Top 10 Christmas Shopping Horror Stories You Won’t Believe

Top 10 Christmas Shopping Horror Stories You Won’t Believe

This is the best time of the year. Snow is falling trees are lit, and around every corner there’s mistletoe. It’s a time when we are supposed to reminisce about their years and think ahead to our future. We should reflect on what you’re grateful for the time figuring out how to improve themselves in order to get more in the next year. We are reminded of what we lost and what we have to achieve. We are also reminded of how ugly the current population.

To enjoy all the holidays that year gave us a great time. And when it’s time to share and give to others, many people take this idea to the next level. The holiday is about finding the cheapest deals to get the best possible things. We, ourselves and extremely low prices to buy things for others, especially when they are obsessed with. Have been and always fun to any occasion to give gifts, but as brainwashed is consumerism and increase in capitalist ideology daily our heads, so people are all the holiday shopping you can save some trample is hard to imagine a time when I had no money on a TV will take place in a few years anyway.

1. Killed Over A Parking Spot

We mentioned above that the rumor about the group, before killing out there was some premeditation possibility. It is also carrying a gun in a toy store? The same two men, can be said to be in a parking lot. Were not related to the criminal gang. Instead, opened fire on top of each other just a parking space. Unfortunately, the shooting was fatal. The jerk who parks a thing to the next, you can fit for you, so no one. But that does not deserve a guy who makes the most unfathomable event, to be shot for it.

What about the people run wild on exactly? Tell us what you think, and with horror stories to tell us about any holiday shopping with us! Share with your friends and see what they say about the holiday shopping madness!

2. Two Shot In A Toy Store

Toy stores are the most innocent stores. He decided he wanted to spend our money first places, and getting to pick out something interesting enough to make our whole week. You Baby, Toys ‘R’ Us is probably the only place you wanted to be in on Friday. But the 2008 stores in California during Friday.

Was shot to death two men that day, a second, right store. The reason appears to be a fight between two women with men. There is an increased pulled out his gun and shot the bullet, and the back end of the shooting. Two people lost their lives, but women were safe. Children all around the store together. Fighting still was unknown, but really, to shoot another person, especially a Toys ‘R’ can not be a good reason in the United States.

3. Boycott Black Friday

The one thing that people have decided to boycott #blacklivesmatter groups involved in Friday’s upset of this year. This was just weeks before being killed by police responding to an innocent unarmed black man. He is to take money away from the city people’s attention, they will block off entrances to the shops and decided to not allow people into the store.

The way he made shoppers mad as they were not the amount of sales tax on big shopping during the day they can not spend their money, crazy shops as they could not make money, and the city Crazy. Pay attention to the matter, but opposition groups to get to! Funny part, people were angry with the protests, but they did not last long. They made the most of the shops were closed its doors just a few blocks away to another place, held in Chicago

4. Remember What It’s Really Worth

We save money and get a good deal is that we lose sight of that fact and realize all the things in our lives. A very silly scenarios that landed them in a difficult position in life that I found myself. If you are in public, even if you think for a second anyone could stir up trouble, perhaps you should consider before you have to empty out your pockets. But it was in his pocket, the man and user defined BoNamath story is in no way based in his right mind, it is safe to assume:

“Guy Best Buy trying to steal a Bluetooth speaker this Friday. We had caught them and called the police was looking for. The police removed three items discovered he was hiding.

Loaded gun (he did not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, nor was it registered)

Black tar heroin bags

3 speaker JBL Flip

$ 80 because she wanted a speaker who will be serving hard time now.

5. Is The Sale That Great?

Some people wait in line to buy things in the first place we go out of our way as ordinary. Read only and user Lineman72T story:

“I worked security at Target for 5+ years. For the city of a store in part rougher, I do not have too many horror stories. I like to tell a couple funniest [MANY initial crowd control] years earlier, there was. I always talk to people online, they will try to keep waiting in the cold while they entertain. line for about 13 or 14 hours before the couple were there. so we shop open, and electronics, toys, etc. in line and we deal all kind of full of towels that were on sale for $ 2 a shopping cart. that’s it. Enough towels. they out of line in the first and waited for more than $ 2 towels half a day for this. when I left after my 12 hour] shift, we still tons more full shelves, stockroom their towels with was ”

6. Just Your Average JCPenney Brawl

If you pay close attention to the video so funny. No one really seems to know what they are doing or who they are fighting. And that the situation of fact. The hurt of the people has ended up getting dismantled after a couple of security guards broke them. When asked why they were fighting in the first place did not have a direct answer either.

But it really gets excited on Friday. Saving more than a modest amount of money can not control their excitement that must have all the energy in the air by people. It also does not look as if this group of young people were either interested in buying anything. But on people of all kinds has become a social event that attracts. Who does not grumpy in the late hours of the evening and early hours of the morning? They stood for hours and listen to Christmas music under the bright lights more time in bed instead. Madness obvious.

7. When A Customer Calls The Cops

Police have put in place to protect us from danger. The risk does not seem to be missing out on sales. But for some, it does. Read only and user Thebootydiaries’ holiday shopping horror story:

“We want a woman to call the police at our store was sold out due to a TV. They also come in a lie … I was telling the truth.”

We also wasting money Lecture tax dollars here, need to get across? This woman actually thought the police would be able to accept the call for a problem that is bad enough. But a new and terrible idea to display the original! But hopefully it was in an area with a low crime rate, and perhaps they thought they were already in the area, just check to make sure. He is expected to give a lecture about the minimum lady and when to call the police.

8. Who Needs Sleep?

A lot of stories on the list has a rather comical. Mysz found themselves in first place in most of them, and no one was coming out was still banged up. But taken at the expense of a desire not to miss out on sales when the innocent lives? After losing two family members feel the risk of a fatal car crash on Friday.

Mom dad driving seat, the passenger in the car, and the rear seat of his four daughters. The only problem? Four, only three seats were crammed got to wear a seat belt at all, which means. That, unfortunately, is in an accident, and did not let the girls live. The most disgusting part of the whole story? Many of those car was equipped to carry out, but seats, the third row of Two Girls Who would sit down with the seat belt dead, folded down to make room for all on merchandise were.

9. Victoria’s Got A Dirty Secret

Sexy underwear may be necessary for some women. Confidence and you feel so good about knowing look in his underpants. But the point is to start throwing fists want to cause the perfect pair of panties? Especially in a such a crowded store, the video above. Imagine two girls look down and realize simultaneously they are fighting actually took the wrong size and no pair ended.

Which is really quick that it can be a bra and panty store? But it’s not really about the product after it just proves. In a way, this is an opportunity for our modern “clean” and to let loose for one night a year we only consume wild turkeys.

10. The Battle Of The Label Maker

At one point in time, we used to have to fight each other during meals. The animal still can not see why the region is getting a dog or cat bowl their food anymore. It put us in a war used to be important to equip them with necessary skills to make your next meal. Now, we could go in any shop or restaurant and to the right to food. They do not really exist as physical ability to fight. But on Friday, it is sure. And user awsnapitsrachel proves with his short story:

“I staple, I saw two young men get into a label MAKER above $ 30 a brawling fist fight.

…It was not the last one.

“Could you imagine if someone had labels considered by punching a man in the face after just fish and appreciate all of your labels?


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