Top 10 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Screwed Up

Top 10 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Screwed Up

We first published on AMC’s Walking Dead series, people were not sure audiences will gravitate toward post-apocalyptic story or not. Despite this, the series seemed was based on a popular comic book series is a winning strategy. A mistake has been made many shows in the past, a book based on a series of humor but is separated from the story. Usually, straying from the original story might mean the end of a popular television series. Fans of the plot or start to lose interest in getting at what direction to turn up the showrunners anger with their favorite characters usually do. The Walking Dead, showrunners did a great job of sticking to the same plotline comic book series, the way though there have been some subtle changes to different characters.

Since the series has done a great job of sticking to the story of the comic books, the audience was already over when Glen series. Despite this, the fans held out hope that someone will not be able to continue in Glen series. Just how do they stop hiding under the dumpster and won her the way she was able to work his way to freedom, the fans had hoped that Glenn just over soldiers and showrunners then show their character he will be killed. Despite this, his last show season 7. There are times, however, when one character may be returned to the person injured brutally and forcefully, the season premiere of Glenn’s situation did not fit in this category the course came to an end. In fact, Glenn was the most brutal and heartbreaking death of arguably the series. The Walking Dead really killed off 15 reasons why Glen and check out our list of wrong by visiting her favorite Lost character who left series.

1. Major Loss In Viewers

In general, may fall after the season premiere ratings for a popular show. This has been true to the original as well as The Walking Dead. Yet, that amount ratings plummeted after 7 season opener astounded. The ratings were the lowest since the 2012 Show Season 3. In Season 7 premiere event was an important step for Abraham to kill fanbase, who are faithful Heartbreaker Glenn’s death. Season as one of the original cast members 1, he was a fan favorite in multiple ways. They can not just fans and won the show, many viewers Pete doubt his death was just some. Taking a blow to his character and show ratings murder series now also has been unable to recover. Comes back to the end of the series season when time will tell, but the fact is that they already have after Glenn’s death has lost millions of viewers back to some of their fanbase will be able or not.

2. Act Of Randomness

The Walking Dead comes to deaths, random death comes to good enough to satisfy the audience’s favorite cast members, not necessarily when. The group has always goes out on a run, inherent risks and more time, it is usually a die. The support of the characters are killed off in a random death is a virtually unknown character by an inexperienced member of the Alexandria jail or group, even if the fans do not seem to mind. In fact, when this series is much more interesting beyond Shot brain death is not the same old walker occasionally. However, by being one of the favorites Negan Glenn show was much more extensive than just a random act that should require a death. Abraham’s death is a great blow to the fans and it was not a smart move to keep the fanbase of a Glenn loss show random order.

3. Toying With The Audience

Many fans of a TV cliffhangers plan to continue to tune in to the next episode. In fact, sometimes a whole series can rest on a cliffhanger, who shot Mr. Burns shot J.R. To find out who shot or not. Mysteries like these can make for a great story, but it is not always bode well with fans. During Season 6, Glenn became overrun by Nicholas W. and surrounded on top of a dumpster in an alley. The episode was being ended, that ripped apart by Glenn W and the audience seemed to see his body being torn apart. It was a whole week of courage or that Nicholas had been countless memes and viral videos were being eaten by a walker or with showing both scenarios is more speculation. Nevertheless, the episode did not delve into the air. By Glenn was alive when fans found out in the end, it was clear flood relief. Basically, the series has already toyed with the possibility of Glenn’s death, by the fans and by showrunners toying around with his emotions was not a smart move.

4. Catering To The Geeks In The Audience

Walking has had its fair share of any transformative moments in Glen Dead series than any of the other characters seemed to develop in a way that was a bit different. It started before he was low on the pecking order of the group of muscles. After they were used to get in and out of tight spaces in fact, he was more like a longer version of Carl. Despite this, it has been developed over the years, will be considered a major villain in the series of character. Glenn’s role as viewers wait to be mastered Daryl muscle strength or bravery and leadership catered by. Yet, while Glenn Mode and without being tethered to a chair and no weapon killed a walker. He became an example for the members of a defender and Alexandria community. He became an inspiration to the audience that his picture in the same category as Glenn’s character. The murder is related to the role that was offered a deathblow to all audience members.

