Top 10 Bollywood Movies Based on Police Force

Top 10 Bollywood Movies Based on Police Force

Bollywood film industry has always used a number of articles of the largest film industry in the production of the world.It is best to focus their films. Bollywood film producer is hot favorite for a police force in between the cars. As well as the industry with the audience Police are so many films based’ve got a very fruitful response. These types of movies are competent actors to play the characters of a great police officers in careers.They confesses that play a special role in uplifting their careers.


Following is the list of top ten Bollywood movies that are based on police force:

1. Mardaani

The Bollywood film top the list that includes the story of a female police officer. Brilliant artist Rani Mukherjee plays the role.In movie, topics such as human trafficking, prostitution was brought to light.

2. Rowdy Rathore

The film, in the year 2012.It was the actress Sonakshi Sinha woman had Akshay Kumar as lead, was the. The famous choreographer Prabhu Deva film was directed. Akshay in the film is a dead police officer with a hood twin roles.

3. Khakee

Mr. Rajkumar Santoshi Khakeethat year 2004. The director of the film, Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan was negative role while Mr. Brown was fully clad in police cast a big star names like the pay.

4. Ab Tak Chappan

The list was based on the real life, the protagonist of the movie Ab Tak kind of encounter specialist after Chappan.It. Actor Nana Patekar plays a stellar role in the film. Shimit Amin, the film director, received wide praise for all the world.

5. Singham

The film was the main actor Ajay Devgan in Singham. The hard hitting cop role, Bajirao Singham named played. A top action director of the film, which was directed by Rohit Shetty. The film was highly successful at the box office.

6. Dabangg

Bollywood overbearing film was one of the films widely valued police. The film stars Salman Khan, police officer unforgettable character, Chulbul Pandey who plays the name. It turned out to be a great artist starch film of the year.

7. Kurukshetra

The next big name in the list that was based on the movie Kurukshetra police department. However, the film was a huge success, but people always remember the great act of actor Sanjay Dutt. She plays the role of an honest police officer.

8. Sarfarosh

Another police history Bollywood film industry is Sarfarosh.It Khan (Mr. Perfectionist) a strong cop movie Mr. Ajay Singh Rathore.His main objective of the terrorists and a veil who pays Slayer (played by character actor Naseeruddin Shah).

9. Gangaajal

Gangaajal movie director who is a stroke of genius by Prakash Jha. This talented actor Ajay Devgan.He features true police officer in the country as well as powerful character was involved in a fight against corruption and exploitation in the police department. Movies released in the year 2003 and was a phenomenal success.

10. Zanjeer

The movie chain is the tenth in the list. Police actor Amitabh Bachchan a brilliant early career of Bollywood.At, this film was strengthening his image as the angry young man “of Bollywood. The film came in the seventies and Jaya and mythology also.The story was engraved by Saleem Javed wonderful couple featured writer.

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