Top 10 Major nuclear reactors in India 2017

Top 10 Major nuclear reactors in India 2017

Nuclear power plants are one of the main backbones of the Indian power supply. These power plants play an important role in providing electricity to every corner of the country. In most countries stopped using nuclear energy to generate electricity. But like India rely on nuclear energy to generate electricity is still some developing countries. The other sources are the way to supply more than 30 million homes and expensive industry. Satisfy the country’s electricity needs from nuclear energy. There are several power plants in our country. But some of them are used for low power output.


Here is the list of large and well-known power plants in India.
1. Kovvada Nuclear Power Station
Kovvada has the power to generate 9564 megawatts of electricity when it was built. The project had yet to begin. Construction of the station began in 2018 and 2024. The project was located in Andhra Pradesh is expected to come into operation.So here are the top ten in the country’s nuclear energy to build a powerful country which is a list of plants

2. Mithi Virdhi Atomic Power station
It is also one to produce 9564 megawatts of proposed projects under construction in India. It faces huge opposition from locals. The project was located on the Anaga village in Gujarat.

3. Jaitapur Nuclear power Station
The agreement to build a nuclear reactor for power production capacity to 9900 MW European pressure had built reactors was on December 6, 2010. An agreement was signed for the supply of reactor fuel for 25 years before French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister, Mr.Manmohan Singh. If built, it will become the largest nuclear power generating station in the world.

4. Kudankulam Atomic Power Station
This power station was recently built in 2013. It began its operation was built with the help of Russia. It was located in Tamil Nadu gold Kalem village in Tirunelveli district of the state. Currently, the largest power plant in India. It is also having the capacity to produce 2,000 megawatts of electricity from the reactors. The opening ceremony was held on the 17th of February 2016 and April 2016. The two reactors completely, it began its operations in the power of 4000 MW is produced in the nuclear power station currently plant.These India in the running. Power plants are proposed to be built in and are building those.

5. Tarapur Atomic Power Station
Tarapur Atomic Power Station was located in the city of Tarapur in Maharashtra state. This is the old nuclear power plant, currently still operational in India. It was built through a 123 Agreement between India, the United States and the International Atomic Energy Agency. The first two units are proposed to be built to produce 210 megawatts of electricity to some technical setbacks, but it was reduced to 160 MW. it starts. Currently, generating 1,400 megawatts of electricity around the station.

6. Rajasthan Atomic Power Station
Rajasthan Atomic Power Station was built with the help of Canada. It was based Canadian plant reactor nuclear reactor built as Plan from Douglas. Rajasthan reactor up with a plan to build two nuclear reactors each with a capacity of 220 MW was started its construction in 1963. This is extended to 1180 MW and 220 MW reactors put two more relays and a 100-megawatt reactor and a second 200 MW reactor. Combined power output from the station is 1180 MW. Build another two reactors work is going on to produce 700 megawatts of electricity each reactor.

7. Kaiga Nuclear Power
Kaiga nuclear power plant is operated by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India. Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka, near the river was black. This unit is 4 units of nuclear reactors. The capacity to produce 220 MW of them. The fourth unit began operations in 2010 and Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Pondicherry joining with the other three reactors to generate 880 megawatts of power, which supplies power to the southern states. The uranium fuel for the local station.

8. Kakrapur Nuclear Power Station
Kakrapur Vyra power station was located in the Indian state of Gujarat. It also consists of two pressurized heavy water reactor. It uses heavy water as the moderator of the reactor nuclear power plant. This is one of the heavy water reactor in India using. Two reactors have the potential to generate 440 MW. 6th reactor began its operations in May 1993 began the operation.

9. Narora Atomic Power Station
Narora nuclear power station has the capacity to produce 440 megawatts of electricity to India. The city was located in the district in Uttar Pradesh. It has two units. The first unit starts its commercial operation on 1st January 1991 and the second unit of the two reactors of 220 MW power generating unit has the ability to start its operations on 1st July 1992.. It was maintained by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited.

10. Madras Atomic Power Station
Madras Atomic Power Station was built in 1984 and is one of the largest power plants in India. It used to produce 470 megawatts of electricity through two reactors. The plant also includes a fuel processing system for waste management, construction of fast breeder reactors plutonium fuel. It is one of India’s first indigenously built power plants. construction is.

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