5. Offering Second Chances

Call for an immediate transparency that if there are any circumstances, zombie apocalypse is definitely falls into this category. Are people must rely on their gut instincts to stay alive as their first impressions and the size of the characters on the series. Often, the living are more dangerous than walking dead. Therefore, a role that would be misleading or cowardice begins by being portrayed as, many people in the core group there ready to forgive as easily as Glenn. Time and time again, that is another chance Glenn has crossed him or group. Tara savings they offer redemption for those who have read about the lie and since then tried to kill him in the woods Nicholas was part of another opportunity to Governor Group, Glenn Series errors was a way. Glenn’s character is meant losing step that will have to fulfill a role. Still, it may be a fool’s dream since the group already is going through a lot of trauma to the Saviour.

6. Never Giving Up Hope

We, his wife was stopped on his journey to find his son, who looked like an impossible task in the Zombie Apocalypse. When he finally did, surprised at meeting with their families. All the characters of the series was not a trait shared that optimism. Shane truth was always in a hurry and I think in a negative direction that they want to waste resources on the things that will not turn out to be feeling well. Glen characters was always hope, and helped other members of the group. He was imprisoned at the terminus, announced that it was returning to the Maggie and she was ready to fight him. Glen after Maggie was rubbed on to continue this rock-solid faith. After it became clear as well as the group was in prison. Glenn and Tara in the group were taken by Abraham, Glenn was adamant that he had to look for Maggie. He remained true to him even when he already that his wife was dead likeliness that was said to him. The group is going to put a negative spin on how to face the unknown for the rest losing hope Unfaltering bacon series of characters.

7. No One Left Behind

In the series, has chosen to leave the group for different reasons that people have been there. 1 during the season, left a family group and remain a part of the group of guns and ammunition. There was a debate about their living. Darrell left the group to stay with his brother, a great debate about the decision MERLE, Rick and Glenn Darryl stopped to let go. Glen walk away behind the division or group of members did not have the same mentality. After hiding in the dumpster outside Glen Alexandria that was out to leave out on their own when they meet with the Enid group. Without the help of Enid, he’s probably Maggie will not be able to return to Enid, and it looks like it might become a valuable tool in future episodes in the series. After the hostile conditions with Glen was the same mentality. Even when all hope seemed lost, he always fought to ensure that every person will live it out in this group. It did not work out in the case of Noah, but the other members of his group had not been followed by the same rule operated in Glen. Is a great loss for the series and will certainly have a negative impact, keeping the group together as a whole.

8. Reliable To Have Your Back

A reality that major flaws in Alexandria community of people that he did not need to have backs that can really trust each other. When the group stops are finally starting to see what they were like around truly walker, she realized that she had to leave immediately their mentality an injured back and run about survival. After he seemed to tuck their tail between their legs and bolts mix any issue at any time, in fact, it was not limited to the injured. Yet, Glen may be dependent on the continuation of the series that was one of the few characters. It’s just that people did not follow up guidance for the immediate group. Glen truth any time, he was someone’s back. This is a feature that will be sorely missed and hard to come by during the zombie apocalypse. He lost an important feature of the group lost Glenn and certainly impact future episodes will show itself when it is very important to have a reliable person to watch their backs.

9. Group Loses Picture Of A Brighter Future

Walking is the ability to see beyond their current situation of the biggest factors of mental stability for Dead cast. Has been a recurring theme in the series hope for a brighter tomorrow, when he came to Washington route that was used way to search for NC DC “treatment.” How many times do I order group was able to get past their day-to-day tasks of horror group was disappointed, to their next destination. Glenn was not just a series of roles. Instead, he became a symbol of hope for a brighter tomorrow. The fact that he was a great morale booster for wanted to start a family, group actually, even during these times of crisis, Maggie. The Glen was a way to raise a family in this new world that I thought it meant. His death threatened to end his own story, but it was not Maggie’s unborn child and of the group that became the death.

10. Negative Effect On Maggie

As the last remaining daughter of Hershel, her fans have come to deal with people outside their immediate group, they should not be surprised that there will be the voice of reason. In Alexandria, the Maggie was being prepared to play a leadership role in the community and one group was chosen to create diplomatic relations with hilltop colony. Although there has been a substantial change, for Maggie’s over the years, he has certainly become jaded or hardened like some of the other members of their group. Still, losing Glenn will undoubtedly cause a major change in the way he considers life to move forward. In fact, fans have already witnessed how her reaction was immediate after Glenn’s death. He wanted to get immediate revenge. Glenn and being Abraham’s death, abduction and even Daryl, after witnessing the terrorist group he had left Maggie was immediately wants to get a little strength against the Saviour. It’s not exactly diplomatic point of view but I can not blame Maggie for wanting revenge Glenn’s death.

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