Top 10 Interesting Facts About The Indian National Congress Party (INC)

Top 10 Interesting Facts About The Indian National Congress Party (INC)

At present, there are several political parties in India are providing social responsibilities towards society. But before the party, we do not have known or seen the previous Congress, the Indian National Congress in the fight for India’s freedom. INC was established in the year 1885 the Theosophical Society of Indian and British members. Political party, began to remove the Rajiv Gandhi Nehru, the majority was strong, but 2004-2014 the UPA, the Manmohan Singh-led government help in the form of regional unity are part of the government which made them turn led to only 44 seats in the 543-member.

Party basically individual freedom and social justice, secularism and religious rule and teachings from the beginning right to the balance, verification of social liberalism. But, there are also following other interesting facts about the party:

1. Civic Nationalist Party

The party follows the nationalist and freedom, tolerance, equality, rights and values that supports civic nationalist party. Support for India’s foreign policy is aligned with the party of non-alignment to Western and Eastern Bloc during the Cold War. The party which has launched several projects to support the party’s values over the power of the Rural Health Mission, Unique Identification Authority, Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and the RTI Act.

2. Party for the people, by the people, and from the people

Party workers and activity are mainly made common cause of the people of Rights and amendments so that the burden does not suffer Ant. The most important information to the people who gave them the right to transparency with regard to query any element.

3. Dominating the country for many years

The party had dominated the country during or after the incubation of several years of freedom. When we talk about the golden age INC This is far from the 1985-98 Rajiv Gandhi and Rao.

4. Major role in uprising the country participation

Nothing to start with how to run the country since independence, and the country was. INC is the only country in which the Drafting Committee Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and the man was headed by a group to draft the choice of the circle. These run the country’s direction and values of the country and had to make a prosperous community.

5. Role in revolution

Party plays an important role in the economic base of the country. There is only one source of income is farming country. It began to produce Nehru and Shastri period during which captured the green revolution, replacing the milk revolution, and increases the industrial revolution most of the country’s income and employment opportunities for Indian people. The famous slogan “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan” in order to emphasize the country’s defense and agriculture, India Red was launched by former President Bahadur Shastri. During his government was built to improve irrigation famous Bhakra Nangal Dam in India.

6. Rose up as a mass movement

There are the party of freedom and it is freed from the clutches of British rule. During the partition of Bengal and freedom by the indigenous movement in which Sir Henry Cotton Surendra Nath Banerjee and turned into a mass movement when the party was in the process since 1905. The party was divided into two large groups, a moderate, Gokhale and other extremists, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, and Bipin was led by Chandra was led by Paul.

7. Major role in resolving outbreak

Paid a close eye on the two outbreaks that occurred during the division of the country into India and Pakistan. The British government confirmed that as a result of conflict and unrest in large parts of the seeds of Hindu-Muslim country. So, just INC decided to declare Pakistan as the predominating country under the guidance of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan.

8. Depending on moral and values

Party on moral values and ethics dilemma to keep them up to serve the country well and efficiently. As the Party Congress, which is basically the principle of Sarvodaya, the government subsequently removed religion caste and class-related problem in the following Indira Gandhi’s government.

9. A crucial role in developing the defense

The party founded and developing an important role to play in strengthening the defense of the country to protect citizens from any alien force.

10. Controversies and political interference

Faced party, however, and many conflicts and resulting mainly through the intervention of the party which loses the percentage share of the electoral vote during Indira Gandhi’s period. INC has been announced emergency rule in the country was the 25th June 1975 and officially ended on the 23rd March 1977.

Many issues were discussed and the INC but it is party to some very important role in India’s independence from British colonial rule in India, it is true. Which means that the government lift the section mainly adhere to the principle of Gandhian Sarvodaya.

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