Top 10 Most Creepiest Places On Earth You wont Want To Visit

Top 10 Most Creepiest Places On Earth You wont Want To Visit

There is 2 sides to everything. Our mother nature has some beautiful places which are capable to feel heaven on earth. At the same time, our land dreamless unexplainable You can change the scariest nights filled with mysterious places.

Who went through the haunted places here they heard screams from somewhere, the feeling of being in a fog saw shadows and experience other physical discomfort. Now you are ready to get an interesting experience the creepiest places on earth?

No 10 : Humberstone and LaNoria, Chile


He was working as a booming mining towns of the creepiest places on Earth until a few decades ago, though it is said to be 2 ghost towns today. However, two of the cities due to the recession in the year 1960 was abandoned by its inhabitants.

But it has risen La Noria cemetery and dead people used to walk at night is being rumored. In hamberstone people have reported the presence of ghostly images on their photos. Which can be, you can be fully exposed bodies to the cemetery of La Noria. Questions, for ghosts or ghost was featured on the show Destination Truth is scyfy robbers.

No 9 : Riddle House, Florida

In this house was purchased by Carl puzzle in 1920, when the history of this house is already traced back decades, it stuck with shocking Spot funeral parlor. The extraordinary activities only after Joseph when he hung himself in the attic of the house employee of the puzzle. After entering the attic of the house were believed to be attacked by him. Now prohibit the entry into the house. In the attic, is said to be haunted as well as other places of the house. Repetitive motion is recorded in furniture. This house is considered as one of the creepiest places on earth.

No 8 : Komodo Island, Indonesia

The island of Komodo Dragon, is being ruled by the world’s largest lizard species. You are entering the island, you will be smelled by Cannibalistic, hunting monsters in them. These monsters have a very nice smelling senses. He could smell the arrival of the first couple of miles.

On this island, no one can hear you scream heard the Komso Dragon. It is terrible lizards can not take Howling high frequency sounds such as human pain. So please make sure you never even dreamed of being the creepiest place on earth.

No 7 : Antarctica

As we are talking about the creepiest places on Earth, I can not miss out on the Antarctica. It was filled with full of darkness during the winter. You may not see the sun during the months of September to March. Needless to say about the temperature in the Antarctica. It comes down to -60 C.

The only continent on this planet is not local. Even if you do not die due to temperature and darkness, the sense of isolation will be dead.

No 6 : Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania

200 of the sudden disappearance of the shepherd of the sheep has gained “Romania Bermuda Triangle”. The idea of living people who will never go back to those enters the forest. If the complaint notice that the people who have returned from the forest to a physical loss, headache, scratches, burns, vomiting, rashes, vomiting and abnormal physical sensation of nausea.

Journey to the creepiest place on earth that visitors, giggling, what they observed a strange phenomenon like orb sighting of lights listen to the voices of women, in 1968 the feeling of being watched, etc. In Barnea Emil a military technician, a saucer-like object image above took a strange forest.

No 5 : Mütter Museum, Pennsylvania

Undoubtedly should be included as one of the creepiest places on earth muttering Museum. But it is very useful to the general public, doctors and researchers. Anyway, it is vulnerable to attack by those who hear-ted, it will bring a bad dream. The museum Beware.This malformed body parts, fetuses, is filled with full of destroyed and wax statues of various diseases.

A full-size wax statue museum muttering famous twin brothers living Chan and Eng. Worst of all healthy bowel windbag, the lower part, every imaginable form of a human body parts with a worm with a flexible central eye and nose.

No 4 : Leap Castle, Ireland

Leap Castle, today regarded as one of the most haunted places in the world was the work of the tribe “Ely’s O’Carrolls” principal set. Death O’Carroll year high in 1532 has burst out of power (leadership) of a family. It is also a brother against brother. O’Corrolls brother was murdered by his brother, he was a priest who was carrying out the rite rituals and died in front of their family members. This cruel act of murder has sent an echo of suffering of the empire. The creepiest place on earth is now known as the Bloody Chapel. Since then gained the reputation of being haunted castle. This bloody chapel where prisoners in a small room with the thrust and was forced to land on an 8-foot drop spike destination setup. The unlucky survivors who had experienced a spike through unimaginable pain until his death. The room was discovered by workers and clean when they found piled on top of each other the whole cart load of 3 human skeletons. Laptop addition to the bloody history of the castle, the palace is guarded by an unknown underlying strength.

In 1991, the most haunted place in the world is sold to its current owner. Open throughout the year all the difficulties he has to face the restoration of this building, the music, building with lots of laughter and spooky castle of dancing.This reopened. But strictly no accommodation will be provided.

No 3 : Kabayan Mummy Caves, The Philippines

This man is known as a mummy caves of Benguet Kabayan mummies or mummies or different names Ibaloi mummies. After these caves contain a group of fires Mummies are well protected, they are dealing with the most vulnerable on the ground and are declared as the creepiest places. Unique is made unique mummies from the rest was used to preserve bodies. Between by Ibaloi tribe mummies are believed to have been born in 1200 & 1500 AD. Kabayan mother is not an easy task to reach the most haunted places in the world like caves.

No 2 : Island of the Dolls, Mexico

This wonderful place is located in the canals of southern Mexico. The island can be hung in the most terrible dolls hundreds of trees, fences and every available space. Visual empty eyes, severed limbs, decapitated heads are threatening even in bright daylight. Just imagine, will show how hauntingly dark?

Just like all other creepiest places on earth, the origin of the dolls island has emerged as a tragedy. It is legendary Don Julian Santana (mm island’s only inhabitants) The body of a drowned girl 50 years ago, he was haunted. Whenever he saw any doll floating in the river, he began to have hung in trees to please her. Julian troubled mind does not appear to be satisfied by a doll hanging from a tree. And he continued to collect dolls and doll parts canal and filled every tree in the islands. The day he died in 2001, drowned in a river as a child never to underestimate stopped hanging dolls.

This strange and haunting story did not get more attractive to the public and media during Julian’s life, but it took an interesting twist to his death.

Now dolls Island, has been done by the members of a family of Julian’s creepiest places in the world is going as a tourist attraction. Several international television crew down here and try to prove as haunted.

Have you ever in Southern Mexico, will feel the experience of being the most haunted places on earth want to walk the earth, and their dolls. The most terrible experience is guaranteed.

 No 1: The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

Sometimes our best efforts on the one hand, scientific research and pursue a different path in an unplanned direction. You must have heard about accidental discoveries. Here’s a different story. Rightly or “gates of hell” “Derweze” name creepiest place is 230 feet wide drilling platform in the middle of the dessert in Turkmenistan. In the year 1971, with the thought of finding natural gas reserves were actually made by Soviet scientists. However, in an unplanned direction has been set and the fear of spreading poisonous methane gas. Researchers have established a volcanic crater with the hope they will be burned out completely in a few hours. But here comes the twist. 40 years have passed. It still, the Kindle attracts thousands of tourists and adventurers from all over the world by. For one, they are one of the creepiest places on this site, spiders love and seem to be thousands here.

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