Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In America Today

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In America Today

Some people want to be entertainers or athletes spectacle. Want to become a social worker. It’s best to follow your passion. But what if the job does not afford us a luxurious home in New York City or your love will help you to take a world trip? If your work does not provide for proposals that tells you to set your career in a sign leading classical high-paid professions or emerging creative professions.

List of Top paying jobs in America’s leading career and includes some unexpected traffic controller professions. Take a look

Natural Science Manager

This is generally the atmosphere, is created in the field of municipal corporations, pharmaceutical companies and research and development. A natural science manager finance, should be aware of different aspects of running a business, marketing and sales. As compared to other best paying jobs in America, it is the low wages it takes tenth place. They should want to have academic knowledge, but they should be aware of different aspects above. Natural sciences managers should be well Gabby to make customers better. To attract customers and that they will be in a high position in the market for a particular product should be encouraged to buy their products. So as to become an expert in a particular area, he should also be aware of the financial system.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager is a very important and efficient post in every industry. Scale and scope of this company will be different for the company. Many people that have a different mind set. Marketing Manager to easily target customers are attracted to the mind of the people that catch the mind and matter. The company selects small classified ads and marketing manager to ignore the newspapers. The market will be high so that the manager must publish a particular product ad. But, large multinational companies pay will experience and firm to work will depend on what you are choosing to get a marketing manager to take care of their brand exposure, public relations and promotional activities, etc. This natural science manager salary Post is a bit high.

Information System Manger

Information systems manager is one of the highest paying jobs in America. It was the eighth place in the list of Best-paying jobs. This is a job position requires analysis of the company’s information technology. Most people in the field of information systems manager data analysts or software will start his job as a software programmer. This original software information management systems and data, will include selection. Your company’s IT is to ignore the security and other information technology issues. Nowadays, many people are in the field of information technology. There is no demand for the first, that job. However, there is no vacancy in this field. Gets down to pay for a large number of people choose this profession. But, compared to other jobs in the United States, it would be much better.

Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Air Traffic Controller position should require highly specialized knowledge, skills and expertise. This order, protected and trained to maintain air traffic air traffic control system. The controller is responsible for handling the landing and takeoff of aircraft. They should ensure that they stay on course while flying. This requires intensive training and pressure problems. They are America’s Federal Aviation Administration appointed by the government of a particular country’s aviation authority. In the US refer to them as controller Fight Media Air Controller. He also called the air traffic control or air traffic control officers as experts.


Lawyers involved in every aspect of society. Law, maintain social stability and political power mistakes and correct set of rules that are established by the sovereign government to deliver justice. The lawyer’s job is practically abstract legal theories. They should have the knowledge to solve specific problems. Lawyers are numerous types available. He was civil, criminal, family law, etc. Many lawyers, medical neglect, environmental regularities, insurance, etc various cases such deal, pay cases for lawyers is related to the number he had won handling and work experiences.


Dentist takes the fifth place of the best jobs in America. Dentist jaw, pediatricians and short-term oral surgeons. Dentist prevention, treatment, and health care, who specializes in the diagnosis of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity. There are in total demand as doctors and dental surgeons. More and more dentists are managing their own practice. To that practice, the management, navigation, human resources, finance management, etc. need additional skills like few others in the dentist on their payroll. Depending on the dentist’s salary experience.

Airline Pilot

Due to the extremely attractive and glamorous, is an airline pilot one of the highest paying jobs in the United States and around the world. Pilots who fly airplanes actively involved in one. He referred to them as happened otherwise. An airline pilot Airlines test aircraft and helicopters can fly. Airline pilot flying experience should be at least 1,500 hours so that they can easily become a commercial airline pilot. Salary will depend on experience with the airline and will have a great salary when compared to the top jobs in this profession. Profession is an essential process for all pilots training. Degree in aviation is good and it is not an essential process.

Engineering Manager

An engineering project manager will manage the design and planning of projects. A successful engineering manager needs experience and training in engineering and business. Manufacturing, construction, industrial engineering, production, technology, design engineering, product development, or engineering a few areas, like any other field in which they perform the engineering function. The engineering manager position is very important in large-scale projects and also include research design, and project coordination. There are many options available to the engineering management. A mathematician, computer courses like science or any science degree and a business degree must be completed engineering degree. Engineering Manager in a coordinated and mainly to other countries hope to cooperate with our company is working on international projects while counterparts. The salary depends on the job experiences. In many cases, the financial aspects of the engineering project manager is to take a look.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is ranked second. This is one of the top jobs in the United States. Normally, CEO of non-profit and more senior person or a corporate officer or administrator in a corporate office to manage a non-profit organization. A particular corporation to report to the Board of Directors of an individual, organization, agency CEO will be appointed as an officer or company. CEO is otherwise known as the managing director or chief executive. Chief Executive Officer of that particular top company management pyramid. CE is the only person who is responsible for the company’s operations and strategic decisions. CEO most directory are determined by the Chairman of the Board and shareholders. Financial income and varies according to the size of the corporate company. Salary will be higher than the above jobs in the United States.


The surgeon took first place in the paid jobs. This is one of the top jobs in the United States. This is because of the special nature of the work. Surgeon cutting the body does to a tear or rupture, repair or removal of diseased tissue from the body, such as animal or human for a particular reason, whether to provide medical treatment, which is included. Surgeons can either dentists, doctors, veterinarians or podiatrists. There are different types of surgeons and salary scale will be different according to the specialization in the field. Brain and heart surgeons from the US and around the world and play the surgeon.

These are the highest paying jobs in the US top ten. If you take one of these as your career, it will automatically change your future. As the wait can become one of the richest men in the area.

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