Top 10 Best Difficult Languages to Learn

Top 10 Best Difficult Languages to Learn

There are thousands of different languages spoken around the world. And it is very possible that you will do a thing in the language of the article, but the other nine languages certainly difficult for you. Since this article is written in English, we are focusing mainly on English, but we try to diversify as much as possible of the list. So let’s say 10 to learn about the most difficult languages.

1. Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin)

Although many different languages are spoken in China, but the most popular is approximately 1 billion is used by people (spoken first language by most of the people in the world), for a mandarin, which communication.

Almost all contain a large number of Chinese language characters and you must understand in order to recognize their majority language. At least 3,000 different character may only need to accept in order to get the basics. Newspaper this number goes up to 4000. While the Chinese scholar to read whopping dictionary contains more than 40,000 characters, you may be able to recognize 10,000 characters. But the work of this money will only be able to write or read Mandarin. Speaking the language is completely different story.

2. Korean

That’s out of Korea to learn the language of this alienation is very difficult. I’m trying to say here is that language is produced in very small and completely isolated part of the world. Why, Korea, is the lack of a common ancestor with languages surviving today, which is going on even though there is a debate, Korean and Japanese are related to each other. But if you are planning to learn Korean after listening to Gangnam Style, prepare yourself for some toe-crushing labor.

3. Japanese

It takes an enormous amount of preparation and hard work to get the basics of the language. Japanese have multiple pronunciations and meanings to different characters, which is when you have thousands of these characters can be combined to consider how even more difficult.

Japanese writing system used mainly two syllable (ormoraic) scripts, hiragana and katakana. After learning all that, you can put yourself in a Japanese-speaking difficulties, it requires more practice and hard work. There is no shortcut to learning.

4. Arabic

With over 420 million speakers of Arabic, that is one of the spoken language in the world. Because of that it is not in the English language sounds and letters is very difficult to learn Arabic English speaker. Therefore, a significant amount of work is required to master this one.

5. Russian

This way the Russian comedy, but really though, is very easy to understand and respect the language, you need a lot amount of time and effort. Russian alphabet consists entirely unfamiliar to an English speaker. The words appropriate to a Russian speaker, sometimes stress should focus on a small mistake can change the meaning of the word. Consider going on a long conflict between Russia and the Western world, it will be difficult to find a teacher.

6. Sanskrit

Although many English words are taken directly from the language. Reincarnation, karma, crimson, forest, Bandanna words are regularly used by English speakers. The reason is more difficult to learn Sanskrit, is completely unique grammar rules that are different from English.

7. Khoisan

Khoisan languages is the most difficult to learn and to talk to the local languages, click phonemes characters known for their use of the right. These clicks are generally such as! It is written with characters ǂ. The language is very versatile as freely as part of two articulations are clicks can work, consonants. And the characters are Khoisan languages with the greatest number of correct. Ju | ‘hoan language 48 characters on the right.

8. Hungarian

Hungarian language is some of the most peculiar grammar rules in the world. It can be compared, 14, and 30 and 18 cases in the English language is the language that zero cases. Therefore, the Hungarian language will certainly be a hard stone to crack for an English speaker. Relying heavily on the Hungarian language idioms makes it even more difficult to understand. And the structure of the language of the sentence is completely different from all the languages. A large amount of bottom line, workers need to learn one.

9. Icelandic

Easy to learn foreign language No, it’s the same situation for Icelandic. Different grammar rules make it harder language to learn for an English speaker. Icelandic than others need a little more difficult, but once you may be able to read it “Eyjafjallajökul” You finally understand the rules.

10. Finnish

Is it difficult to learn Finnish and translated into English speaker. Finnish grammar rules are unimaginably crazy for an English speaker. It takes a real amount of hard work to be translated to English, and that the outcome is until probably will not be marked. My advice is, do not try to speak English, the language you learn, especially if.

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