Top 10 Best Most Dangerous Cities In Europe

Safety is a key feature of any top priority in which where you live, work or travel the world, is the main factor. Using a number of crimes related factors, we look at the list of Britain, France and Italy for a number of the most dangerous cities which have come to a conclusion. Which include the factors crime level personal feelings from different people use, crime rate changes, safety walking alone, robberies and robberies concerns, robbery, threat of attack, being harassed angry contempt for local people the solicited by, ethnic, racial and religious intolerance.

1. Rostov on Don, Russia


It is the largest city in the southern federal region in southern Russia’s Rostov region and capital of Russia. It’s more than 1.1 million of the increase in population and crime rate is fueled by the civil war gun trafficking.

Yes, the aforementioned top 10 most dangerous cities in Europe. If you happen to be visiting the continent, try to do as much as you, to avoid these cities can. Share with friends so that they can be forewarned.

2. Bari, Italy

It is a port city on the Adriatic coast with a population of over 322,000 people in the capital of Puglia. This is according to the National Institute for Statistics. The crime rate is high with petty theft in turn, including street robberies discourage tourists who waterways. High levels of murder and violence caused by organized crime.

3. Turin, Italy

The mountainous Piedmont region’s capital, which is in the northern part of Italy. The population of 909,193 people. Business, cultural centers, and a vibrant city with industries. The establishment of anti-crime groups because local officials are overwhelmed by the presence of time – the report by the Overseas Security Advisory Council. Malicious damage to property and other crimes, including theft and robberies.

4. Naples, Italy

It is the capital city of the southern Campania region of Italy with a population of approximately one million people. The economic backbone lies in agriculture, tourism, and trade. The crime rate in the city is very high and it is up to between 28 and 40%, which is fueled by unemployment. Crimes include: the pick pockets, steal home, car break-ins, assaults, purse snatching and drugging. Organized crime is rife and profit from illegal, mafia groups of waste disposal temptation of controlling the spark operations Camorra families in the city.


5. Marseilles, France

It is a port city in France, which has an estimated population of 855,000. Grabs crimes in this area range from robbery, snatching and car break-ins, and hardcore crime valuables. This type of economic decline, which in turn, is due in the unemployment rate of 13 percent. City gang, murder, isolated, police corruption, control gang faces drug trafficking, and organized crime.

6. Lille, France

The population is approximately 227,560 people. Nord Lille is the capital city. In recent years, the increasing rate of unemployment and crime rates. Trading youth unemployment in France has been reported by 25.9 percent of Economics shows. The youth suffer because of insecurity in the subways passengers, and even sexually assault women.

7. Coventry, England

It is a town in the West Midlands county in central England with a population of around 329,800. Hot spots for criminal activity in Coventry Folehill, Willenhall, wood finish and Hillfields. The main activities include robbery crime, antisocial behavior, robbery, drug trafficking, robbery, theft, shoplifting, and sexual violence. The city has 100 people on average 4.78 per offense while in the United Kingdom 6.57.

8. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Netherlands is an industrial port town in the province of South Holland and a population of 616,456. The city and its port is used by drug traffickers to smuggle cocaine into Europe. As for the tourists visiting Rotterdam, the car breaking down in his fall victim to pick pockets, laptop, mobile phone and other valuables stolen. Especially at night it all, in airports, tram, transit stations. South is the most unsafe place due to unemployment, which has led to people being poor, Rotterdam.

9. Glasgow in Scotland

The population is 596,000 and has a moderate crime rate streets. Institute for Economics and Peace groups in 2013, on the classification, the homicide rate per 100,000 people as knife crime and violence that most of the increase in drug stood at 2.7 while in London, the same data, which is 1.67.

10. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina capital Sarajevo is a city with a population of 440,000. Which includes crime rates are moderate, auto theft, murder, theft, rape, property crimes, and opened fire on a regular basis, which is the largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Petty crimes like muggings and put it in the pocket of a particular public transport, and rampant in tourist hotspots around the city around.

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