Top 10 Best Weird Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

Top 10 Best Weird Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

People do strange things for money. There are many people who work with a small working snuggling with paper towels aroma. Not only their jobs incredibly strange, but the workers get paid a ton! The 10 odd jobs to pay people a lot of money to do so.

1. Live Mannequin

This is probably the most boring work around today. It is still for those hours are paid to bear. It may seem strange, but live models may be more effective than plastic ones. It is certainly not for any random person. It is able to stand still for hours require a person. Although it is hard, it pays well. Usually a decent live mannequins $ 100 can receive one hour.

2. Ice Cream Tester

This is a very good thing and a love ice cream, which will probably love this job. Even the ice cream flavors tasting good or not can tell you, though it can only be carried out by food scientists. Food scientists to decide on the ice cream flavor, color, taste, smell, texture, and how it sounds. Sometimes they even invent new flavors of ice cream. The scientists who are paid each year to eat ice cream is not bad for $ 100K!

3. Paper Towel Sniffer

I agree, but if you will be lucky to get weird. It’s a lot of holes to work really hard to get to be. Before the paper towels that are sold to sniffers that they get paid to make paper towels smell any weird or strange smells. This paper towels smell is extremely difficult to get a job and it is said it is easy to get an acting job in Hollywood. It pays around $ 1,000 a week for general paper towels smells strange. Songs Cool!?

4. Personal Shopper

Most people get up and enjoy shopping, but sometimes it is difficult to make decisions. Personal shoppers advise you should buy. This may seem like an easy task, but it sometimes can be difficult. As a personal shopper you have to create relationships with your customers and understand their style. Freelancing private buyers usually make $ 65 an hour. > Best Jobs for Women.

5. Line Sitters

If you do not have a ton of lines to go somewhere else and do not really hate you, really long? The worst thing is that you have to wait in lines. Fortunately, you can pay someone to wait in line for you. There are so many companies do not need for you that will sit in lines. Sitters on line as the $ 20 that you are standing or sitting around is very good on this basis, that pay.

6. Golf Ball Diver

If you’ve seen the golf that you know sometimes the ball is hit into the water. For the job of a golf ball diver and fell into the water to get the golf balls. It sounds easy, but it can be extremely dangerous and you have to have strong muscles to drag a big bag of golf balls out of the water. Golf ball diver Sometimes alligators and other risks that dive into the water and collect golf balls. Then he returned to his balls sold or are independent contractors or depending on the golf course, they are providing a paid service to a golf course. It has been really hard, golf ball diver will be paid an annual $ 50k- $ 100K.

7. Face Feeler

You probably, it it made the idea of a real job but believe it or not. Fee feelers to test people who are using things like cleaning products on the face. A facial products are being used a feeler face after it has been used in the product and sensory skills. Feelers fees are also a sense that faces specialists sensory scientist. feelers fees are a few hours and get paid around $ 25 an hour.

8. Waterslide Tester

This is a very strange and weird but not exactly fun and cool. A trip to the Waterslide auditor of the water park and it takes so much fun slide show, test, and will tell any Waterslide company an auditor if there are safety concerns. It’s fun, for many countries to get on board and cash while traveling slide and can sometimes be tough to different places. Around the average salary of around $ 30,000. Do you think you can be a successful Waterslide tester?

9. Dog Food Tester

Taste testing is a normal thing, but when you taste you probably think of thinking about human taste test, but are paid for tasting dog food. Dog food brands of dog food and taste testing, hire people to decide based on things like nutrition, and they judge the food from its packaging. Fortunately, most dog food testers who spit out the dog food before ingesting. All weirdness aside, they get paid a ton! A food testers average salary of about $ 40K in general.

10. Professional Snuggler

Although it may sound strange to you, many people pay for this service. The average professional Snugglers probably paid a lot of money which is ideal for this concept of shame. These professional Snugglers usually get paid $ 60- $ 80 an hour for their services. Japan.

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