dedicated to his endless efforts and his films can not stop. He was not born with a golden spoon in her mouth, but they took that as a challenge and the movies at a very young age. He is as well as a slight and well and of course a rich talented American actress. Drew still earned approximately USD126 million of his films.

3. Angelina Jolie: net worth USD125 million

When it comes to the minds of Angelina Jolie, we started thinking about the Oscars and the Filmfare awards they have won. In movies he has USD125 million of its current net worth. Angelina was involved in various social and charitable projects and is always ready to help the needy and poor people who worked like a refugee. He donated a large sum of money for various NGOs.

4. Jennifer Aniston: net worth USD120 million

Jennifer is the owner of about USD120 million, and he has earned so much money from her professional acting. Jennifer Aniston is still far known, and has been working in both film and television industries. Jennifer Aniston is the most preferred role, but they sure as has been 33 years, so I will not hesitate to her casting directors in leading roles in films of high budget. But that does not mean it is not being cast as an actress,

5. Sandra Bullock: net worth USD83 million

True, Sandra Bullock, acting in a Hollywood actress, 40 years old, is almost finished, but still consider her casting directors for senior roles in their films. Her powerful performance and friendly attitude has always been features of the success of his life. Sandra has given us many blockbuster movies and a net worth estimated at USD83 million. Thus we can find one of the richest women in Hollywood.

6. Reese Witherspoon: net worth USD79 million

Reese began her acting career at a very young age, but after a long time he has shown off her performance in a group of Hollywood movies. As yet has 35 rays, do not prefer her casting in films for many protagonists of Directors. I love so much about the beauty Reese still the richest Hollywood days with a net worth of USD79 million men smart mad, we can name with pride.

7. Cameron Diaz: net worth USD74 million

Hollywood also enjoy high levels of brightness and successful woman of my career, so if it’s not Cameron Diaz, no. The total worth of this charming lady is about USD74 million.

8. Sarah Jessica Parker: net worth USD70 million

I will not call him to be a young woman, but it is true that he is still one of the dominant actresses in Hollywood. Sarah Jessica has given us many successful and gifted entertainer, and get a lot of return. The total value of over USD70 million reported in 2014.

9. Meryl Streep: net worth USD45 million

Meryl Streep to become a holistic brand name will not be wrong in this field. A multi-talented woman away, and it is no doubt one of the richest Hollywood actresses. His current net worth is more than USD45 million.

10. Penelope Cruz: net worth USD34 million

Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz nap. He is famous not only for its performance and successful films but also for her sexy and attractive personality. Net worth of data about USD34 million.

There are still many more Hollywood actresses who are to join the race of success, but naming the above to be the richest in the world is absolutely correct by all the means because these charming women are the most dominating.

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