Top 10 most dangerous dog breeds based on their mortality

Top 10 most dangerous dog breeds based on their mortality

Some dog breeds have a greater potential to cause injuries to a victim than other races and why we call them “dangerous” it is exactly. The United States and Canada based on the number of accidents due to the different dog breeds, I have compiled the top 10 list of the most dangerous dog breeds.

September the period 1882 until 31 December 2012 – – the Pitbulls and Rottweilers dangerous dog breeds Top of animal research in the United States and Canada, as they are expected to be causing more dog deaths and injuries .

Check the table below for detailed data

Breed Bodily harm Child Victims Adult Victims Deaths Maiming % of dog population
Pit bull 2235 911 806 233 1268 4.4
Rottweiler 495 278 131 81 277 2.2
Husky 71 44 5 24 20 0.05
German shepherd 96 60 28 14 59 2.3
Chow 55 36 16 7 37 0.01%

No 1: Pitbulls


If you are someone who is familiar to almost all dog breeds, I’m sure, “all I see a” Pitbull’s “Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog” list must be a big surprise. Compared to other dog breeds, Pitpulls greater mortality caused by. Due to its aggressive nature, the growth of state governments have banned Pitbulls.

It weighs around 55 to 65 lbs.

Facts About Pit Bulls

People love their dedicated companions, but improper training can anything be more aggressive than ever. If not trained properly they can also attack humans. Otherwise, they will not harm humans

86.8 percent of American Pit Bull Terriers have passed his temperament test

No matter what work, when pit bulls are committed to any task, they carry out with full enthusiasm.

Pitbulls are widely known for illegal dog fighting game

No 2: Rottweilers

Rottweilers “the second in the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds” list. As a territorial animal, really well they can protect your home. Most owners find the bit soft Rottweilers. They are not correct, but they can get aggressive.

These dogs weigh around 100 to 130 lbs
Rottweiler Facts

Rottweilers “working breeds fall under the” type of dog. This is one of the widely known facts Rottweiler
Life is dangerous dog breed is around 12 to 14 years life expectancy
After completing the first year,
Rottweilers are considered as adults. 1 year old Rottweiler human equivalent of 16 years. After completing 2 years, just add 5 years to find the equivalent human age
Usually, Rottweilers are considered not suitable for family pets

No 3: Huskies

The Huskies were plump and soft look, reports say that 15 people have died in the last 20 years due. These dogs are very energetic, they should be taken on regular walks States. A well-trained Huskey will be very faithful to the life of his family.

It weighs around 66 lbs.


Husky Facts

The Huskies have captured a place in the list of dangerous dog breeds, children are usually more friendly towards visitors and other dogs. But then, you should train them properly

However, improper training, poor socialization and bad social experiments like the aggressive factors may change

Due to its high shading Huskies often do not like people who are allergic to dog hair or want their home to be clean all the time

No 4: German Shepherds

“German Shepherd” is a huge and powerful creature. However, they are also reported to be more dangerous. That is why it has taken them up to 4th in the top ten list of most dangerous dogs. These dogs but when you are faithful service, they are not treated well, they can be very dangerous.

It weighs around 100 lbs.
·         German shepherd Facts

Although their aggressive nature was labeled them be as one of the dangerous dogs when they are trained properly, I believe – I say this to your best mate (and my personal experience I)

By nature, the German Shepherd food, is very fond of fun and friends

These dogs show more curiosity in search of their surroundings. If you own one, you must be celebrated. The query behavior that appears when he or she is a puppy

German shepherd can pick up great speed and anything or stops suddenly come around the same time.

German shepherd Shredder in a hair. If you have time to brush her hair every 15 minutes, you will still see the ball floating in the air. Brushes her hair every day if you want to keep your home health care

German shepherds in the “hip dysplasia”, which occurs on many different types of diseases, are subject to hunting, although the most common cause of poor breeding practices

No 5: Alaskan Malamutes

Top 10 most dangerous dogs list list, Alaskan Malamutes are very intelligent races. Just like the Huskies, they are very energetic. However, when the energy is not used in a positive manner, they can turn aggressive.

It weigh around 100 lbs.
Facts About Alaskan Malamutes

Alaskan malamutes are slow learners. So you will need a lot of patience to train dog breeds

These dogs are prolific hair shedders. Just what is up with the Alaskan Malamutes for your home and the very hairs of your home to see soon

Alaskan Malamutes have the ability to create a variety of sounds to convey their needs to you. As these dog breeds enjoy human company, you have to spend a lot of time with them to keep them happy

She also needs a lot of energy, exercise, love and attention. Exercises often times abuse & Malamutes that reduction can turn very dangerous

The funny dude with well-behaved children

It insisted dog breeds to allow you to become a part of your family activity

No 6: Doberman Pinschers

Dobermans are known for extensive vigilance, loyalty and intelligence. You can see almost everywhere to protect their dogs. It usually attack when his own family is facing some kind of threat. It also takes over when it is made.

It weighs around 65 to 90 lbs
Doberman Pinschers Facts

This intelligent dog breeds are often referred to as “dog with a human brain”. Although the Doberman Pinchers serve you faithfully, you still have to train them properly with your leadership. Otherwise, if he is the leader

These dogs will do best when they have done. Can they can, t sit in your business to help you and suddenly your lap to watch TV. However, they are specific to the completely alien.

