Top 10 Plastic Companies In India 2017

Top 10 Plastic Companies In India 2017

Plastic World has become an integral part of the modern world due to its multiple users. This shopping bags, bottles, cups, computer hardware, electrical circuits, toys and many other items, whether using plastic found everywhere. India is one of the largest producers of plastics and the industry is most developed in the country. So that is one of the fastest growing industries in the plastic industry in India. The growing demand for plastics, the industry is expected to witness an increase in the growth rate.

This is the list of the top 10 trusted plastics companies in India.
1. Supreme Industries
Supreme Industries Kantilal year by Modi was established in 1942. This is the clear leader in the plastics industry with a range of molded furniture, piping systems, petrochemicals, etc. The company’s products. The company handles about3,20,000 tons of plastic annually and churns out the best quality products. The company operates plants in Noida and Silvassa. Obviously, the company from the list Numero Uno position.It is best known in India plastics manufacturing industry. These companies have earned huge profits and reputation of its products and customer satisfaction.

2. Astral Poly Technik Ltd

Astral Poly Technology Limited was established in 1999 and known for both industrial and manufacturing the highest quality equipment and piping drainage system for domestic purposes. The company’s domestic demand, CVPC columns and plumbing systems for industries for agriculture, fire sprinklers and pressure piping systems for other products, pipe production line pipe. The company is known for its top quality products in the whole country. This is mainly due to the second position in the tremendous success of this list.

3. Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd

Jain Irrigation Systems of the year 1989. The company’s micro-irrigation systems, PVC pipes, polyethylene pipes, plastic sheets, sprinkler irrigation system, agriculture has been set up processed products and many other products. The company introduced the concept of Integrated Irrigation Project. It is also involved in tissue culture plants and renewable sources of energy. The company provides financial services. The company has become a major player in the agricultural field and took third place in this list.

4. Responsive Industries Ltd

Year founded in 1992, known as Responsive Industries Polyvinyl chloride PVC products are well-known producers. The company set up India’s first PVC and Vinyl processing plant. Company PVC flooring, PVC pipes, soft sheeting, synthetic leather, garments and other manufactured plastic sheets. In fact, it is the largest producer of PVC flooring in India. In 70 countries, the company is one of the few international PVC manufacturing companies in the world with operations. It is a famous plastic Company India is fourth in the list.

5. Mayur Uniquoters Ltd

MayurUniquoters Ltd as furniture, footwear, luggage, upholstery, automotive industries, etc. Various consumer products company PVC leather, PU leather and leather exports. The company is known for its leather products.

6. Nilkamal

Nilkamal the world’s largest producer of molded plastic furniture. It created such a material handling crates, insulated kitchen, dining table, shelves, stools, a range of industrial pallets and many other products. The company is based in Mumbai. The company has about 40 warehouses and operates 39 regional offices. The company’s market share is impressive. It is an ISO registered company and the sixth position in the list.

7. VIP Industries Limited

VIP is a renowned name in the goods market. The company was founded in year 1971 with its headquarters in Mumbai. Ever since its inception, the company has sold more than 60 million units of equipment all over the world. The company’s success can be judged by the fact that achieved the distinction of becoming the leading equipment manufacturing company in Asia. As aristocrats and Sky Bags company’s products can be seen among the passengers.

8. Wim Plast Limited

The company was founded in the year 1986 and the year 1994. The company using the latest molding technology, which is known for its molded furniture was listed in Bombay Stock Exchange osn, extremely durable concept What. In addition, the company developed an air cooler and bubble sheets Guard. The company has its head office in Mumbai. Cello Wim Plast is part of the group and is registered under ISO.

9. Arrow Coated Products Ltd

This is a company based in India. The company Geo Eco-friendly and compostable plastic produced is water soluble films. Such security products, mouth melting strips, Aero Care Division, a strategic business unit of Arrow business units in the UK there are many activities such as sailing foray pharma company. The company is also involved in the manufacture of packaging materials and printing products.The sell and place it in the ninth position in the company’s profits.

10. Kingfa Science and Technology Ltd

This is a company involved in the manufacture of plastic operations in India but all over the world. Company tenacity and vitality of plastic that is known for producing high scores. Companies adhere to the production of good quality plastic product is rated. The company occupies the tenth position in the list.

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