Top 10 Best Values 2017 wheat bread brand in India

Top 10 Best Values 2017 wheat bread brand in India

India rice and chapatis are replaced by bread and bakery items for breakfast as usual before the basic principles of food anybodies. As we are living in a fast and modern life, you shall live long in the kitchen. This is something that can be eaten without cooking or baking bread. At the point when your breakfast and snacks of bread and bakery goods are from, it is particularly important to the quality of wheat bread.

It is one sort of brown bread. Listed below are top 10 best wheat bread brands in India with price

1. Britannia 100% whole wheat bread

Britannia whole wheat bread, you can start your day on 100% whole wheat bread for food products based on the nature of the Britannia a support and a delightful note.Britannia with this goal, the best freshly baked and the amazing thing. This process is fantastic, choose 100% whole wheat grains. After the bread is rich in essential supplements by the body. Britannia from 100% whole wheat bread, artificial colors, trans fats and cholesterol. This is a very good source of fiber. The bread is very delicate and fluffy chocolate spread, jam, can be eaten with cheese spread and butter for breakfast. Britannia over the years, has gained notoriety for himself in the line of bakery products in the world. It comes in at 400 gm and packing costs. 35.

This bread is lower in fat as the best sources of fiber is a staple part of the diet is a good design. The vitality of starch, protein, vitamins and minerals. In addition to whole wheat bread, B vitamins, iron, zinc, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients that provide supplements.

2. Harvest Gold 100% whole wheat bread

Harvest Gold and whole wheat bread with wheat bran fiber, a great source of protein, carbs, calcium and vitamins. Enhanced with vitamins and minerals, whole wheat flour, it is in a power-packed fresh and delicious food, and the only thing you need for a quick breakfast or a tasty snack after school or work, you benefit family.It deals without advertising available on the rupee. 20.

3. Bonn Atta Whole Wheat Bread

Bone brand has successfully spended almost three decades in the manufacture of bread. Bone ATA wholewheat bread 100% natural whole wheat flour, is a piece of solid food regimen rich in fiber and a great benefit and progress and prosperity. People can eat the bread premium, good honest praise bestowed wholewheat crisp and delectable taste for food is available in 400g packaging. The bread is free of cholesterol and trans fatty acids. It is available at a price of Rs. 25.

4. Modern Whole Wheat Bread

Fresh bread will do incredible espresso dependably as a snack. Start your day with delicate and delicious bread bakers presumed to be as modern. Is one of the leading food manufacturers in modern India. Top quality bread using whole wheat flour is heated and are prepared in clean conditions. Item contains high measure of natural fiber and food is delicious and nutritious in the meantime. Pack GM 450 is available on the weight and price of Rs. 35.

5. Muffets and tuffets Wheat Bread

Muffet tuffet bread and wheat bread flour is a healthy high-fiber and enriched protein in the nobility. Brad level of bloated, they are serving under the same roof completely. Pour the flour with a pile of spotless completed by the ideal flexible working, and the taste is great. Are with him, then he is ready and comes in packaging that is 300 grams adoration.It Rs. 40.

6. Nature’s own wheat bread

Due to the expansion of the inulin, chicory fiber is a feature that used up, the amount of fiber suppress craving a sandwich with bread per day was no less than 40. Thus it is a decent source of protein, which strengthen all your muscles in a bread rich supplement can help keep your digestive system active.

7. Lluvia Whole Wheat Bread

Lluvia ground whole wheat bread with crisp, frosty squeezed sunflower oil, prepared using yeast with rock salt with 100% whole wheat bread. The most important thing is not to grow food substances or additives. It is eaten fresh with a little touch of a spoon or butter best nectar. It is available at a price of Rs. 110.

8. English Oven Whole Wheat Bread

English oven is a delicious slice that contains high fiber cereal with Malted wheat chips and whole wheat bread. Delicate, tasty and wonderfully mild fluffier and is available to the very rich with someone else, his whole wheat bread oven, healthy ingredients and Rs value in every bite. 45

9. Wibs Whole Wheat Bread

WIBS mark the bread whole wheat bread Mumbai. It is made of wheat flour, starches, and the scene is high. A serving of 100 grams, as identified by its markings, large macro approximately 69 grams of fiber supplements. It is available in 400gm and packing costs Rs. 30.

10. Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Oroweat 100% whole wheat bread is made with whole grains, a good source of fiber, and cut sandwiches and adds more generous taste.

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