Top 10 Hollywood Movies Featuring Hackers

Top 10 Hollywood Movies Featuring Hackers

The World Wide Web was launched and has since become the ubiquitous personal computer and Internet concepts in world wide hacking and movies online, many cinemas in everything. After all, an act of hacking community is very smart, and we are a part of our online and real-world I like it or not before the hackers.

This list of 10 most perceptive Hollywood movies hacking and who delved features of the lives of people in this notorious habit.

1. Hackers by Iain Softley – 1995

This is the ultimate film about hacking, as the film was ahead of its time. A very small and few other actors starring Angelina Jolie, the film intelligently hacking and online Internet cosnpiracy arrested before culture became a household term.

2. Antitrust by Peter Howitt – 2001

The film revolves around a young and promising computer programmers work life and exploits suddenly become battleground for good and evil. The film was seen by the little film fans.

3. The Net by Irwin Winkler – 1995

It delved into chilling and suspenseful film online identity theft. Sandra Bullock was a systems analyst Angela Bennett, whose life is suddenly taken away from falling victim to identity theft uses as a foil to a massive robbery of a syndicate. The critics praise the film for being ahead of its time.

4. Pirates of Silicon Valley by Martyn Burke – 1999

This movie made for television: Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Apple Innovation Competition highlighted as competitors to innovate and to develop personal computer with Steve Jobs. It has been praised by film critics to believe the story of the riveting performances of actors and its leadership.

5. Track Down by Joe Chapelle – 2000

This film is a computer hacker and sensitive government data and Tom Berenger as it continues to elude government forces as they use the latest computer technology to delve into the secrets of acting. He is against the law to run across an intelligent computer hacker.

6. War Games: The Dead Code by Stephen Gillard – 1983

This intelligent film, having shot over the World Wide Web and the personal computer 80 having yet been discovered or when not fully realized, was ahead of its time. The film, which plays a game about a boy said, there was a real effort revolves around the game of spying for the government to realize that not worth it.

7. Swordfish by Dominic Cena – 2001

It was an all-star cast of the film includes Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Don Ceadle, and John Travolta. Jackman caused by the role of a computer hacker for the best hacking skills was recruited against his will to perform a bank robbery. The film was a moderate box office success.

8. Live Free or Die Hard by Len Wiserman – 2007

90 popular action star Bruce Willis, film’s fourth installment starring the popular dye cyber to sell accident as a result of the hard films terrorists the banking system hack out who Wills’ Finds characters hunt of financial assets. Film heralded the return of Bruce Willis, who at intervals of several years.

9. The Matrix by The Wachowski Brothers – 1999

Keanu Reeves to control an alternate world of machines and the human population subjugated and plans to use the heat energy into power which reveals stars in this very insightful film as a computer programmer is. This increase was a huge box office hit 2 more sequels. The so-called “Bullet Time.” Popular

10. Untraceable by Gregory Hoblit – 2008

Her film roles to his “deep trouble incredible women together” Diane Lane starred. Set in the west coast state of Oregon, the film is loosely based on the number of hits on your website, features a crazy hacker who kills his victims. The film failed at the box office, but is still considered a classic in its depiction of cyber crime.

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