Top 10 Modeling Agencies in India 2017

Top 10 Modeling Agencies in India 2017

Modeling, today we are not in a nitpicking at one of the hot selling jobs in the country. It’s fashion and witnessed its fair share of India’s development when it comes to dressing sense over the years.

With the development of a high-fashion industry at the top, at a height requirement for models. Model and ad campaigns and many modeling agencies that specializes in providing other services like fashion shows. We compiled a list of the best modeling agencies in the work on this issue as the light Sochi.

So you eager to unravel the list? Here you go, ‘Top 10 Best Modeling Agencies in India’ is placed down below for you.


1. Jasmine Model Inc.

Standing on top of the list Jasmine model, Inc. is headquartered in Mumbai. The agency has been in existence since 2010 and has already made a name for himself. It specializes in the main proceedings as part of the female and male models, portfolio shoots, castings, international models and more.The agency is already one of the success stories of the hull by the statistics. Different top companies have knocked their doors for modeling and casting services.

Address- Mumbai- 53
Phone No- 91 9920280414

Well, there you go looking for the best picks among modeling agencies, we do justice to the search.We hope to return next time with more of hope. Until then, the Adios!

2. INGEA Models

INGEA models, modeling of a top circuit was placed second on our list. It has been in existence since 1990 and has offset its services with high capacity after the success of the establishment. Company based in Mumbai and is an obvious choice for many seekers.Agency female and male models, fashion shows, fashion specializes in event management, Indian models and more.

Address- Mumbai- 50
Phone No- 91-22-26040679

3. Urban Model Management Agency

Next modeling agency in our circuit, the increase in urban Model Management agency. It has been functioning since 2013 and is now spreading to Matt.

The agency serves men and women, casting, ad production, international models and basic services to Indian models.

Address- Mumbai- 52
Phone No- 91-9699989999

4. Kaalia International Modeling and Casting Agency

Bangalore and South India, Kaalia related to an international modeling and casting agency premier modeling agency, it is the third in our list. Agency running since 2008.

These services, castings and shoots portfolio features a female and male models, international models, the Indian model. The agency has already seen aninflux companies near them to shoot more films and advertising.

Address- Bangalore-78
Phone No- 080-041722602, 91-903-694-0623

5. Crizare Modeling Agency

When it comes to famous names and one in the southern region of the United States Agency amodeling, Crizare picks in the fifth on our list. Agency activities related to modeling flows in the region Chennai overseas.It has been in existence since 2010 and specializes in portfolio shoots to fashion shows, ad production and casting.

Address- Chennai-40
Phone No- 9941919666

6. Runaway Agency

In sixth grade enrollment rate runaway agency based in Mumbai. The agency is one and it comes to the overall modeling agencies in Mumbai, India famous names.It started back in 2013, and female and male models, international models, had been serving the Indian model with casting services.

Address- Mumbai-32
Phone No- 

7.  South Cast Professional Models Agency

A leading modeling agency in India, South Beach is next on our list, a professional model agency. It is located in the center of modeling and cinema in Mumbai, India. The company has seen a greater effort by the players in their service model, fashionista and ad campaigns.

It was founded in 2012 and casting, portfolio shoots, international models, fashion shows, advertising production, event management, and have been accounted for.

Address- Mumbai-53
Phone No- 91-9892041516

8. Star Models Agency

With its base in Delhi, the capital, next to the star model agency featured on our list. When it comes to modeling capital is one of the big names.

The agency was founded in 2010 and has been running successfully since then. It offers services for men and women, casting, portfolio shoots, Indian models, international models.

Address- New Delhi-19
Phone No- 91-9999381917

9. Auraa Models

Auraa models in the new entry, based in the capital New Delhi. The agency is another example of the names of the brightness offered his services as a modeling agency in the nation.Was founded in 2011 and has seen great success over the years. The main services include male and female models, international models, Indian Models, casting, portfolio shoots and more.

Address- New Delhi-17
Phone No- 91-9811661055

10. Nudeye Productions LLP

Nudeye enter our list of productions with the first entry in the LLP. The agency is one of the best rated ones for the modeling related activities. It is based in New Delhi, the capital of modeling and fashion shows monitoring.

It was founded in 2010, men and women, Indian Models, has been offered as a fashion show and event management.

Address- New Delhi-11
Phone No- 91-9818732888

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