Top 10 Best Body Massage price of the machine brand in India with 2017

Top 10 Best Body Massage price of the machine brand in India with 2017

Stress has become a part of life for every individual. In busy work schedules, traffic and eat and drink and sleep patterns added a person to the stress and tension which appear in the form of body aches and pains. Getting a massage in the spa can be expensive. You may not have time to visit the spa. The market for you to choose from many high tech massagers.

Check top 10 best & good body massage machine brands with price range have been put together.
1. Panasonic

Panasonic EV2510 hand held massage reaches all spots easily manage your body and relieve pain. The vibration movement is designed to massage the base and Rs.3,300 editions around the brand with the prices and online shops are a little less around Rs.3,050 can.

Body massage machine allows the muscles and tissues in your body strength within your home comforts. You can use any time and there is no need to fix appointments in advance or wait in line. Choose based on your needs.

2. Kemei

Kemei KM-3200 is a 5 in 1 massager and white colorand suited to massage all parts of the body using movements in Pink Hill 5 that comes with attachments. It requires 220V-240V power is available to all Rs.2,495 cost of Rs.1099.


Fixed progress ANCS 717 powerful massage hair is gray. It is designed for long term use and powerful movement is as good as a hand massage. You can set the switch on the heating or cooling mode depending on the symptoms. Temperature of only 55 degrees warm mode takes a few minutes to reach the centigradeand it is advisable to use the unit without any tools. The price is Rs.2,999.

4. Deemark


Deemark DDM Full Body Massager 7 different colors and eye massage service excellent pain relievers and stress pain in any part of your body. It is the most sought after because of its quality and motor power of massage by health professionals. It is the pressure points stimulates blood circulation, which is working to eliminate fatigue. It is worth Rs.2,999 massager, Rs.1,399 for it is available online.

5. Manipol

Muscle Relief Massage Full Body Massage Fat Burning has been designed Manipol to massage your body at the same time for your body to burn fat in your body. The best way to lose weight works on this principle, so to pass, that it is easily burned. Massage the area by applying the movement has repeatedly called for the establishment operates fat. It relieves pain and burning body fat. Massage is provided with speed regulators and it is available in different colors. It is priced at Rs.590. Manipol Body Massager that reduces weight and fat and very powerful whole Body Massager price of Rs.572. Within this brand many variations with minor differences in the cost of products around the Rs.570- Rs.600.

6. Ozomax

Ozomax is white in color 17 1 Body Massager Professional. This massage is designed to provide vibrating massage therapy. It comes with 17 attachments, which you can use to alleviate pain in various parts of the neck, face, shoulders, back, chest, arms and legs to the body. You could also use to ensure improved blood circulation and rejuvenate your circulation and your well-being. It is equipped with two adjustable massage speed. Slow decline in muscle pain massage massage while fast speed, helps to relieve tense muscles. It is priced at Rs.755, Rs.500-Rs.550 about but can be purchased online. In 1 Ozomax price is 12 Rs.399.

7. JM

In 12 1 vibrator therapy massage, weight sculptural body fat, trimmer of cellulite against loss slimmer Massage, 8 1 full body in many other massagers for digital Slimming Acupuncture Massager and beauty treatments in the range of products this brand offers women personal mini hand massagers. It gives you a nice massage to improve circulation and even massagers combine with vertical movement, irregular rotary motion, which clears the blood vessels. Cheap Women price personal mini hand massage Rs.350 and most expensive brand products sculptural hammer cellulite therapy Rs.2,749 7 1 full body massage slimmer.

8. Arogya

Dolphin Therapy Massage Reflexology uses the dual Arogya and stimulates nerve ends. It helps to improve blood circulation and body metabolism. This handheld massage 3 attachments and is priced between Rs 650- Rs.700. Dolphin massage Rs.600 price.

9. Kawachi

Kawachi manufactures and exports high-quality Dolphin is based on body massagers, reflexology and stimulate the nerve ends of the work. It is made of quality materials and is very effective in relieving stress. The price is around Rs.1,900.

10. Royale

Royale Infrared Body Massager Dolphin shaped in the form of a dolphin. It is red and white in color and stylish. Although it is made of plastic. It comes with some attachments and effective in stimulating pressure points. It worked as physiotherapy in all parts of your body and features two adjustable speed. This is useful for relaxing your muscles after strenuous activity. Dolphin massager price range is between Rs.560- Rs.650. The DP011 Royale Magic massage costs around Rs.2,700.

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