Top 10 Funny Social Media Facts Top 10 Social Media Funny Facts

Top 10 Funny Social Media Facts Top 10 Social Media Funny Facts

As we live in the digital era, social media has become an indispensable part of our lives. It continues to grow with the Internet. Believe it or any of the social media site for about one fifth of the population enrolled in a self.

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Fact 10

Regardless of age, sex, color, gender, and that the whole economic situation is one in which only the face. Deep inside, we all hope that our friends hit their likes and comments which we will post on your wall.

Fact 9

Having just been hit by a very thin line “getting used to Facebook” and “mental illness among”

Fact 8
One neighborhood in quick, personality or to spread out the news about the “only Twitter Tweet”.

Fact 7

If God decides to pass an important message to the people, they will no longer think of using the Messenger. Instead, they prefer Facebook banner ads.

Fact 6
Is often unknown friend requests is normal. When so much of the “Unfriend” is a rare that you have.

Fact 5

Any country that can be a leader is the most powerful force “number of Facebook friends and Twitter followers.”
Fact 4

Do you get hiccups, do not run away to get water. Just search the net for solutions. You can find a post that says “chances are there for you to die in a few hours”. You will be hiccups suddenly stopped! Shock treatment type! You agree with the facts of social media?

Fact 3

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Fact 2

Facebook Dyaktyutng their decision would adlt version Home Running account. All your friends Kanavu, the EU will now kick back tears.

Fact 1

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