Top 10 highest paid TV actor in the World 2016

Top 10 highest paid TV actor in the World 2016

For a few people, and financially rewarding – in television niche is highly competitive. Conditions are good, especially if you – producers and agents usually have to pay millions of stars to be able to keep on his show.

Take a look at the top tv actors and how much they are getting for acting on their shows:

1. Jim Parsons – “The Big Bang Theory” 

$1.6 million per episode

Richest emo dude on the block! Parsons Parsons $ 30 million brokered a deal with CBS to continue appearing on the hit comedy show with a deal that is said to make up to a year! Overall, the Big Bang theory of the actors most lucrative contracts in collective television history for himself!

2. Johnny Galecki – “The Big Bang Theory” 

$1.5 million per episode

He says the last laugh really geeks of the world. Similarly, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg? Dr Leonard Hofstadter in the comedy series, Galecki is one of the most profitable in recent memory lucrative television deals.

3. Simon Helberg – “The Big Bang Theory”

$1.2 million per episode

We rely pride in the series, but still cute character – he plays the role of Howard Wolowitz. He said that he is said to be the least intelligent among men without a PhD. As they pocket a million dollars per episode in the series, and perhaps in real life – he is the only character in the series that focus women.

4. Kunal Nayyar – “The Big Bang Theory”
$1.1 million per episode

Caltech sector plays an Astro – British Indian actor Raj Nayyar series in physics. He is a metrosexual who treat women poorly, the profit of the company. If you think the lights are already earning enough money by appearing on the series, you’re waiting to find out when members earn TBBT other cast!

5. Mark Harmon – “NCIS”
$830,000 per episode

Television veteran Mark Harmon net Criminal Investigation Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs Service (NCIS), as the police procedural drama stars. Harmon was NBC’s The West Wing to play the main actor in this enduring series was cut out of his recurring role. The producers did agree to a $ 20 million contract he signed.

6. Terrence Howard – “Empire”
$800,000 per episode

The castle is being called gamechanger television drama. It depicts a hip hop music mogul’s life and his dysfunctional family. A hip-hop record Lucious Howard Levin, is dying of cancer Empire label executive. The series features many great, great music, great acting, and also plays the lead actor A LOT!

7. Ty Burrell – “Modern Family”
$715,000 per episode

Sofia Vergara series of huge old stepson as Burell stars and sees himself as a loving husband and a cool dad. He is the highest paid male cast member of the modern family and really show good cause for his role as one of the funniest.

8. Jesse Tyler Ferguson – “Modern Family”

$685,000 per episode

Ferguson, Mitchell Pritchett, his partner a Uptight is the exact opposite of Cameroon, concerning gay man as the stars in the series. To appear on the show, which explains are the highest awards of the cast, and a whole lot of cash – the show is a hit critical and commercial period of 7 years.
9. Ed O’Neill – “Modern Family”

$655,000 per episode
Neil plays the role of patriarch Jay Pritchett. Known for dry and sarcastic sense of humor, Neal J. fact, a large number of cast members are a bit more money than they have the series’ relatively wealthy patriarch.
10. Eric Stonestreet – “Modern Family”

$650,000 per episode
Although he is said to be “open and direct,” Stonestreet of Modern Family in this role his partner Cameron Tucker Mitchell Pritchett, openly gay Jesse Tyler Ferguson is paid by contrast. Receives a fat paycheck from Stonestreet show producers – not to mention that he also won the most Emmy Award for her role in the show.

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