If the Doberman Pinchers can own estimates. So if your family is being threatened, you do not need to say a word. They automatically sense and will do everything to protect you

This dog is extremely intelligent and energetic, but proper training can cause behavioral issues. This has made the list of dangerous dog breeds why.

They are more sensitive to the sound of dog breeds. In fact, they can hear sound at a distance of 250 yards,

No 7: Chow Chows

These dogs are very independent. However, they are not breed with proper attention, they easily turn violent. As one of the top ten most dangerous dogs, weighing in at around 70 pounds.

Chow Chow Facts

Chow Chow dog breed is the only breed of dog violet lips and tongue

Starting from China, Chow Chows are 4000 years. Therefore, they are all believed to be one of the oldest dog breeds. Some experts believe that these dogs were believed to have been developed from wolves.

Chow Chows are usually stubborn. But, this training and they are young is good for them as they socialize more dominant

Zhou completed 1 year, they should be considered an adult Chows

No 8: Great Danes

The Great Denmark where they also claim to be descendants of the unique charm of the dog. It weighs around 200 pounds of dogs. Since they are too big, you can imagine the kind of fear that they could pose an opponent. Even if you are fond of dogs, when suddenly you look at it, it can surprise. However, they must be trained with exercises in a number of great Denmark. On the other hand, if you fail to give the kind of attention it needs, it starts to rebel. Long walks are necessary to breed the dog.

These dogs weigh around 200 pounds.
Facts About Great Danes

“Giant George”, a Great Dane was measured 43 inches tall but weighed only 245 pounds. It never made a Guinness record for the world’s tallest dog. This is a short sweet story about Gentle Giant. You can read more about this here: “top 10 largest dog breeds in the world”.

Apartment living is great for a big dog breed. Just half an hour walk a day can keep fit great Denmark

The rapid rise of the Great Danes. Within a year, it could grow to 6 feet tall

The dog breeds barely eat their food

Great Danes are one of the emotionally sensitive dog breeds. They will not respond to harsh training methods. On the other hand, anxiety is easily (in less than one hour) can kill a dog.

You even have a friendly Scooby Doo can not expect a poorly bred Great Dane

No 9: Boxer

The “boxer” is listed in the top 10 are not aggressive by nature the most dangerous dog breeds. Boxers are intelligent and very difficult to train. These dogs used their energy in a positive way, then stay energetic throughout the day.

It can weigh around 70 lbs.
Facts About Boxers

In the United States, the boxer’s sixth most popular dog breeds

The soldiers brought them home as pets, they became popular after WW-II
Boxers is loud snoring from one fill in the funny facts

In the past, you can see boxer in the ring circus performances. Because they are more intelligent and easily trained. Thus, people used to make money

In fact, these dog breeds were developed in Germany. There is still used as police dogs

Boxers are loyal and die to make you happy. But you hardly punish them for their misconduct, they will be worse off

No 10: Akitas

Akitas are very bold dog. They are not very dangerous. They can be controlled easily with little training.

Facts About Akitas

Akitas are loyal and fearless companion for your family

This dog breed can not be will not back down from challenges in any situation and scare so easily

If you do not train and socialize them properly, it can still hurt bold love animals and turned into one of the most dangerous dog breeds

6 Tips To Handle A Dog’s Aggression

Anyone would love to see an aggressive pet in his or her home. Now talking about dogs, it would be jumping and playing around but suddenly, it can turn violent. Therefore, you should control how such a dog? Here are a few tips to prevent this behavior listed below.

1.If You Have 2 Or More Dogs fighting Often, Separate Them

Chances are that you can be your own 2 or more dogs at home and that they could not get along well with each other. For example, they are fighting over food, – – it is the most aggression problems then think about a wise solution. Feed them in separate rooms. The strategy is very simple – you have 2 dogs, who can not sell together, then walked them separately.

2.Obedience Training

All comes down to your dog’s behavior the way you are “trained”. Obedience training a dog he or she follow a few things and one of the best ways to teach how the perceived value of your authority.

3.Keep Him Busy

In some cases, when a dog is not aggressive to do. Therefore, it is a 20 to keep your dog busy with outdoor walk 30 minutes to play in the backyard with a few toys or a ball. They also have a lot of energy when, bored, upset or feel the lack of attention – aggression is more likely.

4.Know Your Dog’s Fear

When a dog can go out of control, who is afraid of something. So, as a dog owner, you know your dog is afraid of him or expect to take the necessary measures to overcome it. But try to correct the sentence.

5.See A Vet

Even health problems can trigger aggression. Let’s say, for example, if your dog is sick or a lack of proper nutrition, then do not delay in taking him to a doctor. The right treatment at the right time is more important. Otherwise, you will encounter violent behavior from your dog.

6.Get A Professional Help

Everything else fails and you still see very often behave in a way your dog, then get professional help. A dog trainer, well experienced and I know that your dog can handle better. They can help your dog overcome behavioral problems, including aggression. Do not wait until it’s too late.

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