Top 10 Best Free Online Music Players For Websites

Top 10 Best Free Online Music Players For Websites

Text reading, listening and watching is always better. You agree with me? If you are a blogger, then you can consider to embed on your blog or website Free online music player to enrich the user experience for your visitors. With audio or video player installed on your site, you can easily create message intended to reach anyone through a simple voice calm. They just sit back and listen. It’s really good. Forget about copyright issues. Here is a free online music players a whole bunch for the site. You can choose the one that seems most suitable to you. You do it at your website design can improve their free music players such as the color. The free online music players and what you want? I take you to him. Regardless of whether you are a new user or an experienced web developer, never introduction of free online music player hope. The music / video running a simple change to a website with the help of these free music players. You need to do is download the free online music players and hosted, for the website. Add any number of songs taken from those free music resources in the way you like and can proceed to arrange this or any other way you like the album’s title, genre, artist can. Right now explore in detail the top 10 free music player.

No 1 : Dewplayer

This is a free online music player with a clean interface. It comes in 3 different sizes

Money (160 × 20) Playlist (240 × 200) Multimedia (240 × 20) Classic (200 × 20) Bubble (250 × 65) installation is really easy. You use the HTML code that you can set MP3 and MP3 file name argument. To play well, you can use the 44.1 kHz encoded MP3 files. License: less free to download detailed instructions and general free for commercial use: Dewplayer

No 2 : JW-Player

It is claimed, is a free online music player to one of the Web’s most popular mp3 and audio player. With JW player can be handled by a format Adobe Flash Player to play any song. This free music player combines the strengths of both HTML and Flash.

This player works smooth on mobile devices. If the player can get off to a smooth audio and video streaming without worrying about them. This MP3, FLV, Mobile Mp4, AAC, PNG, JPG and GIF support. In addition, HTTP, RMTP, many play list formats and live streaming support. Detailed Instructions & Download: JW Player

No 3 : PodSnack Online free music player

This differs somewhat from the players mentioned above. This allows the user to just 3 simple steps to build their own music players. The free end custom, publish your taste.

Once you have your blog, you can embed into your website or just share your creation with your friends on social media websites you have your mp3 player. Detailed instructions and general free:

No 4 : Flowplayer

He’s a cool music player you can find online. It requires the player and hopefully satisfy everyone.

If you want to automatically download MP3 files flowplayer, has everything you need to put in the same folder on the player as the audio plug is loaded. Detailed instructions and general free:

No 5 : Flash Mp3 Player

This free music player that gives any webmaster and allow the user to play that you have Adobe Flash support any audio easy and fast way. To use it in your site, you do not even need programming knowledge, trust me. All you need, just embed this flash MP3 player in your site. That’s all. Self-scan automatically designated folder and will create a playlist of your choice. It highlights the following features represent

  • Automatic playlist creation
  • Fully customizable and resizable
  • offers standard player controls
  • Not but not least easy installation
Detailed Instructions & Download:

No 6 : MP3 Player

It is an open source custom flash music player which can be embedded on any blog or website. As it offers 5 different modes, you can choose yourself on a website that meets your needs.

  • Normal
  • Mini
  • Maxi
  • Multi &
  • JS
Detailed Instructions & Download:

No 7 : XSPF Web Music Player

One, a feature of a base, though, is a free online music player to make it to stand out from all the others. XSPF playlist format is supported. You know I did not hear of this format. XSPF XML stands able to share the playlist format. If you are a bit advanced user you may have known the power of XML. You do not? It is coded in the player Actionscript 2.eree

XSPF player comes in 3 different versions of the simple, button and extension.

Detailed Instructions & Download:

No 8 : Macromedia Flash MP3 Music Player


The Macromedia player can continuously play up to 25 tracks on your website. The choice is yours. You can manually set or just automatically put into play mode. You the player to your site by making changes to the HTM L color tag color can be customized. It is updated via dynamic control file, the player can play a track on any system without the need to install the Flash Player.

Detailed Instructions & Download:

No 9 : FlamPlayer

As free music player built in Flash, you can embed it in any HTML page. But your Web site may be supported by PHP and MySQL. While all the tracks stored in MySQL database. PHP scripts Flamplayer and act as a bridge between the track lists DB. You create up to us how fast or direct database manipulation can change any playlists that you have created, do not need to ask.

Detailed Instructions &

No 10 : Flabell Flash MP3 Player


This free online music player, you can customize everything from image size to effect transfer using custom XML. Just as all the other players, it comes with a whole lot of settings and features.

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